Elarooh: Walkthrough

41. You need to win two more pinball games here. If you have trouble with it, you can get the two other marbles you may have noticed were out of your reach.



42. Go back to the screen with the raven carving and use the wind to blow the marble out of the tree. Grab it.



43. Now go to this screen and use the wind to blow the marble downstream. Then follow it to the next screen and pick it up.



44. You should now have all ten marbles, so you need to be able to win those pinball games with them. Once you win, a door will open to the spirit of growth. But you still need something to use on it.


45. Go back to the screen where you blew away the fog and go left. There’s a frog here. Talk to her and she’ll ask you to carry her around with you to find her a mate. So take her with you and find the owl back at the beginning of the game (make sure it’s nighttime). Use the frog on the owl and they’ll set up a date.



46. Go back to the frog’s home and she’ll be holding the locked box for you. Take it and head to the unicorn so she can remove the magical seal.



47. The box has another lock on it with (you guessed it!) three more sun/moon puzzles to solve. This first one has two suns, two moons and a neutral piece. I don’t remember how I did it, so you’re on your own for this one. It’s a fairly big board, so play around with it.





48. The next puzzles has one sun, once moon and a neutral piece. This is how to solve it:







49. The third puzzle here has two moons and one sun. Here’s how to solve it. You want to use the two moons to position each other one move away from both of their destinations. Do this by pushing one up or down, then the other comes around the board to it so they get closer and closer towards to middle. Make sure to get the sun out of the way when necessary. Position them like so, then push them all into their slots.



50. Now the box opens and you get a seed. Take it to the spirit of growth. Make sure it’s daytime, then plant it in the soft soil and pour water on it so it will grow. The sprit will awaken and grant you the ability to make dead plants come to life.




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  1. kunnne

    18: you forget Sprinklers place taken key thatΓÇÖs shaped like a raven

  2. Savannah

    How is this a walkthrough when parts are missing??

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