Alto’s Odyssey: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Alto’s Odyssey
By: Snowman


Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the endless snowboarding game, Alto’s Adventure, and it’s now available on the App Store! I’ve been playing almost obsessively and am now level 45, so I thought I’d make a little guide to help those new to the series, as well as to introduce new mechanics and items. I’ll be adding to this as I think of more, so if you have a specific question, ask in the comments section and I’ll try to help.

I also have a list of goals for each level here.

See my Alto’s Odyssey review here.

Controls & Beginner’s Guide:

The game can be played almost entirely with one hand. Your character will ride down the mountain automatically. You need to keep him or her moving, avoiding all obstacles in their way. The most basic way to do so is a light tap that will make your sandboarder jump. Hold your finger on the screen and they’ll continue rotating, attempting a backflip. If there’s enough room to complete the backflip and land on your feet, you’ll continue going. If not, you’ll land on your face and end the run.

Doing backflips builds up your trick and combo meter, which also makes you move faster and build up a temporary force field around you that will let you smash into rocks. The faster you go, the more likely you’ll be able to successfully jump over chasms and escape lemurs. Other tricks include grinding, wallriding, balloon bouncing, wingsuiting and more. Performing long chains of tricks without touching the ground is how you pick up speed, but also how you achieve a higher score.

Your scarf will also get longer as you do more tricks. Once you unlock the wing suit, you power it up by performing tricks until your scarf is so long it turns white. Then, you can fly! You activate the wingsuit by tapping the little icon to the left. But if you have 3D Touch, you can press hard into the screen so you can still focus on using just one finger.

I prefer using my wing suit sparingly, to help me get higher and combine it with other tricks to keep my trick combo going. I also like having it available when I’m headed towards a chasm, as some of them can be pretty tough to get over without flying. If you don’t use up your whole wing suit meter at once, you can try to keep it full by performing more tricks. That way, it will be available when you really need it.

If you have a goal that asks you to combine to tricks, like, say, a rock bounce and wall ride, you can use the wingsuit between the two and it should still count.

Odds and Ends:

Here is where I’ll put some random things I think people may have trouble with early on.

If you need to smash a pot and you’re wondering what a pot looks like, they come in different shapes, but this is an example:



Alto: The default character. Average at everything!


Maya: Unlocks at Level 11. She’s a super fast backflipper. I suggest switching to her as soon as you unlock her and stick with her at least until you get Izel. Then, play around with the two and see which one you like better.


Paz: Unlocks at Level 21. He’s slow and flips super slowly. I don’t like him at all, but maybe someone out there does. I use him only for character-specific goals and then switch back to another character.


Izel: Unlocks at Level 31. He’s super fast, with a slightly slower backflip than Maya. He might take some getting used to after playing mostly with her, but he’s good for getting far quickly and escaping lemurs.


Felipe: Unlocks at Level 41. The only llama in the game! Double-tap to double-jump! He’s one of my favorite characters, as he’s saved me from some very close crashes in chasms. If you have trouble gaining speed or height, he can help with those pesky chasms! He’s also good for staying a bit above the Lemur when it’s hot on your tail.


Sumara: Unlocks at Level 51. She backflips quickly like Maya but also double-jumps like Felipe! Also, Lemurs don’t bother her.


Items (Izel’s Workshop):


Helmet: Carved from wood, these helmets will protect you from a single crash each. They won’t help with chasms, though!

Chasm Rescue: These magical pickaxes will save you from a single chasm crash each.


Magnet Timer: Increase the duration of the Coin Magnet to pick up even more coins.

Lotus Timer: Increase the duration of the Lotus Flower. Smash rocks and avoid crashing during backflips for longer.

Wingsuit: Charge your scarf with trick combos to activate it, then take to the skies! (Try to get the wingsuit as soon as possible! I prefer using the wingsuit sparingly to help me keep a trick combo going. If you use the suit too long at once, it’s more likely to run out. But if you just use it a bit here and there and continue doing tricks, you have a better chance up keeping the wing suit timer full longer so when you really need it you’ll have it — like for escaping a lemur over a chasm.)

Wingsuit Timer: Increase the duration of the Wingsuit Timer to fly even greater distances!

Mysterious Radio: Whoever is on the other end, they will always drop something useful! Once purchased, this item will appear at random. (This glows green and if you pick it up, some crates will drop down by parachute. They look like pots and will have items like coins and lotus flowers inside. The problem is, they might drop too slowly and you’ll be past them before they hit the ground.)

Signal Amplifier: Boost the strength of of the radios you find, calling down more crates with better items.

Sandboard: Crafted long ago in the Canyons, Izel has equipped it with special bindings. Use this durable board to wallride! (You’re instructed to purchase this at Level 6 for 1,000 coins. It will allow you to ride on walls!

Compass: Found hidden in the Temple City, this compass allows you to travel to the biome of your choice for a small fee. Select it from the main menu. (That “small fee” is actually 1000 gold per use, so I suggest holding off on this purchase until you have a decent amount of coins saved up. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of coins you could have used on other upgrades. If you’re desperate to complete a goal that’s biome-specific and you have the coins to spare, this is a quick way to get there.)


The Dunes: Full of hot air balloons and flagged bunting. Also, tornadoes!

The Canyons: Wall riding!

The Temple City: Waterfalls, streams, and pools. Also, temple ruins you can grind on. There are also vines that break if you ride them for too long.


You can replay the three tutorials – Main, Sandboard, and Wingsuit — if you go to the main menu. They’re a good way to practice if you’re having trouble, especially the wallriding. There’s also Zen mode if you want to practice without worrying about dying. But it might sting if you have a really good run and none of it counts.


