Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: Untying the Knots (Knot Puzzle)

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By: Double Fine Productions, Inc.


One of the trickiest puzzles in Broken Age by Double Fine Productions is untying the knot holding together Harm’ny Lightbeard’s cloud. This guide will explain what to do. If you still need help. Feel free to ask in the comments section.

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First, you need Shay to visit Meriloft and climb the ladder to weigh down Harm’ny’s cloud so F’ther can reach the knot. Then have F’ther show him the knot. It may vary for each game.

Tell F’ther you’ll go ask a knot expert for advice. Don’t give him any instructions yet or you’ll end up with a different knot.

Next, visit Carol in Shellmound. Ask her about untying knots and describe the knot to her. Try to describe the knot as well as you can. If you need help, I posted what each one is below. She’ll ask for a writing utensil. So go to Alex’s ship and ask him for his space pencil. Then go back and give it to Carol. She’ll draw a diagram for you.


Take the diagram back to F’ther and try to describe each picture. If you get one wrong, you’ll have to start fresh with a new set of drawings. But if you say that you’re going to get a new diagram right away, you’ll be sent directly to Carol and back and won’t have to walk!

These are the knots and what they can be described as. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

Like a bucket of fingers:


Like an elephant eating its trunk:


A little bit like you (Carol), strangely enough:


Like a face that’s really a cow udder:


Like a mathematical formula:


Like a lazy pole vaulter:


Like an alligator wrestling a pretzel:


Like a headache wearing a belt:


I haven’t found any that looks like two snakes fighting over a ball of yarn, but I’ll add it if I do.

If you’re having trouble describing the drawings, use the following photos to help you. These are all the options you can get:

Unravel the sweater:


Pull off the fly’s wings:


She loves me, she loves me not…


Make the boat go under the bridge:


Tug the piggy’s tail:


Make the water come out of the cup:


Make the baby play patty-cake:


Tickle the foot:


Pull the finger:


Pull apart the fighting snakes:


Steal the banana:


Poke the clown in the eye:


You can also watch my video walkthrough for this:

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  1. Evelyn Grazier

    I can’t ask carol or Alex anything about the knot or the pencil please help!!

    1. I

      You have to climb the ladder and in ps4 click on a specific part of furthers body in order for him to speak with you about the knot. Took me forever to find this special spot. Sometimes it was on his shoe and sometimes on his pants. Worse game ever in this regard. No hints to wtf your supposed to do. You absolutely need a walkthrough which is lame.

  2. amber

    gvhjgv mhg jyv!!!!! nothing is working!!! my diagram pictures dont match my instruction choices!!!!

    1. Peter pan

      What amber said my diagram pictures are not matching up. It seem like PlayStation doesn’t want me to get this trophy (lazy vulture ) and when i get him to play with knot to mix up picture same thing diagrams doesn’t match the pictures .ANYONE?

      1. Suprenova7

        Save and quit. Then fail and keep trying.

  3. Mau

    In my ps4 game the special spot to click is on his left armpit. Horrible horrible horrible.

    1. Moo moo


  4. Moo moo

    Fth’r (srry If I spellt it rong) he ses he cannot do the unting. Plz help

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