Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game: Figure Locations

Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game
By: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


This is a walkthrough guide for all the figure locations in the iOS and Android game Teeny Titans by Cartoon Network and GrumpyFace Studios. I already finished the game and got all figures, so there might be some gaps in my memory. If you know other ways to get a figure than listed here, please let me know.

I’ve added all but one of the new figures, so there are 76/77 here. I’ll update it with the last one as soon as I find it.

See the rest of my Teeny Titans guide here.

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Day: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Toyman, Bizarro Comics, Flash Store
Night: Sticky Joe, Zinthos (Raven’s shop)
24-HR: Kords N Wires

Shady District: 24-HR Shop

West Side: Only mystery packs

Beach Shop (Day)

Uppity Uptown: LexToys, Saphire’s

Prison: Jailbird Toys


1. Robin: Alfred’s Toy Cave, or just about anywhere. This is given to you as your first figure.

2. Cyborg: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Kords N Wires

3. Raven: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Zinthos

4. Starfire: Alfred’s Toy Cave

5. Beast Boy: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Toyman

6. Silkie: Toyman

7. 80s Robin: Toyman

8. 80s Cyborg: Kords N Wires, LexToys

9. 80s Raven: Zinthos

10. 80s Starfire: Bizarro Comics

11. 80s Beast Boy: Toyman, Beach Shop, LexToys

12. Old School Silkie: Reward from first Tofu Tony mission, Buy from Sticky Joe

13. Gizmo: Shady District 24-Hr Shop, Kords N Wires, Jailbird Toys

14. Jinx: Zinthos, Jailbird Toys, LexToys

15. Mammoth: Toyman

16. See-more: Alfred’s Toy Cave

17. Billy Numerous: Alfred’s Toy Cave, 24-HR Shop, Bizarro Comics

18. Dr. Light: Shady District 24-HR Shop, Buy from Sticky Joe, Kords N Wires, Jailbird Toys

19. Blackfire: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Shady District 24-HR Shop, Bizarro Comics

20. Bumblebee: Alfred’s Toy Cave, Bizarro Comics

21. Serious Bumblebee: Reward for burying George Washington, LexToys

22. Kid Flash: Flash Store, costs 7 tickets

23. Aqualad: Beach Shop

24. Pirate Aqualad: LexToys

25. Speedy: Toyman, Bizarro Comics

26. Red Arrow: Defeat Speedy

27. Sticky Joe: Defeat Sticky Joe, LexToys

28. Red X: Shady District 24-HR Shop, Bizarro Comics, Jailbird Toys

29. Cyborg’s Head: Kords N Wires

30. Lady Legasus: Toyman

31. Starfire the Terrible: Zinthos, LexToys

32. Cat Beast Boy: Reward for Defeating three dogs mission, Toyman

33. Princess Silkie: Toyman

34. Mother Mae-Eye: Zinthos, Shady District 24-HR Shop, Jailbird Toys

35. Other Mae-Eye: Zinthos

36. Terra: Defeat Terra in Uppity Uptown Tournament, Jailbird Toys

37. Brother Blood: Shady District 24-HR Shop, Kords N Wires, Jailbird Toys, LexToys

38. Robotic Brother Blood: Complete Dr. Light’s mission, LexToys

39. Monsieur Mallah: Jailbird Toys

40. Rose Wilson: Jailbird Toys, LexToys

41. Killer Moth: Jailbird Toys

42. Trigon: Zinthos

43. Argyle Trigon: Defeat Trigon in Uppity Uptown

44. Nightwing: Bizarro Comics, LexToys

45. Dad Nightwing: Toyman

46. Bat Robin: LexToys

47. Green Cyborg: Possibly from defeating the Annoying Kid with 3 80s figs

48. Wonder Raven: Bizarro Comics, LexToys

49. StarFlash: Reward for completing mission to get 10 Flash tickets, also costs 10 tickets at Flash Store

50. Martian Beast Boy: Bizarro Comics

51: Super Silkie: LexToys

52. B’wana Beast: Beach Shop

53. George Washington: Toyman

54. Santa Claus: Defeat Santa Claus (only comes out at night in the Shady District)

55. Artemis: Reach rank 20 at the JLA

56. Blue Beetle: Achieve Rank 5 at the JLA Recruitment Office (Justice League)

