Battleheart Legacy: World Map, NPC Locations and Quests by Level

Level 14:

After you get the Rustcap mushrooms from the Rustcap Crevice in the Rimetooth Foothills, head to the level 14 boss area, Frost Giant’s Domain. Talk to the NPC there to get a quest. She’ll ask you to help her find her friend Gregor. Make sure she stays alive! After you and Wanda find Gregor, they’ll pay you and leave. Find the room with the chest and some Frost Giants and Frost Wyrms and clear it out to complete the area. A level 22 location will unlock, called The Ring of Blood.



Level 15:

In Silken Wildwood, after you complete Sunset Grove, the boss area Domain of the Queen will unlock. This is part of the Headmaster’s quest, so make sure you completed the first two parts of the quest before coming here (see above). You have to fight a giant Spider Queen, who is quite hard to kill. She also spawns baby spiders. In order to complete the quest, you have to kill her using only elemental magic weapons and skills (this is to prove to the students that Wizard magic is powerful). If you do it correctly, you’ll get a Firestorm Band, a ring with 6+ Spell Power.



Level 16:

Test your skills in the desert against scorpions and flame Wyrms at Scorched Canyon in The Dunes.


If you complete the level 7 area called Fugitive Hideout at the Desert Outpost, the level 16 Razor Clan Canyon will unlock.


Level 17:

At level 17, you can go to the Den of the Lizard at Seaside Depths. After you complete it, the level 25 area called Charbone Lair will open up.


Level 18:

There is a level 18 dungeon called The Lost Woods at Coastal Woodland. Don’t kill the ghost/spirit because she’s part of a quest! Talk to her instead. If you want to complete that quest, find her lost husband (also a spirit — he’s past an arch) and then tell Elizabeth (the spirit) that he moved on but loves her. You’ll get 200XP for this quest. The quest is separate from completing the area. You can do them both in one trip, or split them into two trips. If you’re having trouble and getting lost in the Lost Woods, try this: After you leave the female spirit, keep heading in that same direction (up & right) until you see the chest. Open the chest, then go back one screen and head up & left until you see an arch. This is where the male spirit is. Talk to him and head back out to talk to his wife and complete the quest. After you complete that area, a level 23 level will unlock, called Bone Hedge.





Level 19:

There is a level 19 dungeon at Torchlit Descent in Lakeside Vault.


Level 20:

At level 20, go to the Capital City Smithy and he’ll tell you he needs better materials. Tell him you’ll keep an eye out for it and then head out to look for the ores. (continue reading below)


To get the ores, you first need to complete the level 20 dungeon called Midnight Canyon at Razor Clan Excavation. Then a level 21 map will unlock, where you can get the Ores.


Level 21:

Once you complete the level 20 dungeon called Midnight Canyon at Razor Clan Excavation, a level 21 map will unlock, called Ancient Relic Site, where you can get the ores for the Smith/Shopkeeper after defeating the Stone Golem boss. It should be in the chest after he explodes, but the game might not tell you that you got it. Go back to the Smithy and he should have an orange “!” Over his head. Tell him you got the living stone and he’ll make better equipment for you.




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Matt W


Thanks a lot for posting this! Since the game came out I have gotten lost at various points (I am a lowly level 11 currently). So I searched for a complete walkthrough to aid me in my adventures, but to no avail. Finally I’ve found exactly what I’m looking for! I will be stuck no longer! Thanks again, much appreciated.


Has anyone managed to get Cartel quests yet? The lv4 Rich Vein quest from the Easton Blacksmith, the cartel ask you to join them by talking to the dude in the capital tavern. I tried this quest path, but the tavern keeper dialogue never delivered a quest. He just said to check back with him later, as he’s working on something. Perhaps this is related to the Robin Hood quest…..


Thanks a lot for making this great guide!!
Help me so much ! I was stuck for so long on doing nothing ..
Thanks again and keep it up!


For late game, I think the warrior is crazy. I can easily achieve 100+ kills in arena with skills like: knight’s skill-Revenge,cleave + paladin’s skill-aura of light + barbarian’s skill-frenzy,whirlwind,savage pounce(leap) + any other two skills (I use support skills like knight’s shield war/intimidate/victory banner or paladin’s power infusion). For passive, I use knight and barbarian’s passive. With life drain items (which I have is 15% life drain in total), you are almost unstoppable. Any AOE/revenge + paladin’s aura of light could immediately get you into full health. And frenzy applies crazy cool-down speed. My character’s data is ATK143 DFF55… Read more »


I am a Necromancer/wizard/witch, based around stun locking large groups of mobs and picking them off one by one. It works great (beat last solar shard boss at level 24), but the final boss is nigh impossible.
Any tips on beating THE final boss?

Spencer rogers

I am a lvl 30 archer/battlemage/necromancer and can’t defeat the king not sure how to do it because whenever I get close he uses an attack then kills me in one hit. Any advice would really like a second opinion.


I attempted with a second account (Ninja/Battlemage). One word of advice: Do NOT get close unless you can self heal or smoke screen/charge.

