Boxentriq: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

By: Johan Åhlén

Boxentriq is a new puzzle game by Johan Åhlén that involves code-breaking, solving riddles, and noticing small details. Each level asks you to find the code and enter it to continue to the next one. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: You can enter CDMRPV as a code to earn 300 credits. To redeem it, tap the hacker’s image on the main menu three times and then the settings icon. You should then get prompted to enter a promo code.


Level 1:

The clue is: “Begin your journey to the underground, a world of secrets, deeply profound. To find the code and prove your worth, turn me to the center of the earth.

To find the answer, rotate your phone so it’s upside-down. You’ll then get this text: “Thank you. The code for the next level is ENLIGHT.”

So press the PLAY button and enter ENLIGHT to complete the level.

Level 2:

It says: “The answer is on a deeper level.”

Scroll down to see the words, “Enter code to continue.” The answer is CODE. Enter that to complete the level.

Level 3:

Notice the letters TAVERNS with the numbers 7453261 under them. Organize them as so:

1 – T
2 – A
3 – V
4 – E
5 – R
6 – N
7 – S

The numbers 7453261 are telling you the order to put the letters. So the 7th letter is S, the 4th letter is Ec the 5th letter is R, and so on. You end up with SERVANT. Enter that as the answer.

Level 4:

The test says: “All dark?”

If you turn your device’s brightness up, you can see the word WEB. Enter that as the answer.

Level 5:

The text says: “Could time be stopped?”

There’s two ways to get the answer. You can just take a screenshot and you’ll see the words THE CODE TOU SEEK IS WHIRL.

You can also open your app switcher on your phone to pause the screen on the game and see the same thing. Either way, the answer is WHIRL.

Level 6:

The text says:

“Order of the First

Nullify every principle of existential demise, insights will soon enlighten your eyes.”

Take the first letter of each word and you get: NEPOEDIWSEYE

Unscramble them and you get: EYES WIDE OPEN

That’s the answer!

Level 7:

The text says: “Mice pee it. An unknown order?”

Take all the letters – MICEPEEIT and scramble them to get TIMEPIECE. That’s the answer!

Level 8:

For this level, the codebreaking tools linked to from inside the game come in handy.

First, translate all the Roman numerals into regular numbers.

VI XII XXV XII XV | 6 12 25 12 15
XII III IV XXIII | 12 3 4 23
XII XVIII XVII | 12 18 17

Now, use the Numbers to Letters decoder to get: FLYLOLCDWLRQ

Next, use the Caesar Cypher with 3 as the key to get CIVILIZATION. That’s the answer!

Level 9:

The text says: “Only the blind shall see.”

Zoom in to the left, where the eye is looking. You can see some dots there. It’s Braille!

Use the Braille decoder to translate it and you get ICE. That’s the answer!

Level 10:

The symbols on the screen are a Pigpen Cipher, or Masonic Cipher. When translated, it says: REFLECT UPON MY WORDS

Wait a few seconds and you’ll receive a call. Answer it and you’ll hear:

“Listen carefully to my words: Subtract Possess Opt Cart. What comes next?”

Remember the clue? REFLECT UPON MY WORDS. The call you got is a palindrome! If you read the whole thing backwards, you get Tract Possess Opt Cart Bus. So BUS comes next and that’s the answer!

Level 11:

This is what you see:

If you connect the dots, as shown below, you can make out the letters NWO for New World Order. The answer is NWO!

Level 12:

Notice there’s a 3 under the clock. Place your finger in the center of the clock and hold for 3 seconds, then release. It will change to 9. Now hold your finger on the screen for 9 seconds. Continue doing this for each number and keep track of the numbers you see: 393141393141. So you can see it keeps looping back around. Use the Numbers to Letters key provided on the Boxentriq website to translate 393141 into CICADA. That’s the answer!

Level 13:

This will be a little different depending on when you do it. First, hit the COPY button to copy the text.

Next, find the Base64 Decoder on the codebreaking tools site and paste the text you copied. Decode it to get:

“@Oreztnuoc is the leak”

Go to Twitter and find the user named oreztnuoc. Now here’s where things will be different. You want to grab the latest tweet from that account. Mine said: ==gUFRFTFh0U

Since his name is CountZero backwards, reverse the tweet and use the Base64 decoder again to get SHELTER. That’s the answer!

Level 14:

For this, you want to use graphing paper or something similar. Each time you see an X, make a black box. Each time you see a number, make that many blank spaces. When you finish, you should see a word.

The word you get is BOXY. That’s the answer!

Level 15:

The text says:


Use the Atbash Decoder to translate it to:


So email [email protected] and ask.

You’ll receive an email with this response:


Unfortunately I am unable to reply to your e-mail at the moment. 
I will answer your e-mail as soon as I return. 

Taenia Twirls

GO d– s:- !a C+++ UL+++ P++ L+++ W+++ N++ o++ !K w- O- M- V- PS++ PE- Y++ PGP++ t++ 5+++ X+ R tv b+ DI– D+ G++ e h+ r- z?

Her signature is Geek Code! Use this decoder to figure out who her favorite movie creator is. This is kind of a trick question, though. Her favorite TV show is Babylon 5 and she worships at the Church of Joe, aka Joseph Michael Straczynski. So the answer is STRACZYNSKI.

Level 16:

The text says:

fiifn hoemh /itdr daecn ka/n6 i0mHa 2lc:3 h1tqt QpMsD :F/5/ towpy eTnb. Zs3px oat

More coming soon!


Disclaimer: I was paid to do some testing and feedback for Boxentriq ahead of its release. Because of that, I won’t be writing a review or impressions, but saw no issue with making a walkthrough.

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  1. Jim

    Any pointers on level 16?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓÇÖll try to fill in the rest when I get a chance. Bear with me!

    2. Antrillion

      Hint: Every other letter

  2. Austin

    Anyone done level 18 yet?

    1. Jeremy

      The answer is a 4 letter code that means chess death. The hint gives it away, so I have the answer but no idea how to get there without the hint, using 6 chess pieces, 4 at a time, to get a series of 5 digit binary codes.

      1. KK

        When you enter the correct sequence of 4 pieces the game shows you a series of chess pieces arranged in groups of 5…there are 4 of them. Convert to zeros and ones and solve via Baconian coded

  3. Jackson Beach

    How do you solve level 19?

  4. John tattooist

    how do solve level 16?

    1. Sweety Swears

      In case you never got there… The clues tell you to read the message by taking every other letter, when it should really state every other character so that you know how to handle the punctuating marks and other symbols. The hardest part is making sure you have the URL correct. I misplaced one of the periods and got an unknown domain. It didn’t take much to catch my mistake, but it was frustrating anyway. Also, after you get the printer info from the page the link takes you to, you’ll translate it. Using the translation, don’t forget synonyms when you input the code.

  5. Sarah

    How do I solve level 20? I’ve been stuck on it for maybe 3 months now.

    1. Clicks

      Its a perspective thing. Tilt your screen and look from the bottom edge.

      1. Sarah

        Oh ok thank you… but actually I uninstalled the game about a year ago and then installed it again sometime earlier and now I’m on level 13. Ik how to solve it and I got the answer Custody but it just keeps saying wrong code. If you still have the game can u help with the answer?

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