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Mystery of the Lost Temples: Walkthrough Guide

Mystery of the Lost Temples By: Digi-chain Games (Paul Banks) Walkthrough: This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for anyone who gets stuck and needs help with the game. 1. First, tap on the middle temple, the gold/yellow one, to head towards it. Tap on the stars on the trees to get a clue for your journal. 2. Continue forward. You need something to hit the gongs with. Go right and pick up the bone from the beach. 3. Go right to the crashed plane. Read the Read more [...]

The Lost Kingdom (The Magic Castle – Mystery Adventure): Walkthrough

The Lost Kingdom (Previously The Magic Castle - Mystery Adventure) By: Digi-chain Games (Paul Banks) Walkthrough: This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete. 1. Tap on one of the skulls to see there's a green gem jammed in the eye socket. Go up the the stairs. 2. Pick up the bone knife. Then go back to the skull and use the knife to get the gem. 3. Go back up the stairs and place Read more [...]

Spooky Manor: Walkthrough

Spooky Manor By: Digi-Chain Games (Paul Banks) Walkthrough: 1. Zoom in on the porch and pick up the screwdriver. 2. One of the floorboards is a slightly different color than the others. It's loose. Use the screwdriver to lift it and get the gold key. 3. Use the gold key to open the front door and enter the manor. 4. Once inside, go right. Look at the two paintings here, then go upstairs. 5. Notice these two paintings. Then look at the puzzle on the door. Based on which Read more [...]

Mystery Lighthouse 2: Walkthrough

Mystery Lighthouse 2 By: Digi-chain Games (Paul Banks) Looking for the walkthrough for the first Mystery Lighthouse? Walkthrough: 1. You're in the lighthouse, which is a rocket ship. You need to find a floppy disk for the auto-pilot. Go downstairs and open the desk drawer to see a clue. 2. Go down another floor and remove the painting to reveal a safe. Use the clue from the drawer to open the safe. Read Uncle Augustus's letter and take the floppy disk. 3. Place the floppy Read more [...]

Mystery Lighthouse: Walkthrough

Mystery Lighthouse By: Digi-chain Games (Paul Banks) Walkthrough: 1. Remove the chain/sign that says "PRIVATE." Then go up the stairs. 2. Tap on the lighthouse, then look at the flowerpot to the left to get the gold key. 3. Use the gold key to open the lighthouse door and go inside. Pick up the bucket. 4. Go upstairs and look at the photo on the wall. Notice the date. 5. Leave the lighthouse. Tap on the outhouse to the right of it. Pick up the gardening shears. 6. Read more [...]