Detective Undead: Walkthrough Guide

Detective Undead
By: Nan Woo

Detective Undead is a bizarre point-and-click adventure by Nan Woo that doesn’t have much text or guidance at all. There’s a lot of pixel hunting involved and some circular logic. But I’ll do my best to provide a walkthrough guide for those who need help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. You start off by a well. Take the right path to a mirror.

2. Pull the nail off from the sign on the left and pick up the silver box.

3. Head along the path to the left that leads to a fallen tree. Examine the tree and take what appears to be a seed.

4. Go back to the well. This time, take the left path. You’ll see a gate. Go through. It’s a graveyard.

5. Tap the skeleton’s mouth to release a light (soul?) and then capture it in the silver box. Also, put the seed in his mouth to grow a flower. Then take the slimy thing from inside it. I think it’s supposed to be a sperm?????

6. Go through the exit towards the back to another scene. There’s a small shack here and some animal bones. Find the dead bird and take the feather from it.

7. Go back to the graveyard entrance and take the left path, past the tree with eyeballs. There’s a dead bride here. Open her mouth. We still need something to put inside it.

8. Use the feather to tickle the vine on the left and then pick it up.

9. Go back to the well and use the vine to climb down. Then use the light to see inside the well.

10. Tap around randomly until one of the stones falls out. Pick up the stone and also what appears to be maybe another seed.

11. Go back to the bride and put the second seed in her mouth to grow a flower. Add the sperm to make a baby(!). Take the baby.

12. Not sure why you would do this, but go back to the mirror and place the baby down. Then use the nail to prick your finger and bleed all over the baby. Grab the baby again.

13. Go back to the bride and then continue straight ahead to a talking tree with lots of eyes. He wants something FRESH. Apparently the bloody baby is fresh so give it to him and go through his mouth.

14. We’re in some sort of workshop. Pick up the mannequin head. Pick up the paint knife. Open the cabinet to get some salt.

15. Examine the snow globe and use the stone to break the glass. Tap the tree to reveal a hidden puzzle on the wall.

16. Basically, for this puzzle, you need to make all three pieces reach the fireplace before the sun goes out of view. It’s a little annoying. Just play around with it till you get it. Then take the bread.

17. Feed the bread to the weird figure here and she’ll take a bite out of it.

18. Place the mannequin head in the cabinet where you found the salt. It will come alive. Feed it the other half of the bread.

19. The figure that was sitting in the chair disappears, replaced by a doll. Pick it up.

20. Examine the dollhouse to find a music note and the number 6. You can also place the doll inside, but I assume we need others.

21. Look at the photo on the wall. I’m not sure that it helps us with anything.


More coming soon!

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  1. Lou

    I cannot get the nail off the sign. I have pressed every which way. Do you point, point and hold, pull? Stand on your head? Lol. Any tips would be appreciated x

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