Cube Escape: The Mill: Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: The Mill
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the fifth Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: The Mill. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Turn right twice. Pick up the firewood from the floor. Also, pick up the matches from the table. Notice the key mold. We’ll come back to that later.



2. Open the drawer of the over and place the firewood inside. Light it with the matches and close the drawer. Take the boiling hot pot of water.



3. Look up at the ceiling. Use the matches to burn away the spider web and take the key.



4. Go back down and turn left. Use the key to unlock the cabinets here to reveal an elderly lady. Zoom in on her mouth to see her teeth.


5. For this puzzle, you need to tap one or two of the top teeth and then one of the bottom teeth that adds up to the same number. If you got it right, they’ll lock in and turn black. Once all are locked in, you can take the golden tooth. If you mess up, just tap the gold tooth to restart.


6. Place the golden tooth in the drawer with the firewood. It will melt down into the drawer below it. Pick up the melted gold.



7. Pour the gold into the key mold on the table. Close the mold and then open it again and take the key.


8. Look up at the ceiling again. Use the golden key to unlock the door to the attic and climb up.


9. You’re now upstairs. Tap on the parrot and collect its bird shit.


10. Go right and open the cabinets to get knitting needles and binoculars (telescope).


11. Turn on the TV and change the channel so you see a woman on the floor. Zoom out and back in and press the button again. Keep doing this until the man on the screen (who I think is actually you, Dale Vandermeer) calls you. Pick up the phone and when you’re done, the woman will appear on the screen again. Press the button again and she’ll end up in the locked clock. We’ll come back to that soon.





12. Go back to the windows with the parrot. Use the telescope to look out the right window and find the number 1384 on the chapel.





12. Head left again. Read the creepy letter from Mr. Owl. Then take the scissors from behind the pot and add the bird shit and water to the soil. Step back and the grass will grow. Use the scissors to cut some grass.




13. Head left again. Pull the corner of the painting to reveal a letter from Mr. Owl. Also, notice the symbols at the top. The other drawing tells you which of the cow’s udders are represented by which symbols. Feed the grass to the cow and place the pot under the her udders. Use the information from both posters to pull the udders in the right order. It goes: 421234. Take the pot of milk.





14. Go back downstairs. Use the scissors to cut the old lady’s hair and give her the knitting needles.


15. Enter 1384 on the door to unlock it. Head down the stairs to the wheel.



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  1. Alba

    I don’t know why, but I can’t put the white cube un the hole so I’m not able to move forward the game…

    1. Zohre

      First open the water then put the cube in the hole.

    2. Zohre

      First open water then put the cube in the hole.

    3. Amy

      I have the same problem when replaying- even if I leave the water on..,I ended up getting both cubes and wasnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t able to put them anywhere…lame

  2. CubeEscapePlayer1

    I’m trying to put the black cube into the hole, but it won’t let me, so I can’t progress to the ending. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    1. youmei

      i tried filling up the water all the way, close the water hole the. put the cubes in.

    2. Navi

      I did everything and the memory machine won’t turn on for me? I’ve restarted twice

  3. Alice

    If the duck ate the lowest two plants first and its neck is then too short for it to reach the third plant at higest water level, is there a way to reset this, instead of restarting the whole game?

    1. ari

      it isn’t actually too short, you just have to keep the water running so it doesn’t drain and get to low for it to eat

    2. Aba

      For putting the black cube you gotta fill the room more with water

  4. Katie

    I canΓÇÖt get get the cow to milk. IΓÇÖve followed the walkthrough exactly and even deleted/re-downloaded the app with no results. Is this a known glitch? Anyone know of a workaround?

    1. Kami

      IΓÇÖm having the same problem.

    2. Sagrit

      Same problem 🙁

    3. Erin

      To anyone still having this problem: you need to input the whole sequence to get the milk at the end! I misremembered and thought it came out with each squeeze

      1. Mirene

        Tap on the cow’s mouth so that it chews the grass and swallow. Then you can start milking

        1. A random soul

          I did after something I feed her the grass (I don’t remember what) but now I just roasted the duck and I tried to get the milk after but it doesn’t work…(also Erin um what sequence?)

    4. Rustylakelover

      You have to tap the cows udders in the correct sequence per the instructions on the frame and the picture above the cow. Only once you’ve tapped out the sequence does the milk appear.