These break if you stay on them too long. But if you do little jumps as you grind them, you’ll be able to continue on to the next one, and the next one.


Bounce off these to continue your trick combo and get higher so you can do more backflips!


When one stars chasing you, do backflips like your life depends on it, because it does! They’re fast and will stay hot in your heels. They even follow you onto flagged bunting and vines. Try to stay higher up if possible, or jump out of their way while you’re grinding. The only way to escape them is to get to a chasm, as they won’t follow. They’re similar to the Elder from Adventure, but harder to escape!

And that’s all for now! You can watch this gameplay video I made to see it in action:

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  1. Michelle

    Hey. IΓÇÖm on Level 14. What the hell are temple steps?! IΓÇÖve done the jumped on temple ruins and everything but nada!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If I remember correctly, itΓÇÖs the layered temple where you can keep climbing up. But I remember being confused about that myself and getting it by accident.

      1. Arzin Abhay Seema

        There is no such thing as temple steps, because they do not mention it in the game

        1. Viviana

          They do actually for one of the goals at leval 14 or so.

  2. Maurice

    Nice guide! I got a tip for catching the crates that drop down when you pick up a mysterious radio: Immediatly turn on wingsuit (if you have it off course), make a loop de loop and turn wingsuit off right after. You will get them all.

    (Btw i got the level 44 challenge, suddebly seemed so easy haha)

    1. Arzin Abhay Seema

      What do tou mean by suddebly?

      1. Arzin Abhay Seema

        I mean you.

        1. Arzin Abhay Seema

          Plus, those are easy.

  3. Florian

    Salut je suis au niveauKebab o╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├║ il faut acheter la nouvelle planche dans le magasin d’Izel mais je ne sais pas o╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├║ se trouve ce magasin
    Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

  4. Florian

    Et desolé pour le Kebab C une faute de frappe

  5. Cram

    Izel is a female bruh

    1. Arzin Abhay Seema

      Nice one.

  6. dRedwick

    Paz is NOT slow. He is the fastest character.

    1. Arzin Abhay Seema

      Nice one.

  7. Ayoub

    Hey so I’ve unlocked izel but I can’t get to her workshop and I don’t see a helmet or chasm rescues do I have to unlock anything?…

    1. Arzin Abhay Seema

      Aw come on, I am on Sumara and I still do not see those things

  8. Natasha

    It says right in her description that Izel is a woman.

    1. Arzin Abhay Seema


  9. Arzin Abhay Seema

    FYI, Izel is a she and not a he.

  10. Ferry

    Dude.. paz is the fastest one. It takes a momentum. Just wait. My fave is pas and maya. Iya takes awhile yo understand the way work with paz after long time with maya. But when you get ti undrstand paz, you wont even change.

  11. Malyck

    Izel is a she…


  12. Joanna

    I’m at level 35 and one of the tasks is to “land a backflip close to the ground.” What does that mean? Doesn’t “landing” by definition mean that moment when you hit the ground? That’s pretty close to ground to me? 😀 I stopped playing because I couldn’t figure it out. I tried doing backflips really low and nothing happened so that’s not it I guess.

    1. Jens

      When you do backflips close enough to the ground, it will call it a “proximity flip” or something like that and award 300 points instead of 10. That is what is meant in the goal. you can usually get those by jumping a bit earlier than usual when you see the ground drop down. Also, at the very beginning of any run, if you take maya and jump about half a second after she lands from gliding in, you almost always get a proximity flip. I know this was 2 months ago, still hope i could help.

  13. Brandon

    Wanted to let u know Izel is a girl.

  14. Brandon

    wanted to let u know izel is a girl

  15. Dallas

    Any hints for level 35 goal Land a backflip close to the ground

    1. Jens

      Just gonna copy what i wrote up top, so you may be able to see

      When you do backflips close enough to the ground, it will call it a ΓÇ£proximity flipΓÇ¥ or something like that and award 300 points instead of 10. That is what is meant in the goal. you can usually get those by jumping a bit earlier than usual when you see the ground drop down. Also, at the very beginning of any run, if you take maya and jump about half a second after she lands from gliding in, you almost always get a proximity flip.
      I know this was 1 months ago, still hope i could help.

  16. Viviana

    I actually really like Paz. He is slow to start but can actually get pretty fast unlike Maya and can get over chasms and onto other things the grinds better than her as well. I personally only really use Maya if I need to land a triple backflip or something. I almost have Izel and this is just my opinion.

  17. Mattia

    Please can anybody tell me what is a ppt with a water stream boost!? I’m stuck at level 24 🙁

  18. Laurel Peelle

    I just started playing. I’m not usually an endless runner gamer, but I like this so far, although I’ll probably quit once it gets too difficult (I have enough stress in my day job, thank you very much). I do have a question, though – the helmet for the one-time-use crash save – can you CHOOSE when to apply it? Say I start a run and crash early on, and I recently purchased the helmet…the game won’t automatically apply it if I don’t want it to and want to save it for a longer run instead, right?

    1. Rhubarb

      When you buy the helmet, what happens is that the next time you crash a little timer thing suddenly pops up and gives you time to make a quick yes/no decision whether or not to use the helmet that time. So – you can easily skip by hitting No instead of Yes. It is very straightforward – only you do need to make a fast decision because of the timer so it is good to decide beforehand what circumstance you will use it in. I have only bought it when I had the type of goal where I really needed to make a long stretch and didn’t want to lose progress.

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