“Her Story” Fans Are In For a Treat If the Game Sells 1 Million Copies

Her Story By: Sam Barlow **Note: If you haven't already finished playing "Her Story," turn back now. There are SPOILERS ahead!** I've recently been interviewing creator Sam Barlow and actress Viva Seifert about the full-motion video (FMV) murder mystery game Her Story. If you've played the game (and if you're reading this, I hope you did), you may have come across the video clips in which she sings an altered version of an old murder ballad called "The Dreadful Wind and Rain" or "The Twa Sisters." Read more [...]

Prune: Walkthrough Guide

Prune By: Joel Mcdonald If you've been playing the gorgeous Prune by Joel McDonald, you may have noticed that the game doesn't really give you many instructions. This walkthrough guide is meant to help those who need help understanding some key mechanics of the game. I also included video walkthroughs for each chapter. Feel free to ask for any extra help in the comments section. This will spoil some parts of the game if you haven't played yet. You can read my Prune review here. Starting Guide: Follow Read more [...]

Prune Review: A Deceptively Challenging Piece of Puzzle Art

Prune By: Joel Mcdonald My first impression of Prune was that it's going to be more art than game. I got some very strong Monument Valley vibes from it, especially with its minimalistic icons and very similar camera feature. That would be fine, as I do love games as art. But as I progressed, the levels got significantly more challenging. Like any good puzzle game, it throws new elements at you every once in a while. So while I still think the game is primarily art, there is also plenty of game Read more [...]

The Long Siege: Walkthrough Guide

The Long Siege By: Anomaly Studios Pte Ltd This is a walkthrough guide for the iOS game the Long Siege by Anomaly Studios. It's a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. See my review for the Long Siege here. Starting guide: Tiles: Troops: Troops come in three types. There's red for warrior/melee, green for range attack, and blue for magic. Match three tiles of a color to summon a troop to the battle field. Utility: The brown hammer tiles Read more [...]

The Long Siege: Review

The Long Siege By: Anomaly Studios Pte Ltd Match-three games are my go-to games for trains, waiting in line, lying in bed and similar settings. The problem is that the majority of them these days are filled with consumable in-app purchases (IAPs) that I don't have any patience for. So I'm always on the lookout for a good premium match-three without IAPs. My absolute favorite is Hero Emblems, but I ran out of content. So I've been looking for new games to fill that void. I had a blast with You Read more [...]