In Fear I Trust: Walkthrough

In Fear I Trust
By: Chillingo

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This is where you’ll be able to find a strategy guide with hints, help and solutions for “In Fear I Trust.” Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you have any questions.

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**HINT: Make sure to use Retrospective Vision (pinch the screen outwards) to find the audio tapes and other clues.

Episode 1: Waking Up

1. Follow the tutorial to get the recorder and wrench.

2. Use the wrench to open the locked cell door (drag the wrench to the door while in puzzle mode and turn the wrench).

3. Exit the cell. The third cell is unlocked, so go in there and pick up a piece of paper from the bed (“Entries of subject #7”).

4. Leave the cell and go through the open door across from you. Pick up the piece of paper (“Interview with subject #16”).

5. Leave the room and go down the stairs. Pick up Key #2 and the “Chief of security’s journal.”

6. Go back upstairs and use Key #2 to unlock the middle cell. Take the scalpel from the sink.



7. Go to the elevator and use the scalpel to open up the control box. Then solve the puzzle to get it to work.


8. Press the down button. When you get out of the elevator, head towards the shelves. Pick up the “List of subjects.”

9. Go to the machine near the operating table. Use Retrospective Vision to see the order to press the buttons. Press the reset/circular button (2nd from left). Then press the up button (first from left), down (fourth button), and then the third button. You’ll get a strange metal rod.




10. Go to the bed by the curtain and pick up the “Diary of Dr. N.”



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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I’m stuck in the second room trying to get the locked door open! Help?!


Me too. How to open the door with the rod? Help!


Yeah, there are some numbers written inside the elevator but can’t figure out if they got anything to do with that lock. Thanks for reply tough!

Jacob Malone

In the second room sink there is a bloody scalpel that should help you. Hope this helps.


The button grid solution: referencing the numbers that are listed vertically: 2,4,1,5,3, push in the button in the corresponding row. Row 1) push the second button. Row 2) push the fourth button, and so on. I was trying to solve this game like sudoku, but the solution is way easier!


I’m tring to read the floppy disk into the machine: I’ve look that on the wall on the left there are this number:

Tring to rotate several time the green line, but never!….
Any suggestion?


Has anyone got to the safe in the school? I cannot open it, got the hint from the girl in the bathroom but no idea how to get the dial to work!


Look in the center mirror with Retrospective Vision


Like I said, I have already got the hint from the girl in the bathroom using retrospective vision but the safe is still not opening. Is there a particular way you have to turn the dial or something?


How do you use retrovision?


I’m stuck at the huge combination lock on the wall. I saw the numbers on the floor but can’t work out how I’m supposed to use them, I’ve tried turning on and off the lights in the corresponding places but nothing happens. Any ideas?


I’ve done the first episode I’m on the school now episode 2 and I’m stuck I’ve made it upstairs and got into the bathroom with symbols in the mirror I’m kind of stuck now any help plz


How did you pass the wall ‘clock’ spiny thing in the first episode? Please help!


REALLY REALLY need help for last puzzle in episode 1 with the spinny thing.


Yep lol


Maybe I’m just thinking too much. I just set the numbers on the floor to green right? Not all of them?


So I need to start over probably. Because I can’t seem to get the lights green. There is always one left red at least.


The Tetris puzzle is easy, make the bottom 3 rows into the same shapes as the top row shows.

I’m, like you, stuck on the safe combination. Putting in the numbers that appear on the floor, in either direction, do nothing as far as I can see. And I was thinking there should be a reset botton because if you look at the lock when you first restart the game all lights are red.


But how do I finish the chapter? I think I’ve done everything.


Ok, after spending hours on the safe and not getting anywhere my husband had a go and did it in 2 mins. Can’t say exactly how he did it but the solution is to get all green lights. He didn’t need the numbers. I did try it my my only ever managed all but 1 green.


As for the safe/lightwheel problem, i first followed the instruction on the floor and then used the same logic
on the remaining red lights. That would be something like


How do you open the safe in episode part 2? How do you line the symbols up I found in the bathroom.


Soooo anything figured out how to do the bullshit spiny thing on the wall yet? Haha it’s driving me insane the numbers on the floor light up every section but 1…… Super annoying.


I have posted the sollution above.


For those who are asking I found out how to get into the safe. you press the red button to get upright triangle on top.Then if you press the button in the middle 2 or 3 times, the triangle should move to right then you just turn the dial left then right following the sequence. then the safe opens


Can’t figure out the safe still…


Kara: Regarding the safe using the code from the bathroom mirror: I have been attempting your instructions with zero resolution. Did you try something more specific? I have tried different starting points, tapped on the center knob/button a few times and every time I do this the results are random. I’ve started by turning left first with no result. Started the dial right with no result. This is a great game with some great puzzles that have logical solutions. The safe in the classroom seems to be neither a puzzle nor have a logical explanation. The answer is simple and… Read more »


Anyone discovered how to play the piano in ep. 2?
Stuck for sure – I´ve tried playing the bottom numbers from the hint on the white tangents and the upper in order on the black, counting both black and white as numbersequence and playing it. Nothing seems to work.


Also stuck on the piano puzzle.


Yeah I might just wait myself – too buggy. I experienced the same with the settings, although it worked once and I almost fell of my chair. The bugs are causing me more fear than the narrative at this point lol.

PS: I suspect this site is experiencing some bugs also – just replied twice as a comment under your “settings” comment and they vanished in thin air.


I am stuck on the safe… I tried the solution giving above but it doesn’t work for me.

every time I hit the red button I get the upside down triangle!

I also have no idea how to complete the piano puzzle!


The safe in the classroom has me stumped as well. I really wish someone had a good answer for this somI can move forward.

The piano was easy. When you go into “vision” mode numbers appear before the keys you have to press I the numerical sequence they are labeled. Press the 1 key first and the 2 key second, and so on. Hope this works for you. People seem to be getting different results from this game on different devices.

Up until the “safe” this game has been flawless.


I feel like I’ve tried every piano combo with no luck. I don’t get how the numbers work?!


Also stuck om the piano puzzle… Any ideas?


How many episodes are there because when I finish the second episode: last desk, it brings me to halfway in the first episode?