The Haunt: Walkthrough

The Haunt – a creepy point and click adventure
By: Synthesis Design Solutions (Furious Apps)


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1. Tap on the house to begin. Open the mailbox and read the letter. Then look at the maps and get the padlock key. Use the key to unlock the padlock on the door.

2. The door still won’t open. Keep tapping on the doorknob until it blows off. Then go back a screen and pick it up from the floor. Put it back in the door and use it to open the door.

3. Enter the house. Pick up the knife from the small table. Pick up the puzzle piece from the floor, another from the fireplace, the moth from the picture frame, and the coin from the floor.

4. There’s a puzzle above the fireplace. You need to move all the knobs so they all turn green, like so, to get the skeleton key:


5. Tap on the door to the right to enter the dining room. Pick up the coin from under the chair. Pick up the moth from the wall to the right. Pick up the puzzle piece from the chair.

6. Go back a screen and take the left door. Pick up a match next to the oil lamp. Use the match on the lamp to light it so the room lights up.

7. Tap on the quilt on the wall to zoom in on it. There’s a bump on it. Use the knife to cut away at it and get another skeleton key.

8. Get the puzzle piece from the little shelf. Get the moth from one of the drawers to the left. There are another two puzzle pieces in this room.

9. Use the skeleton key you just found to open the door to the right and enter the next room.

10. Pick up the coin from the floor and the puzzle piece from the shelf. There’s another puzzle piece in the container to the left. There’s also a moth in the lightbulb.

11. Remove the painting on the wall to reveal a safe.

12. Use the other skeleton key on the right-hand door and enter the next room. Take the puzzle piece from the doorframe. Take another puzzle piece from the door itself. Pick up the wrench from the counter.

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13. Pick up the flashlight from the floor. It will go into the upright corner of your screen. Just tap it to turn it on or off.

14. Go back one screen and enter the left-hand door. Pick up the dirty rag and the bottle of turpentine.

15. Go downstairs. Pick up the fuse and put it in the fuse box. Then flip the switch on the fuse box. Go back one screen and turn on the lights. Then go back downstairs.

16. Pick up the flower pot and the two puzzle pieces in the wall.

17. Tap the left side of the screen to enter another room. Get the puzzle piece from the barrel, another from the wooden plank, and two more from the walls. Get the moth from the wall.

18. Go back all the way to the beginning (the living room). Tap on the glowing area behind the left chair to access a hallway with two more doors.

Enter the blue room and pick up the round blue gem from the bowl by the window. Open the jewelry box on the table and get a decorative egg. Pick up three puzzle pieces.

Go back out and enter the yellow door. Pick up the pry bar. Take note of this chart and the puzzle in this room:



Go back to the living room. Tap on the left side of the screen to access a stairway. Take the two puzzle pieces and the moth from the walls. Peel away the wallpaper on the left wall to see this clue:


19. Go up the stairs. Take the puzzle piece from the floor and the two from the walls. Take the coin from under the table. Tap the monkey and he’ll hold up a red gemstone. Take it.

20. Open the right door and enter the bathroom. Pick up the two puzzle pieces from the wall and one from the tub. Pick up the moth on the left. Pick up the stethescope.

21. Leave the bathroom and enter the room to the right of it, the bedroom. Take the moth from behind the toy on the bed. Pick up the mechanical device from the table.

22. Leave that room and take the door to the left. Pick up the coin and the moth. You need to solve the puzzle on the bed. The key to solving this puzzle is on the wall in this room:


Use the diagram as a guide and tap the numbered diamonds in order. If you see two numbers on a piece, it means you’ll be tapping it more than once in the sequence. Once you solve it, the box will open, revealing a red gem:


23. Go back to the room with the safe. Use the stethoscope on the safe, then turn the dial slowly to the right until you hear a loud “click”, then the same to the left, and again to the right. If you do it correctly, you’ll hear a noise like the safe opening and the stethoscope will disappear. Open the safe to get a monocle and a heart gemstone:


24. Go through the door to the room with a broken door, then head outside. Pick up five puzzle pieces here. Tap on the building to the right.

25. Pick up four puzzle pieces here. Tap on the smaller building to the right (near the “back” button). Pick up two puzzle pieces and enter the building. Pick up the coin from the floor and the moth from the wall. There are also three puzzle pieces.

