TouchTone: The City (Grant Harrison) Walkthrough and Solutions

By: Mikengreg

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This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game TouchTone by Mikengreg.  It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

**NOTE: I’m using pagination here. Scroll down to the bottom to continue to page 2.**

Looking for Tutorials 1 & 2?

The City (Grant Harrison):

Level 1:

Level 2:


Level 3:  


Level 4:


Level 5:


Level 6:



Level 7:  


Level 8:


Level 9:


Level 10:


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Why does your grid show 6×7? These solutions don’t line up on my iPhone, which has 5×7. This is particularly difficult for the City, level 18.


Any update on the City level 18 on iPhone? I am totally stuck here and due to the grid difference this walkthrough doesn’t help me.


Has anyone got past level 39 of the City on iphone? It’s an 8×6 grid and I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually solvable..


can you please post the hill levels when you can im stuck im number three


Could you also post the solution to the Hill level right before the fifth key, please? I’ve been stuck there for a while.


If you head here, I just uploaded a solution for that one:
imgur [dot] com [forwardslash] a [forwardslash] gs3sz


I can’t seem to post a link in here, so try this:

imgur [dot] com [forwardslash] a [forwardslash] gs3sz

That’s a guide to the first few levels for the Hill along with a map so you can follow my numbering


Ah, thank you. That got me past the level I was stuck on, and I’ve beaten the main game now. Beating the hill got me sent back to the valley like you said, but with a whole bunch of new levels and conversations, which, from what I’ve seen, are between the two developers on the creation of the game, so that’s a nice bonus.
Unfortunately, I backed out of there to read the entire story as a whole, and there doesn’t seem to be any way back once you leave. So, if you get there again, don’t back out.


I emailed the developers, and they’re probably going to release an update that’ll let you get back to the levels by replaying the phone conversation at the end of The Hill.


My iPhone 6 has a 5×8 grid. I swear a few of these are impossible at that grid size. I’ve seen tutorials for 6×7 and 6×8 by no 5×8

Mathew Imregi

Any update on how to get back to those bonus levels? I unlocked them but also backed out and couldn’t get back to them =( DRIVING ME NUTS! I emailed the dev but haven’t heard anything yet…