Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chamber 4

Hellraid: The Escape
By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios

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Chamber 4:

1. Pick up the crystal from the cage hanging above you.


2. If you look through the doorway ahead, there’s a Necromancer, possibly the guy who trapped you here? If you go towards him, he kills you.


3. Instead, go through the force field-like doorway to the right and you’ll be able to enter that room and he’ll be gone.



4. Pick up another crystal from inside the barrel, and another between the barrels and the wall.



5. There’s a labyrinth/maze puzzle on the table. The marble is an eyeball and you need to use tilt controls to get it to the exit without it touching any of the walls. If you pop the eye, you have to start over. When you complete it, you’ll get the magic eye, which you can throw into spaces you can’t reach, then control it and see what it sees.




6. There’s a hole in the door to the left. Throw the eye through it. Now you see what the eye sees and can control it. But you can’t pick anything up. Good way to find the crystals for later, though. Avoid the tarantula because it will send the eye back to your inventory.



7. Find the wooden plank you can use as a ramp. There’s a red eye button at the top. Carefully roll along the ramp to the eye and push into it to open the door.




8. Retrieve the eye and walk into the room. Read the note and grab the crystal.



9. Now throw the eye again and roll it through the force field doorway. The Necromancer is here and you need to use the eye to defeat him.


10. Roll through and notice another red eye button. You need to reach it somehow.


11. There’s a ramp opposite the eye button. Roll onto it and make your way to the cross ramp. Be careful not to fall, or you’ll have to start over. Drop onto the cross ramp, then cross it to the other side and make your way to the button. Turn around so your back is to the red button, and as soon as the Necromancer is by the spikes, back into the button to vaporize him.










12. Retrieve the eye and then walk into the room. Pick up the key that the Necromancer dropped. Also, pick up the two blue crystals.




13. Use the key to unlock the door at the end of the room.


14. Enter the room. Pick up the last crystal and read the note.




15. Look behind the curtains and take the clock hand. Place the clock hand on the clock, then set the time to the time on your device at the moment (the hour hand is already set for you). Now the door is open and you can head to chamber 5!




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See all my Hellraid: The Escape walkthroughs and guides in one handy place.

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  1. tx

    There a crystal in the room of the necromancer. It is next to one of the 3 barrels in the corner of the room.

    1. Keno

      Cornt fine the last 2 cristols sercht the hole levol no lock wher ar them all need 2 cristols ?

  2. Keno

    Carnt find cristols the last 2 gone grow the levol don’t see them help plees

  3. luqman

    part 4. when i tap the table eye not move. why ?

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