Mega Free Apps Review

Mega Free Apps
By Tashlik

I recently came across an ad for an app called Mega Free Apps by Tashlik. The tag line is “Get Best Paid Apps and Games for Free Every Day.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see something like that, I think they’d be giving me apps for free that I would otherwise have to pay for. Free My Apps ( does that. They reward you points for downloading sponsor apps, which you can then use to download a game that you want that would otherwise cost you money. So when I saw Mega Free Apps, I expected something similar and downloaded it (thankfully for free).

But it’s not. Basically, Mega Free Apps is a watered-down version of the appshopper app. It shows you a list of apps that have recently gone from paid to free:


If you try to click on the “Get” button, it opens up Safari and an error message. A broken link:


It also has a tab for paid games on sale, but only one game shows up at a time. When I looked, Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles was listed at 99 cents. It had another broken link, and to top it off, Altair’s Chronicles was back up to $4.99, so the price was way off.



Correct price shown on appshopper:


The last tab offers some contact info. The link to their website is another broken one. But the “Rate” link works (perhaps foolishly).


So, bottom line:

0/5 Stars

Don’t waste your time with this app. It’s absolutely useless and incredibly misleading and doesn’t even do anything right. Luckily it’s free if you feel like seeing for yourself. But I’d stick with appshopper to find sales.

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