MechBox 2: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever (Mechanical Box 2 / MBox 2)
By: Andrey Sklyarov


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle game, MechBox 2 by Andrey Sklyarov. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level (Stage) 1:

You need to first move all four bars (red, orange, yellow, green) to the middle area. You do this by swapping them around, with the bigger ones always on top. After they’re all in the middle, move them all to the right. And finally, move them all to the left. Then drag the key to the keyhole and press PLAY to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 2:

Press the buttons in order, based on the number of dots on them. So moon, square, arrow, circle. Now a combination lock will appear. The passcode is the number of angles on each of those shapes. So moon has 2, square has 4, arrow has 7, circle has 0. So it goes 2470. Enter it and press the white button. Take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to remove the glass over the PLAY button. It’s a magnifying glass! Use it to find four numbers — 1680. There are two arrows near the right that are telling you to look at it upside-down. So the answer is 0891. Enter that and press the white button. Then press the green PLAY button to complete the level.



Level (Stage) 3:

You need to press all the buttons through trial and error. The order goes like so:


Now, drag the bottom middle button over to the slot on the right. Press it and then drag the circuit to the slot on the left.


A screen appears, as well as numbers on the keypad. Pull the drawer down to see a clue. You need to look at it as Roman numerals. So it goes I V II IV or 1524.


If you tilt your device and look at the lines from the side, you see the words ENTER 3695 ENTER. So punch 3695 into the keypad and then press the PLAY button to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 4:

Pull out the battery compartment from the left side of the keypad. Slide it up and drag the screwdriver to the screwed panel to get a battery.


Place the battery in the compartment, pull it back down and slide it in to turn on the keypad. There’s a note that says:

8193 = 3
1012 = 1


Count the letters in the alphabet and oh get I = 9, D = 4, E = 5, and A = 1. So punch in 9451 on the keypad.

Place the battery back where you found it to see some numbers — 8869, 9312, 7662, 8888. The clue to help you is:

1012 = 1
8193 = 3

Now, if I understand this correctly, it’s the dumbest thing ever. Found the closed circles in each string of numbers. The first one only has a 0, so there’s just one. 8193 has two from 8 and one from 9, so 3.

Continue on and you get:

8869 = 6
9312 = 1
7662 = 2
8888 = 8


So put the battery back into the keypad and enter 6128. Press the green PLAY button to complete the level.

Level (Stage) 5:

First, use the buttons to make all the clock hands point straight up. Then, enter the password, which is BIOS in numbers — 8105. Then press 1 for Floppy Disk and keep entering 2 to break the clock faces. Tap the rightmost one until a floppy disk pops out. Drag it to the floppy drive. Some letters appear on the screen:


The clue is CAESAR-1. It’s a Caesar cipher. For each letter, go back one letter in the alphabet. So it goes:



Enter 9052 into the keypad and press the green PLAY button to complete the stage.

Level (Stage) 6:

This is a game of Bulls and Cows, or Mastermind. B represents Bulls, which are the number of colors that are in the right positions. C represents Cows, which is the number of colors that are in the wrong position. You have nine turns to figure it out before it resets itself. Each time you play will be different, so I can’t really help you here.

Once you get it, you then need to copy the colors of the wires to the right, starting from the one closest to you and working your way back. So it goes yellow, red, blue, green.

Line up the pipe so the two pieces are connected. Slide the cover off the key hole (trap door?) and then cover the pipe opening so the key will get pushed down. Drag the key to the lock and press the PLAY button to complete the level.


Level (Stage) 7:

First, find the hidden switch. Then, match all the opposites – 9 & 0, A & Z, E & W, N & S:


Next, look at the clue that says <09>. Left is West and right is East. So press W09E. Press the green PLAY button to complete the stage.

Level (Stage) 8:

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