In Fear I Trust: Episode 3 Rust & Iron: Walkthrough

In Fear I Trust
By: Chillingo

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Episode 3 — Rust & Iron:

1. Find the Worker’s Pass on the chair:



2. Use Retrospective Vision (pinch two fingers outwards) to see the clue on the outside wall of the office:


3. Enter the office and take the Coroner Results and the Letter from Headquarters.





4. Leave the office and go through the only unlocked door:


5. You’re in the factory/machine room. Use Retrospective Vision to get a voice recording.



6. Notice the symbol on the floor:


7. Take Order #34 off the wall. After you read it, you’ll get a cutscene.




8. If you continue walking, you’ll get a sort of flashback:


9. Pick up the knife:



10. Pick up the screwdriver:



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. JackFalcon

    You didn’t do the ATM puzzle so i guess you don’t know the solution

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh wow I completely forgot about that. None of the 4-digit codes I tried were working (the locket, the machine downstairs), so I figured I’d come back to it later. But then I completed the level without it. So not really sure what it’s there for.

  2. Big D

    ATM puzzle is 7729. RV lets you see 3 buttons pressed which means one is repeated. Trial and error gives the pass code and a stack of cash from a dead man.

  3. Sam

    I did the ATM game but didn’t use the money?? Also any news on the 4th episode??

  4. Sam

    I did the ATM game but didn’t use the money??? Also any news on the 4th episode??

  5. Adie

    What am I doing wrong? The canister puzzle in the factory, I’ve set the 6 hands on the small dials as you show in the screen shot and as the clues point out (from top being 1: 1, 6, 2, 3, 5, 4) nothing happens???

    1. Adie

      Oh and pulled the level, of course.

      1. Adie


        1. joy

          i’m having a problem with that puzzle as well, i set the dials and pull on the lever but nothing happens :/

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm…the numbers you gave don’t match mine, no matter how I look at them. You sure you got them right?

  6. Shivers

    I’m totally stuck on the painting puzzle. “You can solve it in 3-4 moves” is nice to say and all, but why couldn’t you TELL us those moves? I’m really awful at this type of puzzle and I just can’t solve the damn thing, and I can’t seem to find a walkthrough with an actual solution. I found a video walkthrough but I’m unable to keep track of the moves and the person seems to be solving it on the spot so it’s very long and inefficient anyways. PLEASE someone give me the simple solution to this damn thing.

  7. Rebeka

    So so frustrated I’m at the canister puzzle and it won’t let me put the canisters in so I can’t do the puzzle, any ideas?

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