26. Pick up the pruning shears from beneath the bench. Go back outside and use the shears to cut the bush out front and get a Moonflower Seedling. Go back and enter the bigger house. Pick up the coin from the floor, the moth from the wall and three puzzle pieces.



27. Go back to the first screen outside. Tap the left building. Pick up the coin and moth. There’s a puzzle here. You solve it by matching the colored hands to the rings on the clock face, like so:


The door opens. Walk through. Pick up the potting soil and the moth. Walk through the next door and pick up the coin and moth. Pick up the puzzle pieces and the bold cutters. You can use a coin on the machine to get a fortune, but not sure what those do yet:


Go back a couple of screens to the room with the clock puzzle.

28. Tap the left side of the screen. There’s a recording of bells chiming. You can play it, but not sure what it does yet. Pick up the coin. If you tap ahead, there’s an angry pack of wolves and an accordion that sounds like a bell. We’ll come back to this later.

29. Go back a couple of screens and tap to the right of the gated door. You’ll see a hole in the wall barred up by a bunch of wooden planks. Pick up the three puzzle pieces and a moth from the poster.

30. Go back one screen and take the door to the right. Pick up the moth and two puzzle pieces, then continue on ahead.

31. Pick up the coin and three puzzle pieces. Pick up the witches’ cauldron. You need a key to proceed further, so go back.

32. Go back to the original house go to the basement to the room with the bear. Remember the Tic-Tac-Toe game on the wall earlier? It’s the clue for the safe. Arrange the dials in this order, B1, A2, C3. Use the two little dots on each one as a guide to where the numbers and letters should go. You want it to look like this:


The safe will open. Take the coin and the green square gem from inside.

Go all the way upstairs again. There’s another door on the right. Pick up the puzzle piece and notice the note about Moonflower:


33. Enter the open door ahead:


Pick up the coin from the nightstand and the three puzzle pieces.

34. There are two things to take note of in this room:



Place the four gems you found in the correct shapes on the dreamcatcher, like so:



More coming soon! Watch this page and feel free to ask for help in the comments section. I’ve also been editing the walkthrough as I discover more things, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or read through the walkthrough again.

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Excelent men


Tell us more men..


Where are u at the game? Maybe I can help you… And you help me?? πŸ™‚


I have all but one puzzle piece(the head of the sheep) I still have the gold cross and don’t know what to do with it. I believe I’ve put everything in cauldron, but the ceramic flask won’t go.I still have the pruning sheers although I’ve cut both the moon flowers and the wool. Help I’m going crazy.

joan jameson

That was driving me mad too. It is on the right hand side of the stairs (but not on the stairs) down to where the moonflower is


Need more help…plz…..soon :-)))


Maybe I can help? Where are you?


Where do i find the sheep for the witches’ cauldron?
I have all the other ingredients.


You don’t need a sheep, just wool from the basket which is in the attic. It won’t let me pick it up though because I’m missing one puzzle piece & it’s the sheep’s face, so it’s still locked.


At #29. Use the crowbar to remove planks from the door to reveal a puzzle. The green bubbles are positive, the red bubble in the middle is negative, the white bubbles are the answers. Add/subtract the two numbers together horizontal, vertical and diagonal to solve the puzzle. It reveals a set of stairs, not sure how to proceed.

Kay Tighe

Im not getting this puzzle at all πŸ™

Kay Tighe

Are the bells that play on the tape not for the bell ropes that you have to use ?
I already did that but nothing seemed to happen

I can’t get the box on the bed open the one with the diamond shapes !

Kay Tighe

Finally got it open can’t pick up red gem though?


inside the safe you’ll find a gold coin, use it to get the star.

Kay Tighe

Ok. The ropes and in the little house outside When you pull the four ropes in
Order ( 1 4 3 4 2 1)
A little hatch to your right opens


there i found some puzzle pieces, a coin and a ladder

Kay Tighe

Looks like we need a key to get it


Are there any pictures of the brick puzzles inside the castle? I have done 2/ of 3 Maybe 4 puzzles but the are very difficult!


I don’t think so, but I made them all, there is 3, so your’e almost done.