57. Darkseid: Complete Scamiand’r’s scam mail mission/quest, Jailbird Toys

58. Batgirl: Bizarro Comics

59. Alfred: Buy at Saphire’s shop for $3000

60. Killer Croc: Find the Tofu Guy and he’ll ask you to find the alligators in the sewers. Just warp around the sewers a few times to find Killer Croc. You’ll have to find him twice and then defeat him in battle to get the fig. You can also find the figure at Jailbird Toys.

61. Black Manta: Bizarro Comics

62. Aquaman: Saphire’s

63. Multiverse Robin: Toyman, Saphire’s

64. Multiverse Cyborg: Saphire’s

65. Multiverse Raven: Deliver motivational card to Raven

66. Multiverse Starfire: Complete all of Starfire’s missions (currently bugged)

67. Multiverse Beast Boy: Defeat Uppity Uptown Beast Boy using any three Beast Boy figs

68. Multiverse Silkie: Saphire’s

69. Multiverse Gizmo: Complete all Gizmo missions

70. Multiverse Jinx: Defeat Jinx in Jailhouse Tournament

71. Multiverse Sticky Joe: Buy from Sticky Joe

72. Multiverse B’wana Beast: Defeat B’wana Beast on his island

73. Harley Quinn: Bizarro Comics (You may have to complete all of Commissioner Gordon’s quests to access it. You get to keep the one from that quest, though, so it’s worth waiting either way.)

74. Joker: Bizarro Comics for $9000

75. I think this is Superman? And I think you get him at rank 50 at the JLA but I haven’t gotten there yet. Biiiiig grindfest.

76. The Hooded Hood: Win the final tournament and defeat the Hooded Hood

77. Mr. Chibi: Defeat Mr. Chibi

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  1. Will

    Ugh – accidentally fed my Red Arrow to Silkie to level up Speedy thinking he was a Speedy. Have you figured out if you can buy him somewhere again? He’s the only one I’m missing as a playable character aside from Multiverse Starfire and Multiverse Gizmo due to the glitches.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You might be able to get him from a mystery pack? But it would probably take a *lot* of packs since it’s so rare.

      1. Will

        That’s what I’ve been trying to do with no success – oh well maybe he’ll show up again.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Feeding Silkie is a bit stressful — I’ve nearly fed rare figures to him, too. Would be great if favoriting a figure would prevent that (maybe it already does?).

        2. Brock

          I couldn’t find where to get Red Arrow, just opened random fig packs until I got one.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            You get him as a reward at some point but I forgot when. :/

            1. Joe00000001

              When you beat speedy

            2. MykoFox

              it is so hard to get super man

            3. MykoFox

              i am only on rank 17 and how do u vs mr.chibi? isn’t he the hooded hood?

      2. MykoFox

        u did a lot of helpful guides

    2. Ash Ketchum

      At bizarro comics

  2. ????

    You have to beat speedy

  3. Helpmeplz

    Does anyone know how to get the jail

    1. jay

      Talk to the clam at the beach and aquaman will be inside and he will give you a ride on a whale.

  4. Will

    Got lucky finally after buying out all the mystery figs at the riddler’s store and got a Red Arrow

  5. steelersrg8

    where do u buy multiverse stinky joe where is joe to buy him from

    1. MykoFox

      stick joe is also at the shady district

  6. steelersrg8

    and I beat the jailbreak cup but I never did the gizmo mission so when I went back to try and get him I accused him but the officer was gone so I couldn’t get to the security cams part what do I do please help

    1. 68/70 figs

      I have the same problem :/

  7. Robin

    This Game Can Be Fantastic But I Love Robin Becuase He Has Combut It Is So Good

  8. Tom

    Should I buy joker or save up?