Also, high damage, single target attacks seem to do well in the fight. I wouldn’t recommend any Necromancer raising spells either, his lightning destroys your skeletons very quickly, and his teleportation keeps them moving the entire time.


If u want all classes mastered, use bard

Noble’s garb (+10%xp +4%crit)
Mystery egg (+20%xp) x 2 = 40%xp
Quick study (passive) (+10%xp)
Generalist (passive) (-30% cost of stat for learning skills/equipping items)

After u achieve generalist, u can master all skills or atleast most of them then u can tweak whatever build u want.


How can I get a two handed weapon?


What is the maximum level you can achieve?


Why did you put the ” ” around reward? I am only up to level 23 so I dont know, is it a trap or something?


The 2.000.000 coins he rewards xD


What do we do with the Cartel Chest Key that we find in the rotten mine?


Is there a blacksmith to upgrade weapon somewhere?? Im lvl40, but im very lost… On youtube, most of good player got 200 power and up with their weapon… Could u guys help me?


On youtube, battleheart-colosum(spell caster) is an example: the staff got more than 200power, but it normaly 117if i remember well. Her skill n amulet dont give much power buff. :/ and yes, i have been in the arena


Go see if u want on youtube, there bunch of video these that


I was around lvl 35 when I killed the final boss and I was using a Ninja/Knight/Barb character…
And I litarlly killed him in a matter of seconds…

Active Skills: Twin Strike, Blade Rush, Shuriken, Frenzy, Enrage, Lacerate, Victory Banner, Assasinate.
Passive Skills: Duel wield, Impending doom, Lethality, Grit, Chivalry, Silent Assasin.

Current Gear: Armor: Cowl of the red fang, Weapons: Bael’s Bloodreaper (x2 Duel Weild)


Accecories: Vintage Chardonnay (x2)


im a lvl 16 battle mage(and loving it) is battlemage good vs the last boss? and what class is good with battlemage? I was thinking like witch or necro plz lead me


I run a battlmage/paladin, with a bit of barb in it(lvl 19)

gear: onyx odachi, inferno armor, immortals goblet, shrunken head,

passive: time warp, might, armsman, colossal weapon, stalwart, death wish,

skills: flame weapon, thundering weapon, power infusion, aura of light, cleave, whirlwind, reckless blow, mana strike

the idea is with power infusion and aura of light, the aoe of whirlwind and the fire based mana strike. combined with cleave and thunder weapon and its mana strike while aura of light is down. means you heal all damage back when aura of light is active cuz ur doing so much aoe damage.


my build for this game focuses on monk stuff my gear right now (lvl 22) is gloves of long death garb of the west wind 2X ghost stone. passive: thundering blows, counter strike, evasion, concussion, dragon style, punishment. skills: savage pounce, ki shot, 1000 palms, frenzy, empty body, spirit trance, smoke bomb, stealth. with it i have either 74% or 100% dodge chance at all times, i cant be targeted by range inside smoke bomb, i do a crapton of damage with counterstrike cuz i dodge everything and i never have to use pots ever. with savage pounce and ki… Read more »


There’s battleheart legacy achievement named hidden what do you do for it


I was lvl 6 and went and got the skull of the necromancer after talking to wizard at mage tower for spider quest. I the took the skull to the tower. (Not spoiling what happens). Can i still now do the quest for the teacher? Im lvl 10 now and have ignored it . Also what do you get from that quest? I AM NOT FOLLOWING WIZARD TREE SO IT DOESNT REALLY MATTER. Thanks 🙂


Hey people, finaly got my final build on a new game + Level: 72 – Ranger (Almost started a new game plus with all game skills(152) STR: 5 DEX: 105 INT: 5 SKL: 80 END: 40 CHA: 8 (just to use 10% exp armor) Cirtical 45% Critical effect 2.5x Life Drain 19% Health 1385 Dodge 30% Atk 224 with bow Atk 134 dagger Equipments: Hurricane (legendary bow) Tombcaller as secondary weapon(legendary dagger) Cowl of the red fang (legendary armor +5% cri +50% cri effect) 2 Ashes of Graz’Bad (+7 weapon power and +7 life drain each one) Skills: Active Aura… Read more »


I killed Steward so cannot complete the main story quest… Any opinions what to do?

What happens after completion of quest? Something interesting?


Hey guys I am currently a level 40 knight/paladin/battlemage with the ninja’s dual wield and my armor is the ageis of the pride, my hammers are two hammers of the underkings, and my items are crown of the sundering and choke of the red feast. I can easily beat everything except for one problem. I opened crazy mode and killed the steward of the castle. I got the three solar shards but now I can’t talk to him. What should I do?


At the quest with the mushroom guy, if you fail your charisma,start a battle with him,he will let you the mushroom for 100 gold.


Hey im on the final bosses for the solar shards and ive gotten the first and second one down to one hit and it just takes them to chat and they repeat what they said when you first enter the dungeon i dont understand whats happening. I havent tried the third boss but im sure it ll be the same. Any ideas on what im doing wrong?

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