How to Transfer Pokemon in Version 1.1.0 of Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO
By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo)


Niantic released an update to Pokemon Go that changes quite a few things. Most notably, the footprints below each Pokemon in the Nearby Pokemon list are all gone. So instead of fixing the tracking, they got rid of it altogether. They also sent cease-and-desist letters to all the third party tracking sites and apps, like Pokevision. So at least for now, there’s no way to track Pokemon anymore. You have to either wander around aimlessly or hang out in a huge crowd like I did a few times at Central Park. At least in those crowds, you can ask people where they saw a specific Pokemon. But walking around on your own and trying to find the Pokemon that show up on your list seems like a complete waste of time now. Pokemon only stick around for 15 minutes, so it’s very likely the one you want will be gone before you figure out where it is.

I’ve made a little video with the help of my Weepinbell to express my frustrations with this whole ordeal:

They also removed the battery saver option, which has been bugged for a while. I was using that and was hoping they’d fix it instead of removing it altogether. But now I’m just even less likely to care about hatching eggs.

Another notable change is that you can change your appearance if you don’t like it. Just tap on your trainer icon and on the little menu icon to see the Customize option. The Journal has been moved to this menu as well.



On top of all this, you might have noticed that you can no longer scroll down to find the TRANSFER button. Perhaps they thought it was too easy to miss it that way. Whatever the reason, they put it in its own menu the same way as the customization. Open a Pokemon you want to transfer and then tap on the little menu icon in the lower right hand corner. You should see the option to transfer. For some reason, they also added a Favorite option there, even though you can just tap the star in the upper right corner. Favorite Pokemon can’t be transferred now, so that’s nice. It will prevent people from accidentally transferring Pokemon they care about.



I’ve also noticed that some Pokemon seem to stay in one place the whole time now. Even if they break out of a ball, they don’t run further back.

They also seem to have made curve balls harder to achieve. I had a lot of curve balls miss that would have normally caught the Pokemon in the previous version of the game. I think they made the hit area smaller. And a Great Throw only gives you 10 XP now instead of 50.

You can see how hard they’ve made it to throw a successful curveball in this video I made:

I’ll update this if I notice any other major changes.

You can read more about my feelings on this update here.

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  1. don

    It’s not letting me transfer my weaker eggacutes; it keeps shutting down. I can transfer anything else so I’m at a loss. Can you guys help?

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