    What characters are best to beat hooded hood

    And how do I get multiverse bwannabeast

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think I used Wonder Raven, Robotic Brother Blood, Robin… RBB is overpowered.

      1. Buster

        Hey I just wanted to know how do you get those specific stats on robotic brother blood I can seem to get it?

        1. MykoFox

          u can enhance your figures.

      2. Buster

        Hey I just wanted to know how do you get those stats on robotic brother blood I can’t find the one with the electric charge and then the health steal I can only find the one with electric charge the 3 turn one and then health. I really want that other one so can someone please tell me how to get it?

    2. Hoodsy

      I bet him with lvl 20 speedy, lvl 16 dr light and lvl20 bumblebee (he delt me only 9 damage to speedy)

      1. Ash Ketchum

        I did Lvl 20 Darkseid, Lvl 20 Multiverse Starfire, Lvl 20 Alfred

    3. MykoFox

      Buy joker. He helps me a lot.

  9. TexasBulldog


  10. Tyler

    When does beast boy go to uppity uptown

    1. MykoFox

      when u beat the water tournament

  11. TheFunHero

    Where can I get Green Cyborg?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m trying to remember if I won him or bought him.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      It might have been from battling the 80s kid, but I’m not sure.

    3. MykoFox

      at the recruitment office

  12. funworlds15

    Where can I get Green Cyborg? I need so I can complete my Justice Titans team.

    1. MykoFox

      recruitment office.

  13. Brian Coari

    To get to the jail you need to beat the uppity town tournament. From that you get a pearl that you can bring to the oyster on the beach. Aquaman is inside, he will take you to the jail.
    To get into the jail you need to grab the pills from outside the jail and talk to the policeman guarding the slums.

    1. Tom

      Ok thnx and 2 more questions

      1. Is joker worth the money

      2. How can I get killer moth he’s never in the jailbird store

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I think I’ve only ever seen him in that shop, but you should be able to get him from riddler packs.

      2. Caden

        Joker is always worth the while because he is so rare if you don’t like using him and he’s the only character that has no class I know because I have him.

        1. MykoFox

          joker gives me so many wins and stops the only attack starfire has.

      3. MykoFox

        1rst question yes 2nd question idk

  14. Nic

    I can’t find red arrow and also how do I get the the island to get bwanna beast?

    1. MykoFox

      1st question by beating speedy. 2nd question u gotta keep coming back and touching the shiny things in the water and then it turn into a starfish.

  15. Terry Trowbridge

    I see B’wana Beast on his island, but I can’t figure how to get there.

    I just beat Mr. Chibi and I never came across The Joker. So I payed the 9,000 *yuck

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think buying Joker is the only way to get him.

      I explained how to get to the island at the bottom of my main guide. 🙂

      1. Terry Trowbridge

        Awesome thanks! Just got a 100% completion. Good game, could have used some more Kid Flash though.

      2. MykoFox

        I like your guide. it helps so much.

    2. MykoFox

      the joker is in the bizarro comic store. and if u keep coming back to press the shiny thing in the water a starfish will pop up

  16. purplelurple

    Am I the only one who can’t get the gizmo quest line? I talked to gizmo and the police officer but I never got a quest. Is it just a random bug?

    1. chewbacca

      It was fixed in v1.0.3 , have you updated?

    2. MykoFox


  17. Griselda

    How do I give Cyborg the love note from Jinx?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If Cyborg disappeared, wait a couple of in-game days for him to return.

    2. MykoFox

      i did not get there yet

  18. Jamie

    Help I can’t find officer dough to get to the gizmo mission what do I do

    1. MykoFox

      he is at the shady district. if he is not there it is a bug.

