Escape Game “Turning Point”: Walkthrough

Escape Game “Turning Point”
By IDAC CO.,LTD. (WaveA)


Note: For all IDAC/WaveA games, make sure you tap each clue/item numerous times to make sure it doesn’t have anything else to tell you. If you miss something, the game might not let you use that clue to solve a puzzle.

Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Stephani

    Is anyone playing this game? I am stuck & need help!

  2. Naz

    Im playing but stuck on safe 6 figures number! Help please

    1. Stephani

      I haven’t figured that 1 out yet either. Please let me know if you do.

      1. Naz

        I know its to do with the poster on lower wall next to desk and followed the hints for order and thought the number was relating to number of sections in each square next to circles but not working! Ive got locked box and cloud and sun things and a jewel.

        1. Jeanne

          You can open the locked box with the door handle – tap on it and it becomes a key.

      2. Naz

        Thanks Paul! I unlocked the box and took picture off the wall and then got behind that too with hints from plant pots. Still stuck on 6 figure code. I have handkerchief, 3 block things, a cutter and a jewel. Cant open thing under carpet either! Please help!

        1. paul

          I figured out the code, the poster is like a telephone keypad, you turn it sideways so that the 3 symbols that represent 1 2 and 3 are at the top then the rest of the symbols represent the rest of the numbers. then put them in in the order of the amount of parts. the code comes out to 954867

          1. Calie

            What is the treasure chest code?

  3. paul

    if you touch the doorknob it comes off and it’s a key which you can use to unlock the box

    1. Naz

      You’re brill! Thanks loads Paul 🙂

  4. paul


    1. Naz

      Im now stuck on flower box code. Help please

  5. Jeanne

    Stuck on the last 4 digit code.

    1. Naz

      If you mean the phone code , its 1467

  6. Naz

    Well done! I havent figured out anything in second room yet! Havent a clue what order to put the sun moon cloud and wind in.

  7. Naz

    Click at wall just on top of chest for code clue scrape with cutter. Code is 8642

  8. Maricamz

    cant figure out the code for the revolving flower thing and the order of the chips..i got the clue 3 1 triangle, and i only have the handkerchief and the chips in my please..

    1. Naz

      Same here! Let me know if you figure it out and I will let you know if my brain kicks in!

      1. Maricamz

        ooh! i think the code for the flower box is circle heart 4..

      2. paul

        The flower code is based on the view when you first see it. The circle on the big flower is lined up with the 3, the heart on the middle flower is lined up with the 1 and the 4 on the small flower is lined up with the triangles

    2. Naz

      Ok, dont know how I did it but the lock opened when I have 4 heart and circle lined up at red triangle point. Inner to outer flower

  9. Maricamz

    Now im stuck on the phone’s passcode..

    1. Naz

      Phone passcode is 1467. Clue is on paper. 1st line has cloud word in in and remaining letters spell one backwards and so on. Still stuvk on order of chips

      1. paul

        based on the arrows in the clue, the order cloud sun moon wind backwards, which is from right to left

      2. Maricamz

        order of chips are, wind, moon, sun and cloud

    2. Naz

      I was over thinking it! The order of chips is just backwards from the inventory ie wind first followed by next one to it etc

  10. Maricamz

    Escaped! Thanks Naz and Paul..

  11. Naz

    Lol! Im still trying to get out! Fallen at last hurdle …why cant I get out! It said congratulations for goodness sake!

    1. paul

      just go to the main door and walk out……..

    2. Maricamz

      I had some trouble there, too..i restarted the game then clibked on the door several times before it finally opened..dont zoom in on the doorknob

  12. Naz

    Never mind im out now, just having a brain dead moment. But Yay! I escaped! Thankyou to you too Maricamz and off course Paul.

  13. bella

    Any1 can tell me how can i get cutter which under the soffa??

    1. Naz

      You need to get the ruler from the picture frame near front door. First need screwdriver and then follow clues from plant pots and paper clue in box combined ( use handkerchief from pic frame to clean pots to see clues.

  14. bella

    Iv already used now its useless n where can i put flower object im so o_O ritnow need some few hints clearly n thank you naz

    1. Naz

      Flower object combines with jewel and goes in the IDAC box on wall in second room. If need help from that point, look at above posts as I think most of clues/ codes covered there. Otherwise will be happy to try and help if stuck ( hopefully I will remember what I did)

      1. jull

        How u open IDAC box?

        1. Naz

          I think I opened it with the jewel but cant say for sure as I kind of opened it accidentally as I was tapping away, sorry cant be more help on that one.

  15. bella

    Im just stuck on fram clue its kind tricky cuz the clue in box L to R but on pots clue starts from R or probebly im doin wrong there is someting else in fram after getin cloth kind thing or im goin nut 😛

    1. Naz

      Yes after getting cloth you need to tap the corners of the frame 5 times in correct order by following the 5 positions of L and R on paper. For each L or R look at matching position (ie if 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th on paper clue) on L or R pot and see which corner needs to be tapped. Ive uninstalled app now so cant remember which corners.

  16. Anthony

    Where do I find the wind chip….all I need to escape!!

    1. Naz

      Cant remember exactly where but recheck all the boxes or safes as it was taped to the inside lid of one. Think it was the 6 figure box.

      1. Anthony

        Thanxs Naz, was taped to lid of 6 figure box….now escaped!

  17. rayden

    Where is the screwdriver

    1. Naz

      I think it might have been in the little locked box in inventory. Do you have it yet?

  18. Helene

    Can somebody give me a hint. Got an item and it says “this is a mirror ” where can i use it ?

    1. Naz

      There is a piece of carpet next to the desk before you zoom in on poster on wall, can cut that with cutter and place the mirror on the exposed device.

  19. Helene

    Thank you Naz. Have many items,but haven’t found cutter. Soon finish with the game,but now i’m really stuck.

    1. Naz

      You need the ruler from behind picture frame to get the cutter which is under the sofa

  20. Helene

    Thats just it,can’t open the frame. Have tap and tap but it wont open. Going crazy soon. I must be doing something wrong. Back to tap,tap,i dont give up yet.

    1. Naz

      Check my earlier post about combining the clues from plant pots with paper clue in box. You need to do 5 taps in total as on paper clue. The plant pots tell you which corner for each of the steps on paper clue just pick the right position of each clue on relevant pot.

  21. Helene

    Yes,i am out ! Thanks for help Naz 🙂

  22. PrOmIsE

    Frame clue: tap top right 2x, bottom left 1x, top left 2x. Take ruler.

  23. PrOmIsE

    How did you guys get cutter? Kinda stuck.

  24. PrOmIsE

    Found cutter.

  25. Kelley

    I have no idea where this little “locked box” is. No screwdriver either. Where do you get the locked box and the cloth?

  26. Helene

    If i remember right you will find the little box in the cabinet with star on it. Screwdriver inside. The cloth you get from the frame. Use the screwdriver.

  27. Maha

    Where is the third chip of moon.

  28. Maha

    And what do you do next when you see the symbols on the back of the chest.plz tell.

  29. Helene

    Look at the carpet near the dinner table. Use the cutter and you will find moon chip.

  30. Maha

    How do you open the chest plz tell in full detail.

  31. kevin mcwilliams

    Can’t get the cutter please help ??

  32. Teresa

    Can’t figure out dart board .Hard to read on my little phone

    1. mustafa

      it is unimportant, you do not use it at all

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