Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chamber 5

Hellraid: The Escape
By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios

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Chamber 5:

1. Find the two blue crystals (one is in the fire).



2. Look at the blue things near the door. It’s missing something.


3. Look at the alchemy set on the table and read the recipe.



4. Look under the stack of firewood to find the mechanism handle.



5. Attach the handle to the mechanism by the door. Now you need to move the piece across the blue line to the other end without it touching. Then the door will open.



6. There’s a Minotaur on the other side and he charges at you if you go through. (Sure could use that magic eye right about now!) You need to use the alchemy stand now to brew a potion. Place 2 blue stones, 3 orange stones, and 1 green stone in the bowl. (Each blue stone weighs 7 units & you need 14, each orange weighs 4 & you need 12, and each green weighs 6 & you need 6.) Take the ingredients over to the pot by the fire and place them in the pot. Use the bellows to fan the flames a few times and you’ll get the speed potion.




7. Drink the speed potion (everything turns green), then run quickly to the wall to the left of the Minotaur. It’s a weak wall, and you want to lure him to it so he’ll break it down. You may have to sacrifice your life to get this done. Once he breaks the wall down, there will be a force field there instead, which you can run through when you’re resurrected.

**NOTE: I’ve gone back through to that second room without making the speed potion again. You might be able to avoid it altogether to save time getting to the portal portion.**



8. Pick up another crystal here.


9. There’s also some kind of wormhole-like thing in this room.


10. Tap on the wormhole/portal, then stretch it out by pinching out. You’ll enter the wormhole and some red skills will attack you. I think you need to keep tapping them to destroy them or you’ll die (again). Also, avoid tapping on the red candles. Use multi-touch to get the skulls and be quick!



11. In the next room, pick up the key from the small pouch on the ground:



12. Place the key in the keyhole on the left side of the chest game and turn it counter-clockwise to open the case. Now you have to win the chess game. You’re white and have a king and rook (castle), while your opponent, black, has only a king. For those who aren’t familiar with chess, the King can only move one square in any direction (straight or diagonal), while the rook can move any number of squares, but only straight (no diagonal).



13. In order to force the black king into checkmate, you want to get your pieces into this setup:


14. Take the Orange Crystal and place it in the mechanism with the other orange crystals.



15. Read the note on the floor and take the blue crystal.



16. Match the orange crystals to the five candles and the door will open. You made it through Chamber 5!



(Still missing 3 crystals.)

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See all my Hellraid: The Escape walkthroughs and guides in one handy place.

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  1. sk_t

    10. “I havenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t gotten past this part yet…”

    avoid tapping red potions as they gradually kill u

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I thought I saw candles, not potions?So the skulls kill you if you if you don’t tap them and the re candles (potions?) kill you if you do?

      1. Aru

        11. (Solved) – Hit the statues, after a while you will appear in a new room. Get a key in right corner. Open Chess table, make the other king go to a corner and win it. Take the gem, follow the room, place the gem in a sort of staff. Turn it till they’re all glowing. Chapter 5 finished.

  2. (6)ix

    I’m stuck on the chess part

  3. Art

    guys, u must drink this potions only when you dammaged, if u have full hp they kill you

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I still didn’t see any potions. Maybe I was too focused on the skulls to notice them?

  4. Wtf

    How the fck do you win the chess game!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to force the black king into the position I showed, where he has nowhere to go. It’s a bit tricky. If I can ever get myself to do the portal part again, maybe I can get screenshots for each move.

  5. (6)ix

    I found the chess solution on YouTube.

  6. Andy

    There are two crystals in the room with the minatour….. but first you must kill it. which means you only ever need one potion.

    1. Make potion and go to the weak spot in the wall to have the minatour break it down (don’t kill it before it opens the next room for you)
    2. When that wall has been opened you can then kill the minatour ….. From the first room simply step through the door and sideways so you are against the wall , when it charges the minatour hits the wall and kills you, repeat a couple of times and the minatour will kill itself against the wall
    3. You now have the big room minatour free – and no need for potions . There is one crystal at the far end right hand side in the corner, and a second at the left hand side under the arch

    Still missing the last crystal

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nice! Thanks for the tip. Will go back and do that, then add it to the walkthrough.

    2. Jake

      How many hits against the wall should it take to kill the Minotaur? I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong but the damn thing just won’t die…

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I can’t kill the Minotaur. Is there something I’m missing? I just keep dying and he’s perfectly fine.

  7. Chad

    There are two crystals in the first room, two in the minotaur room (in the back right corner and behind the grate in the back left corner), one in the portal room, and two in the final room. I think the one you are still missing is immediately to the right of the exit portal behind a box. Took some camera maneuvering for me to finally find it.

  8. Keno

    Cornt font the last cristols gone frow the hole levol cornt finde them last 2 wher ar them must be hard to find them help ?

  9. mjdallas

    Yeah, I couldn’t kill the minotaur either. I just made a speed potion and ran in and got the first crystal (and then died) and came back made another potion, ran and got the second crystal (and died again). Then just went into the other room with the worm hold portal. easy peasy. 😉

  10. CmdrBond

    Can’t seem to get the Minotaur to commit suicide 🙁

    As such I have only retrieved 1 crystal from his room, and an still searching for the 7th.

    Any ideas?

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