Trust No One: Walkthrough Guide

Trust No One
By: Triomatica Games

Trust No One is a point-and-click adventure game from the developers of Boxville. You play as a journalist who tries to unravel a web of secrets about a mysterious AI company. It can be quite tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Once you have control, tap on the lockers.

2. Open the note from your contact and notice the numbers in the lower right corner: 84 & 451.

3. Tap on the keypad and enter locker number 84 and then press OK.

4. Next, enter the security code — 451 and again OK.

5. Look inside locker 84 and take the note. It tells you to go to Mazepy 11.

6. Go back and tap on the car. Choose the letter M and then Mazepy and then 11 and then START RIDE to go to the meeting place. They’re not there, though, and the door is locked.

7. If you Google “Cogito, ergo sum” from the letter, you’ll learn that it’s Latin for “I think, therefore I am.” It is the first principle of René Descartes’s philosophy. It also says 14 under the phrase. So take the car to Descartes 14.

8. Now, look for the darker brick to the right of the window. Follow the instructions on the letter and go 2 right, 4 up, 1 left, 2 up, 6 left, 8 down. Tap on that brick and then take the key from behind it.

9. Go back to Mazepy 11 and use the key to unlock the door. Head inside.

10. First off, check the bookshelves. Grab the USB stick and the note. Read it. We need to email our contact, but part of the email address has been rubbed off. They also said to use the secret phrase, “There is no spoon.” And also to wash your hands before using the phone.

11. Go through the door to the right to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. Notice the numbers that appear on the mirror. They say:

2-6, 8-4
7-5, 3-7

12. Leave the bathroom and tap on the computer.

13. Notice it says “Request code: 6281” on it.


More coming soon!

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