Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive
By: Midnight Adventures

Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive is a point-and-click adventure game for iOS and Android that follows the story of a mother and daughter who moved into a new house with some strange secrets. You need to solve puzzles and reveal hidden passages to unravel the mystery. If you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you.


I’ll work on a step-by-step guide once I finish the game, but here’s my gameplay videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3, The End:

1. You start off at Scene 1. Head straight to Scene 3 and pick up the wrench and lockpick from the plant.

2. Go back to Scene 1. Tap on the mailbox to go to Scene 2. Use the lockpick to unlock the mailbox. Take the rust remover and the golden key and notice the jars of fireflies. They’ll be added to your notebook as a clue.

3. Go back to Scene 1 and then straight to Scene 3 again. Use the rust remover on the door handle and then use the golden key to unlock the door. Head inside to Scene 4.


More coming soon!

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  1. CatReader

    The Search icon at the top of your web pages has not worked for me for the past week or more. I have tried on two different Samsung devices and both the Samsung Internet browser and Edge (Android) browser. The Menu icon isnn’t working either, but I don’t recall ever trying it.

    1. Margaret Cushing

      Same here! Menu is not working either

  2. Dukkie

    Thank you, App Unwrapped for working on this game. You IΓÇÖd a great job. Sorry I wonΓÇÖt be finishing it. Finally reached the neighbor ladyΓÇÖs house..and the game owners ask for money to continue. Guess IΓÇÖm on to the next game. Thanks, again for your skills. <3

  3. Tessa

    This game eventually requires you to pay to move forward.

  4. Mary

    I’m short one stone for the big rock in the backyard and can’t figure out where I missed it!!!!

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