My Week Unwrapped: February 23, 2024 – Please Touch The Artwork 2, BROK the InvestiGator, Hidden Through Time 2, Close Cities, Galaxy Mix and More

Hi everyone, and welcome back to My Week Unwrapped, where I discuss all the games I’ve been playing over the last seven days. There were a lot of new games this week, especially for fans of point-and-click aventures and puzzles. I was especially happy to see Please, Touch The Artwork 2 release and BROK the InvestiGator and have not been disappointed by them. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2

The sequel to Please, Touch The Artwork is actually very different from the original, but I don’t mind at all. This one is basically a point-and-click adventure that’s primarily all hidden object scenes. But what makes it special is that you’re exploring the bizarre paintings of Belgian artist James Ensor. It’s delightfully weird and somehow 100% free. I highly recommend playing it. I also have a walkthrough here if you get stuck, though the game does include free “hints” that circle an item for you.

BROK the InvestiGator

BROK the InvestiGator is a point-and-click adventure combined with a brawler that takes place in a future where talking animals replace humans. You play as a private investigator named Brok, who also happens to be an alligator. Hence the name. It’s fully voice-acted and the animations resemble an old Saturday morning cartoon. I’m absolutely floored by how good it looks. I only spent about an hour with it so far, but it translates well to a touchscreen. It’s got a more modern user interface, so you just tap on items to pick them up and tap on characters to talk to them. It’s been a great experience so far and I would have played more if I didn’t have so many other games to cover this week. But I’m looking forward to digging into it more over the weekend. It also has a free trial, so check it out for yourself. You can then either buy each chapter separately or buy the full game all at once.

Hidden Through Time 2

Hidden Through Time 2 is a new sequel to the Where’s Waldo-esque game from 2020 in which you explored scenes across history looking for hidden objects. I believe it was inspired by Hidden Folks, since each item has a clue to help you find it. They stood out more in Hidden Folks, though, as they were far more charming and a huge draw of the game for me. This sequel seems to be more of the same, but with the added mechanic of changing the time of day or the weather to make different items visible. I didn’t play for too long, but it seems like a pretty decent version of this type of game if that’s what you’re looking for. I took a break when I couldn’t find a tiny red gem and didn’t really feel like the clue was helping. I think I would like it more if the clues were on the same level of Hidden Folks’. I recommend watching some of my video below to get a better sense of what it’s like.

Close Cities

Close Cities is a puzzle game in which you need to build cities along roads. I played through the first two chapters so far and it started off easy but is already getting trickier. The challenge is making sure that the cities are all separated, which is harder to do when there’s fewer tiles on the board. I’m enjoying it so far and would recommend it to any puzzle fans. It’s also free and supported by ads with an ad-removal IAP, so it should satisfy both free-to-play and premium fans alike.

Galaxy Mix – Planet Watermelon

Galaxy Mix is not the first of its kind, as there have been plenty of merging games on the App Store. Recently I played Giant Sushi, which was also well-made. But I’m surprised by how addictive I’m finding this one. You basically drop planets to merge them into bigger ones, racking up points as you do so. But you need to be mindful of where you drop them, because if they pile up too high and hit the ceiling, it’s game over. What I love is that once in a while you’ll get a bomb that you can drop onto an area to clear it. But there’s also opportunities to shake your phone and shuffle the whole board, helping some planets merge that weren’t close enough before. I only recorded a half hour video, but since then I’ve played a lot more on my iPhone and got my high score up to over 7,000. If you need a game to while away your free time, this is a pretty good choice and only costs $1.99.

Genshin Impact

And last, I continued with Genshin Impact. I finished the main world quest in Chenyu Vale, but still have a lot to explore there. We also have a new cooking event that isn’t too complex, but I appreciate the voice-acted cutscenes with different characters. We also have new banners now for Yae Miko and Xiao. I was going to pull 10-20 wishes on Xiao’s banner just to see if I got lucky, but I’m an idiot and accidentally pulled on the weapons banner instead. I was already close to pity and wasn’t planning to pull on that banner at all because Xiao’s weapon is a standard weapon and I already had a copy. And that’s exactly what I got when I did my 10-pull. At that point, I decided to make it count and finally get Yae’s weapon that I’ve wanted since she released. It sucks that it took me around 200 wishes and all I got besides it was two standard weapons I already had. I don’t know if it was worth it — it probably wasn’t — but I did it and hopefully I won’t regret it forever.

And that’s everything I’ve been up to this week. I also finally made videos for the last two chapters of Legend of the Time Stones, which I pushed off for a long time. As for TV, I’m still making my way through The X-Files and I’m almost finished with Season 4. Anyway, let me know in the comments section which games you’re enjoying and I’ll see you back here next time for more of My Week Unwrapped!

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