The Lone Survivor – Adventure: Walkthrough Guide

The Lone Survivor – Adventure
By: Midnight Adventures LLC

The Lone Survivor is the latest game by Midnight Adventures, and it starts off with you crash landing your plane on a mysterious island. It can be tricky at times, so I’m making a step-by-she walkthrough for anyone who might need help. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. You start at Screen 1. Head straight to Screen 2 and continue to Screen 3. Examine the bike and take its handlebar.

2. The blue shack is missing its doorknob so ignore it for now and head past it to the water at Screen 5.

3. Continue ahead to Screen 6 and use the handlebar to slide down the rope. Go through the door.

4. There’s a Bingo card here and it will automatically get added to your journal as a clue. Pick up the bucket.

5. Solve the puzzle on the wall by swapping around the items so they match the elements and materials along the left and bottom. Take the doorknob.

6. Head back to the blue shack and use the doorknob on the door. Go through to screen 4. Pick up the oars and solve the fan puzzle to get another clue.

7. Go back to Screen 6. Tap the left side of the screen to go to screen 8. Pick up the note and then continue ahead to screen 9.

8. Tap the light above the statues and then watch the statues move. Memorize the sequence and then copy it. It seems to be different each time, so I can’t help you with it. Go through to screen 10.

9. You can place the oar on the boat, but we still need something to plug the leak. Head straight and use the arrows clue you found at screen 4 to unlock the wall safe. It goes: Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down. There’s an extra arrow in the clue. Press the button and then take the Brooch 1, a cork, and another clue.

10. Go back a bit and solve the Mayan Glyphs puzzle using the clue you just found. Sorry, I couldn’t get a photo in time.

11. Use the cork to plug up the hole in the boat and use the bucket to get rid of all the water in it. Then head through the new opening to Screen 12.

12. Continue ahead to screen 13.

More coming soon!

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  1. CatReader

    There isn’t much story line to tie the scenes together. With the first few scenes, I had trouble determining where paths were, and I couldn’t advance, even when I had gathered and applied objects. Your walkthrough verified I was doing the right things, so I persisted. Then I initially yelled for help on the puzzle with the green, yellow, and red gemstones, but I figured it out. Now I am stuck on the stained glass puzzle. I really think some of pieces are misplaced in the puzzle’s frame; I might need a video for that puzzle (Pretty please?)

    1. CatReader

      I chose SKIP on the stained glass puzzle and was able to finish the game (disappointing ending). Since then I have begun playing The Long Journey, which also has a stained glass puzzle. It has same layout and movement, but I was able to solve it. I think I did not have every piece in the correct position when the programming decided I had correctly solved the puzzle., and perhaps The lone Survivor’s puzzle is similar. An annoying aspect of both games is that you cannot look at a puzzle after it is solved.

      1. Blu

        I’m stuck on the stained glass puzzle as well. I do think it was made incorrectly by the developer. I wish someone made a video or something of that part , but I don’t think this game is that popular.

  2. Crisy

    I finished it really quickly. I found the puzzles unchallenging, and the game was just annoying really. The price tag was way over the top.

    1. Ahmed

      How did you solve the statue grid puzzle?

      1. Bill Cawlfield

        I also need help on the statue grid. I do not know what the end result should be?

      2. tlpmap

        You should have a page in diary showing three colored lines each one a different path. Guide statues to match colored paths

    2. Blu

      How did you solve the Stain Glass

    3. Lehmer

      How did you solve the Cello game? After putting the Peg, the Chords doesn’t move.

  3. Katy

    The hint says I’m ready to solve the cello puzzle inside the treehouse. I’ve already put the peg on it. But now the strings won’t do anything; they won’t move at all. Is this a glitch? How can I get around it? (There’s no skip button.)

    1. Csirna

      Katy where did you find the Peg

    2. Amy

      Turn up your sound. The strings wonΓÇÖt move but when you tap on them youΓÇÖll hear them and will know if you hit the right ones.

    3. Lehmer

      Same problem to me. Please, if you find the solution, write here

  4. Amy

    How do you solve the tumpet puzzle in the van?

    1. tlpmap

      You should have a page in diary showing music notes of different colors. Push the trumpet buttons in the same color order shown in the diary.

      1. Jessica Franciscy

        The music page has more colors then the trumpet has keys. IΓÇÖm not sure what to do.

      2. Phoebe

        The notes on the sheet music include colors that aren’t on the trumpet! I’ve tried playing the purple where the note is red… etc. tried leaving out the notes in non-matching colors.. Nothing’s working. What is the solution please?

  5. Psycho Jo

    I seem to have missed the fishing net somewhere. Can anyone advise where this is?

  6. Bobbie

    How do I cross the bridge in 20?

    1. Christabel

      How do I solve flower puzzle. how do I cross the bridge

  7. Deepthi Rao Polsani

    In screen 13 there is math puzzle, how to solve it.

    1. Karm

      Math Puzzle Code:
      A=5 F=4
      B=2 G=7
      C=3 H=8
      D=6 I=10
      E=1 J=9

      A+C= 8 (5+3)
      E+C= 4 (1+3)
      F+C= 7 (4+3)
      H-D= 2 (8-6)

  8. John

    Last survivor scene 61 using peg for cello… peg disappears from list before close up of strings appears.?..

  9. Rich holtman

    Where do you get mirror piece 2?

  10. Rich holtman

    In lone survivor where do you get mirror piece 2

    1. Karm

      Mirror Pieces 1; 2 & 3:
      #1 Workshop- Solve Glass Vial (refrigerator code)
      #2 Chaple- Solve Bird Puzzle
      #3 Tree- Solve Wheel Gem Puzzle

  11. saxa

    i cant get through the chess mystery cause i don’t get the way to find the positions of the numbers…

  12. Tish

    I am trying to solve the butterfly picture in scene 66 of the Lone Survivor and I welcome any hints on what to do to get this picture resolved. I have been trying to figure this out for at least a week and it’s driving me crazy….

    1. Janis

      Did you ever get this figured out? I would love some help if you did.

  13. Lisa

    IΓÇÖm stuck on the checkers puzzle. Anyone get that?

    1. Karm

      Checker Puzzle results obtained from Bingo Game Board
      N17 + N26 = BLACK (N43 Bingo) Chip
      G29 + G30 = RED (G59 Bingo) Chip
      G27 + G20 = RED (G47 Bingo) Chip
      I16 + I0 = RED (I16 Bingo) Chip
      I20 + I0 = RED (I20 Bing)o Chip

  14. Janie

    Can you help? Where did you find the birds wind up key?

  15. Melissa Burgett

    Where can I find the 3 brochure clips? I only find 2.

  16. Jayne

    How do you solve the door puzzle on screen 13? I am stuck on that bit. So annoying clues

  17. Sheila

    I donΓÇÖt understand the rose puzzle, used the clippers and the key. IΓÇÖve tried every position please help

  18. Alex

    Not much of a walkthrough.
    Trying to figure out the wire puzzle in scene 65.

  19. Annmarie

    I wish they would continue the walkthrough as it only shows the first part of it and doesn’t continue . When they say go to the next stage at the bottom of the finished page when will it continue on

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