  19. Jamie

    Officer douche disappeared so I can’t do the gizmo mission help

  20. Brandon

    I did the multiverse beast boy quest thingy before clicking the star… Do I have to reset data?

  21. Warrax

    Has anyone gotten StarFlash? I cannot seem to get the 10 flash tickets needed. If you have, can you post the her stats (Lvl, HP, Power, Dodge, Luck)?

  22. Noel

    Can someone tell me stats and abilities of the 9000 coin Joker……also for RBB? thanks

    1. Daniel

      The Joker is not worth the money but it’s the only way to get it I’d wait until defeating Mr. Chibi to buy it. Rbb is good he has the robotic buddy the evil laugh heal and mind powers he’s a tech fig

      1. MykoFox

        i have the joker

      2. MykoFox

        but the last cup i did was the water cup with aqua lad

  23. Khang

    After II got the pillow i went to the officer outside the jail, and he said to go to the policeman at shady thing, when I got there he was not there… PLEASE HELP ME

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It could be a bug, or maybe he’ll show up in another in-game day (or night). If it’s a bug, you should contact the developer.

    2. Chewbacca

      He shouldn’t disappear at all.

      What version of the game are you playing? It’s listed in the credits.

      What are your current active missions?

      He should be to the left as soon as you enter the shady area.

      Maybe try tapping around the area where he is supposed to be in case he is invisible? Check some youtube videos to figure out where he is.

    3. MykoFox

      he is at the entrance of shady district. if he is not there it is a bug

  24. khang

    My best guys i have and use are rbb, nightwing, JOKER, and wonder raven

  25. Khang

    Is it usual the policeman dissappears

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I know there was a bug with him disappearing, but the last update was supposed to fix that. I never had a problem finding him when I needed him.

      1. MykoFox

        did u finish the game?

      2. MykoFox

        i did once a couple years ago but i forgot where everything is now

    2. MykoFox

      not out of shady district.

  26. Khang

    My quest says 0 missions and the storyline says… no missions right now… i can’t do the storyline and in sure i can beat the tournament… i did bwaana beast too… i pretty much have the best guys… and joker is OP… u can spam the teeth… and his starting luckiest is like 33 or something… he team heals and he also does a stunning giant hammer… BUY HIM… since he’s so lucky the teeth does like 5 on lucky and it’s faster attacking to make him strong just upgrade health… I rely b wanna without taking health from him… just buy joker if u can

    1. Chewbacca

      Try closing the game and relaunching then checking your missions afterwards.

    2. Chewbacca

      Khang, Did the new mission get added after restarting?

  27. Zomfon

    Hi how do I get to the last tournament? I can’t seem to find that helicopter.. Someone help please.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There’s a path by Titan Tower that’s a bit hidden. Swipe along the path to get there.

      1. Zomfon

        Exactly where is this path? I can’t find it? Do I need to complete missions?

    2. Noah

      It’s at the Titans tower to the right

  28. Nxt

    Does anyone know how to unlock the Zinthos shop it says Coming Soon for me.

    1. Legit

      You make progress through the game

    2. Joe00000001

      It takes a while

  29. Nxt

    Does anyone know how to unlock Zinthos shop it says coming soon

  30. ZeCube

    Help I cant find Sticky joe hes not a the park I need his fig cuz its the last one…

    1. Joe00000001

      have you tried the beach?

  31. Hoodsy

    How do i get multiverse beastboy

    1. Hatsune

      Yes I need multiverse beast boy

    2. Ash Ketchum

      Complete Beast BoyΓÇÖs quests, it will unlock then.

  32. Hoodsy

    The 3beastboy figs quest doesnt work(

    1. Chewbacca

      Did this ever work for you? You should be battling the beast boy located in Uppity Town

    2. Davide

      Beast boy keeps staying near the beach. Any idea?

      1. Lucwar

        He is near the beach and he don’t get out of there

        1. Chewbacca

          What does beast boy say when you talk to him?

