Reigns Her Majesty: Bonus Easter Eggs

Reigns: Her Majesty
By: Devolver Digital & Nerial


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I found some interesting stuff in Reigns: Her Majesty. I was wondering what the secret code was for, because it never came to play anywhere in the game. That seemed odd.




So I decided to finally look up what I could find about Synaptic Insight Technology Systems.


Now, if you go to the Synaptic Insight website and contact them through their form, you get this:


It says:


Now, the rules said to go forward one letter for vowels and forward one letter for consonants. But since the sentence has already been encoded, you need to reverse the rules to decode it. So I got:


I don’t know, man. I guess it could be a typo or something? Maybe there are other rules I didn’t see in all my time playing. It could be:


That still doesn’t make much sense and why does it break its own rules with two letters?

There’s also this message from the dog:



That translates to:


I guess the first word was supposed to be INVEST? I don’t know if those are intentional typos leading us to something or accidental?

I’ll update this if I figure out anymore.

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  1. Chad Wolins

    It’s COME BACK ON A COLD BEER CAY (but I have a feeling it’s DAY. You did it backwards because it’s ALREADY translated. To decode you move the consonants forward one and the vowels back one. The reason it’s BACK and not UACK is because we’re “Considering A a Consonant in this case” so the rule is oddly interchangeable. CAY is either a hint to something, or a missspelling.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Why is it breaking all its own rules? Did I miss some cards that explained more?

  2. Birta Ragnarsdóttir

    It does appear at least once. You get a dog with a message attatched to it’s collar that says:

    Sriumo mo bosoemxr rsgformo.

    I decode that to get:

    Inoest in synaitic insights.

    Which I think is supposed to be:

    Invest in synaptic insights.

      1. Birta Ragnarsdóttir

        I don’t know? I was just playing the game. I took a screenshot I can send you if you tell me where.

  3. Salar

    the problem with “back” is that when you cipher “b” it becomes “a”, but when you decipher “a” there are two possible results: “b” and “u”. in other words ciphering both “b” and “u” result in “a”. so when deciphering the vowels you should consider the meaning of the whole word and even the sentence.

  4. Tory

    So I’ve gotten a couple card related to beer/brews. Once the cow said something about it and once the explorer mentioned an isle where people had casks of brew. Related?

  5. Hazal

    Well I’ve noticed that all of us thought there was something wrong, a mistake, about these codes but if you read the rules “literal”ly, second rule doesn’t say “turn consonants back to its previous consonant”, it says “turn consonants back one LETTER”, meaning, vowels are still in the mix. As Salar says above:
    B becomes A, not Z.
    F becomes E, not D.
    J becomes I, not H.
    P becomes O, not N.
    V becomes U, not T.

    Therefore, there are 2 possibilities for each vowel.
    A can stand for B or U.
    E can stand for F or A.
    I can stand for J or E.
    O can stand for P or I.
    U can stand for V or O.

    You just have to choose the one that fits.

    I’ve googled cold beer day and came up with this site saying it’s the 30th of September.
    So we come back on that day to contact Synaptic Insights?

    There’s also the “national drink beer day” which is celebrated on Sept. 28.

    Confused? Me too.

    BUT, if we accept the fact that there were no mistakes in the code and take BEX as CAY, cay is “a small, low island composed largely of coral or sand” according to

    “Come back on a cold beer cay.”
    Remember the explorer mentioning an island of brewer women which you refused to send him to? Yeah, it has to be the one, but I don’t know how to get there or what to do next.

  6. ClassyKourier

    So my wife and I found something more hidden on the games associated website!

    Next, the code we found: Buried in the file on the website is ANOTHER code! Along side the code that I’ve seen that creates the message “Come back on a cold beer day”, you will find this code:

    // additional error messages or events IGS RIMUQGS KKOV IMOALUB RE IGS GBSOVR RCMIBRE
    This took some thinking as we got most of it translated but the word in the center was another typo potential word. After some guess work we came to this conclusion:

    The Thrones Will Combine As The Switch Ascends
    This sounds like we will get a new game of reigns but on the switch?

    Posted this on reddit as well to see if anyone has any more leads after this.

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