    5. John

      Feed it the grass frkm the flower pot

    6. Jani

      Did you give the cow the grass? You have to give the cow the grass first then it should work😁

    7. Unnie

      Same problem 😣

  5. Jade

    the grandma wonΓÇÖt drink the milk cuz itΓÇÖs hot and she wants warm. how do you cool down the milk

    1. Nancy

      Boil and take the milk off the stove, do other task, then come back to the old lady and give it to her

      1. Lia

        i tried that and it didnΓÇÖt work

        1. sandew

          maybe you havent tap the milk

    2. Anne

      you have to click exactly on her mouth

  6. You


    1. You

      nevr mind it worked

      1. Luma

        How did you do it ?? I can’t put the white cube in the machine

        1. Mia

          You have to turn on the water level to the max and don’t turn it off. then turn left and then go back. It should be working. At least for me! now place the white/black cube in the hole!

  7. Hailey

    I cant get the duck on the spinning wheel

    1. neon

      you don’t have to put duck on spinning wheel ,put the duck in oven and old lady hair on spinning wheel

  8. Matthew force

    The next game in the series is cube escape birthday not rusty lake hotel

  9. neon

    this came series have too many glitches

  10. Mariana

    Dei a grama pra vaca comer mas n consigo ordenhar ela,e agr?

  11. john


  12. Ăńøňýmőůş

    I’ve done everything in the walkthrough up until the beam of light, because it hasn’t appeared? Anyone got a solution?

    1. Ăńøňýmőůş


      1. HHsjsjsj

        How did you do it?

  13. Madilyn

    I canΓÇÖt milk my cow because my pot has water in it, how do I empty it?

    1. Tosca_paperplane

      Put the water on the plant with the bird shit

      1. sandew

        you can just tap the flood in the basement, it will empty the pot

  14. Lili

    I can’t get the cube in…

  15. Leilah Meyer

    hi, I tried heating the milk before giving her the wool and I’ve lost the milk, I’ve tried going through the steps with the grass and the milk but it won’t work. What should I do?

    1. Alastair

      Try going back upstairs then back downstairs. If thereΓÇÖs water in the TV you can put the cube in

  16. A random soul

    I’m at the part where you had to put Lara’s head in the machine. I also tried to milk the cow after but I still don’t get the milk… I wonder what I’m doing wrong?

    1. sandew

      the pattern, you have to milk the cow based on the pattern in the paper

  17. tony



    How do you get the collectables of the game? Is there another walk-through or?

    1. Blanca

      I can’t pick up the duck! How do I pick it up? It already ate the 2 plants and became a fat duck, but I can’t grab it 🙁

      1. desny

        the duck has to eat all 3 of the plants

  19. Dile Dino


  20. Dezi

    The clock wont open for me 🙁

    1. sandew

      short needle at 6, long needle at 2

    2. evie

      if the ladys on the tv it wont work you have to tap her away

  21. Mia

    It’s a good guide but for the record you are not Dale in this. You’re Mister Crow, you’ll recognise the conversation on the phone in Case 23 which Dale called

  22. doki

    Im unable to put the black cube in. Please help

  23. Kelly

    Can’t put the white cube…

  24. Kay

    Can’t put the cubes in the hole.

  25. KropocLeckor

    For the memory extraction machine, i used screenshot. It helps me.

  26. Hi

    It doesn’t have the end screen when you beat the game so is there a secret end or something?

  27. Hi

    Its saying the clock is still locked

    1. Aish

      Still nothing happened

  28. Mia

    You have to turn on the water level to the max and don’t turn it off. then turn left and then go back. It should be working. At least for me! now place the white/black cube in the hole!

  29. Kimmy

    I got a crow instead of a parrot…i can’t seem to get it to poop so i can fertilize the grass… help please

  30. yvonne versneij

    I know one has to set the clock on 3.25 to get a (crow)achievement. Where to find 3.25?

    1. driver

      Ha rá nyomtok a kacsára megfordul. 3 növényt kell megennie. A kocka berakásnál engedjétek ki a vizet amig el nem indul a kerék. A papgájt csak meg kell nyomni, a tehennek adnod kell füvet, majd olloval levágni, oda adni neki, megnézni a képet a falon, ott lesz a minta, majd a másik képet, melyi melle melyik … Majd a jelszó alapján huzgálni, ha valamit elrontottok nem kell ujra a füvet, csak a cicijét ujra meghuzni a mintha szerint. az edényből kitudjátok önteni a vizet az alaksorba, és bekell rakni antehén alá.

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