          Have you unlocked uppity town?

  33. awesome dude

    I have all the figs except 1 and i don’t know where starfire is i have seen her before but i don’t remember where or if she disapeared when she comes back i need to know where she’ll show up

    1. Davide

      Starfire was at the beach when I got the multiverse starfire

  34. DavidGN

    How do I get to Bwana Beast’s island

    1. Chasemoorebucks

      Everytime you win a tournament a starfish will become available. Eventually getting you to the island.

    2. Ash Ketchum

      Actually you donΓÇÖt need to win tournaments, you just need to wait.

  35. Adrianna

    Were is speedy so i can fight him to get the red arrow thats the last figure i need

  36. Cedric James

    Zinthos Shop is available after the Atlantean Fishtastic Tourney of the Sea when the Uppity Town is unlocked.

    I think you’re refering to StarFlash.. You’ll get her as a reward when you get ten tickets on Flash Sale (mission).

    Just won as Mighty Teeny Titan Champion but still figuring out the Multiverse Beastboy. He’s only present Uptown. 🙁

    1. Davide

      SAME TO ME

      1. Davide

        I only need multiverse beast boy but he is not in the uppity Uptown

  37. kawan

    when Beast Boy is in the prime area ?

  38. Jennifer

    My last figure is multiverse stinky joe but I’ve waited days and he’s never available from stinky joe. Any other way or do I just keep waiting. I’ve tried buying out all the figures to see if he would restock. Thanks!

  39. Davide

    Anyone know about the Zan the wonder twin mission and figure out what to do with this pearl?

      1. Davide

        Thanks for the response. I finished the game but I can’t get Multiverse Beast boy. Any idea?

        1. silent0001

          Having trouble with finding the pearl. Who is holding it?

    1. tikong

      where did u get the pearl?

      1. Ash Ketchum

        After the uptown tournament itΓÇÖs in the trophy.

  40. Iambeast

    Do you have to beat me chibi to get him cuase I’ve bet him several times and I never got him now the battle bit isn’t there

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, that’s how you his figure. Not sure why it would disappear if you didn’t beat him.

  41. Khang

    I posted on July 7… After the latest update I did the prison part and now… THE HELICOPTER THING ISNT THERE…

  42. Ivan

    Hi. It seems like I couldn’t complete the “defeat beastboy by using any 3 beastboy figs. ” mission no matter how many times I tried. The beastboy that I fight only appears near the entrance of the beach, never in uppity town. What’s wrong? Is it a bug?

  43. Ivan 222

    Hi. It seems like I couldn’t complete the mission – “defeat beastboy with any 3 beastboy figs.” No matter how many times I tried, the mission is still there. What’s wrong? The beastboy that I fought only appears near the entrance of the beach, never in uppity town.

    1. Chewbacca

      There is a beast boy at night time in the uppity town area

  44. Hannah Buckley

    How do you find zan the wonder twin?

  45. Big Vic

    After Alfred comes killer croc

  46. Pro Dude

    Does anyone have a Superman?
    i’m rank 25 in the JL

  47. Nicholas

    Have u found the last figure? I saw a letter from a Mr.meow saying he would give me a figure if I beat all the dogs at night. You have to speed through them and pretty much beat each battle with one hit. I’ve done it but nothing and it’s always down to the last second and it’s day again and resets. Is this the last figure?

    1. Ash Ketchum

      No. The figure he gives you is cat beast boy. The last figure is Mr. Chibi.

  48. Baha SarΓöÇΓûÆ

    hi my friend sewers unlocked
    How can I open sewers
    “Unlock Another Manhole To Use Warps”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You just need to walk around and open up more manholes so you can warp to them later.

  49. Gar

    well, I dont want to spoil it, but #75 isnt who you think it will be.

  50. Serena

    Hi! I’ve been looking for Old School Silkie to finish my mission with Gordan and the Comic Guy. Sticky Joe doesn’t have him when I look…any ideas?

