ESPACE Walkthrough

By 989 works

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1. Turn right. Move the top two boxes aside and take the “H”.

2. On the right side of the screen, zoom in on the locked box on the shelf. Tap O P E N to unlock it and take the key from inside.

3. Turn right twice. Open the upper right cabinet and take the meteorite from inside.

4. Use the key to open the right drawer on the bottom. Take the hammer.

5. Use the hammer to break open the meteorite and get the “C”.

6. Look at the clock above the front door. The clue says “L –> S” or Long to Short. So the order is Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red.

7. Turn right and place the H and C in the appropriate slots. The press the colored buttons in that order.

8. Take the key card and use it to open the door.

9. Go through the door to find another locked door with a puzzle. Turn around and look out the window to see a pattern similar to the puzzle. Match the two up to unlock the next door.

10. Walk through and lift up the right cone to get another item.

11. Turn around and head out the door. Go up to the door with the red lasers and then turn around. Look in the window to the right of you for another item and take it.

12. Attach this item to the one you got under the cone.

13. Turn around and insert the item into the two holes to the right of the red lasers.

14. Walk inside and take the metal plank from the shelf with the boxes.

15. Go back to the room with the spaceship. Go up the ladder to the left and put the plank over the gap.

16. For this machine, you need to press the buttons in the first room and see which planets have rings on them and which don’t. Press the blue, yellow and green buttons on this machine and you’ll get a key.


17. 17. Go back to the first room and use the key on the left bottom drawer under the cubbies. Take the rod-like object from inside.

18. Go back to the room with the spaceship. Take the wrench from the side of the ship.

19. Go to the room that was behind red lasers. use the wrench to remove the fuel tank from the wall.

20. Back to the room with the ship. Put the fuel tank with the others on the right side of the room.

21. Use the hook-rod to get the gas nozzle down from the ceiling. Put the nozzle in the ship.

22. Pull the lever on the fuel tank to fill the ship.

23. Pull out the nozzle and go up the ladder. Tap the machine to open the hatch of the ship and fly off!

Congratulations! You made it!

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  1. Selly

    Hi! I’m begin crazy! :). How I can open the Meteorite with hammer? Now I can do it! TY

  2. Selly

    I’ m sorry! Now I can’t do it

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