Day Repeat Day: Walkthrough Guide

Day Repeat Day
By: Kimmo Factor / gimblll

Day Repeat Day is an interactive story combined with match-three puzzles . You play as a worker stocking shelves for a multi-billion dollar company. But your work is actually done through match-three puzzles. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Note: I realized pretty late in the game that the plus sign gives you access to a phone! Make sure to call any numbers you get. Scroll down for a list I made.

Note 2: It’s impossible to 100% the game in one playthrough. If you take overtime, you lose your friends. But if you skip overtime, you miss out on some phone numbers and puzzles.

First Playthrough:

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5, The End:

Second Playthrough:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

I’m also collecting phone numbers to call. Let me know if you notice any missing:

The Hotbox: 777-4484

Matt Johnson: 777-2821

Human Incorporated: 777-9255

Number for Jules: 555-6363

Gabriel Endomystio: 777-6840

Laser Hackers: 777-9935

3rd Digit Productions: 777-1324

Information Warriors Group: 777-0304

1st In Order Publishing: 777-4684

Mork Anderson: 777-8637

Victor Spumante: 777-1009

Toby & Poppy PR: 777-6931

The Source: 777-8786

The Good Hearts: 777-7411

Motor George’s Racing Garage: 777-9341

Adventure: 777-2346

Normal Style: 777-2277

The 4th Place: 777-2612

Hearts and Souls: 777-7729

The 2nd in Sequence: 777-7285

Strongman International: 777-9299

Elimination Science: 777-4992

Bro Games United: 777-2101

A Giant Company: 777-1632

Another Giant Company: 777-6163

A Faceless Corporation: 777-7036

A Nondescript Business Entity: 777-6621

A Business Entity: 777-8242

An Offshore Shell Company: 777-2242

Another Offshore Shell Company: 777-8873

Nobody Knows: 777-1838

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  1. Nina

    There’s another number, which is provided by Leslie: 555-1196

  2. jayseven

    Any ideas for the achievement Future Memories?

    Below is a list of numbers, not necessarily including all of the overtime-only numbers. The last number is how you get the Into the Unknown achievement.

    In no particular order:

    777-8884 – Star Voyage
    555-6363 – Vivian
    777-2821 – Matt Johnson
    777-9935 – Laser Hackers
    777-6840 – Gabriel Endomystio
    777-4484 – The Hotbox
    777-6931 – Toby & Poppy – PR
    777-0304 – Information Warriors Group
    777-7411 – The Good Hearts
    777-1009 – Victor Spumante
    555-9925 – leslie
    777-3544 – MeToo Games Inc.
    777-2101 – Bro Games United
    777-7729 – Hearts and Souls
    777-46?8 – 1st in publishing (9)
    777-2346 – Adventure
    777-8786 – The Source
    777-1324 – 3rd Digit productions (4)
    777-1838 – Nobody Knows
    777-8873 – Another Offshore Shell Company
    777-2242 – An Offshore Shell Company
    777-8242 – A Business Entity
    777-6621 – A Nondescript Business Entity
    777-2277 – Normal Style
    777-2612 – The 4th Place (7)
    777-4992 – Elimination Science
    777-7036 – A Faceless Corporation
    777-6163 – Another Giant Company
    777-1632 – A Giant Company
    777-7285 – The 2nd in Sequence (“one and one and one” = 3)
    777-9299 – Strongman International
    777-8637 – Anderson, Mork
    777-9341 – Motor George’s Racing Garage
    555-1196 – June
    777-1812 – Will (1)
    777-9255 human incorporated
    777-9347 Internal [Status] (this is pieced together from the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th clues)
    777-6397 – Barbearian and Friends
    777-3782 – HR Dept
    555-0660 – Richard
    777-0008 – Tech Support
    040-1628 – MacroJJ/OS

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