    1. Gar

      Keep trying, he eventually had OSS when I needed it

  51. Aditya

    Anyone notice synergy stats bonus?
    if you put aquaman and aqualads, then they got 2 healt stats and the synergy called aquapeeps
    Blue beetle and bublebee get 2 power stats and got young justice synergy
    anyone got other synergy?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, 2 villains gives you +1 power and 3 villains gives you +2 power. I think it works the same with all classes?

    2. Nostaf17

      When you have beast boy and raven it is called bb Rae

    3. MICKLE Y

      2 Multiverse characters will get 1 power stat and 3 will give 2.

    4. MICKLE Y

      When you have 2 of the Teen Titans you get 2 health extra and if you have 3 you get 3 health extra.

    5. Gabe

      The character you didnΓÇÖt add is bizzaro. He is collected when you get to level 50 (I think) and after that I think he is found in bizzaro comics.

  52. Justin

    The character that you think is super man is actually Bizarro superman and yeah you get him at rank 50 at the JLA

    1. Peter Montolov

      Bizarro is a fricking disappointment. I spent days fig battling for an absolute disappointment

  53. WarriorPaws821

    Where is speedy located? I have been searching…

    Very appreciative if u reply

    1. Kammymqn

      Get him at the flash sale for 10 tickets

    2. rani

      I’ve encounter him into the beach! {with the ticket task}

      1. MICKLE Y

        ThatΓÇÖs Kid Flash

  54. Phil

    No way to get Blue Beetle other than reaching level 5 on JLA (and charade boxes)?

    1. jatin

      but we can get killer croc in bizzaro comics or in jailbird toys

  55. Victor the Villaian

    If you Use “Mod Apk”, you will not use Manhole (Warp) because its a bug and say goodbye to Killer Croc figure. But, if you use “Normal Apk”, you can get that Killer Croc figure.

    1. Someone

      Actually, if you head to LexToys or Jailbird Toys, you can just buy him.

    2. Someone

      but we can get killer croc in bizzaro comics and in jailbird toys

  56. AY

    I hit level 50 – and Figure 75 isn’t Superman, but Bizarro!

  57. barry

    please help i want to get kid flash super bad but flash store says ” coming soon” please help i need him wat should i do

  58. David

    Any update on figure 75 around its location?

    1. Someone


  59. hihi924

    anyone have any idea what the links for blue beetle are?

  60. Rourke

    Once you reach Rank 50 you can also buy Bizarro at Bizarro Comics. Now if only I could buy StarFlash, my friend got her as Rank 10 reward. Too hard to collect 10 tickets on my phone

    1. rani

      go to JLA , and i think you’ll have her as a price at rank 9 or 14!

    2. Taco Burger wins the fight

      Swipe to move dont tap and robin will keep running in the direction you want until he hits a wall…if you tap on the store he’ll run right to it too.

  61. Tristan

    How do I get old school Silkie after completing all touarnments?I can’t find sticky joe so I don’t know we’re to get him.

    1. Droors87

      In the park by night

    2. MykoFox

      there is a girl that love seemore and if u give it to her she will give u old school silkie.

    3. MykoFox

      she might give u a normal silkie, i am not sure.

    4. MykoFox

      i figured out that u can get old school silkie my doing a tofu tony mission

  62. peter

    Anyone know where the batcave is?

  63. Royce

    where can i find death

  64. Rajdeep 362

    No 75 is bizarro

  65. Wayne M.

    On your character list 75. is actually Bizarro.

  66. Joe00000001

    Where is the JLA

    1. MykoFox

      at the riddlers shop. the easiest way to get there is through the sewers.

  67. Ash Ketchum

    You can find Billy at Kords n Wires

  68. IamPenfold

    Still canΓÇÖt do the water boy portion of the zan the wonder twin quest.

  69. Robin 4s

    how do u get into shady district i completed the first tournament like 3 times but the cop wont let me in

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