Yes yes yes I Did it :-))))




I can’t really understand the puzzle found in the children’s bedroom.. Are we supposed to connect the wires from each of the colored bulbs to all three of the white ones?


No, for each color you need to connect with one white. And it needs to be a closed system, no loose ends.

Kay Tighe

Has anyone got a screen grab of how the wire puzzle in kids bedroom should look ?
It’s driving me bonkers


Thanks for tour comment. I don’t find how connect wires without remaining openbsd wire. Please could you send a picture of the finished screen? It would be very helpfull. Thanks a lot. Sorry for my english but I am French.


Hi, can you share some insight as to this puzzle. It seems like there is a “four connector” in several places. Do you have to have them all connected at the same time or do one at a time? Thanks for any help, been working and working on this, love the game but am really stumped by this puzzle.

Kay Tighe

I haven’t done that puzzle in the children’s bed room it confused me too! It’s very fiddly ,
I have just discovered the jigsaw pieces I have been collect I have to make ! Yikes

Kay Tighe

My game has come to a stand still I can’t do some of the puzzles and I can’t find any more moths for hints !

Kay Tighe

Ok in the blue room you use the kero and rag on painting
Then you place the blue stone ( that has the gold rim around it) on the painting
This shows the code for the tribal thing in the next room
Then you get a key

Kay Tighe

The key opens the door on the step of the stairs and you get a stone with a green pattern

Kay Tighe

The devices that make the noises got on the poles where the wolves are


There is a place where there are 5 spaces, for 5 different kind of stones. Does anyone know where to find the stone with the sun symbol on?

Kay Tighe

I have only found the earth stone so far
The place that you are looking for is it when the Skelton is there are five things there with symbols on them

How can I get to the attic ?
And I can’t find the utility room either?


The attic:
When you are in the hall upstairs and can see three doors, click on the right side, there is a (Hidden) door. then you can click on the stairs and get too the attic. remember the moonflower to get Christina to go away =)


The utility room:
When you are in the livingroom there is two doors in front of you, to the left of the most left door there is one more door. enter that, the utility room is now in the right door, the left door is the bedroom.

Kay Tighe

Ok thank you


Its in the basement. You have to give the ghost the second cross(the wooden one, not the gold one). he will go away revealing a hole in the wall by his chair. the sun symbol is in there.

Kay Tighe

Finally found key to get to attic
How do I get rid of the ghost ?

Kay Tighe

It’s ok I gave her a flower


How and where do I plant the flower? Btw..BIG thx to everyone!!!

Kay Tighe

You plant it in the basement in the moonlight
It won’t flower till you get key for attic then you snip the flower and give it to the ghost


Thank you πŸ™‚ done that now πŸ˜‰


You can plant a flower in the basement…There is a white colored circle on the the pot into that…then put the mud into it and after that plant the flower into it…but nothing has happened πŸ™


Mystry of Moonflower and attice key After you plant the flower in the pot in the basement…you need to find the attice key…attice key is placed in the basement where teddy is placed. just click very close to the dart game on the table…there you will find a key…now go to upstair where three doors are located and one hidden door opens that opens to other bedroom and a locked door. That locked door is opened with the attice key…A way to upstairs will open…There you find a scary ghost of a woman…she wants moonflower…Now if you remember, you planted… Read more »

Kay Tighe

I still need to open a lot of boxes the one in the living room with the moon and star
The one in the attic
The green one with the postive / negative
The toy box ( the wires )
Need to get red gem still From box on bed
Outside where skeletons are I need to open altar
need to find last noise device too for the wolves
Anyone able to help


Where can I get d key to d attic anyone? Thanks!

Kay Tighe

It’s in the room where the teddy is on the floor
Just click around the dartboard that’s how I found it purely by accident


Thanks man


The little room on the right of the ropes… There is a “book” on the floor with arrows… Anyone know in witch direction the arrows should turn?? ( sorry My english… Im from Sweden πŸ˜‰ hope u understand )

Kay Tighe

The numbers on the floor tell you the order to pull the ropes ( to open trap door to right)
You pull the ropes in this order

1 4 3 4 2 1

Kay Tighe

Sorry I misread your comment
The little book with arrows I haven’t done that yet

Kay Tighe

The arrows puzzle the book in milking room

I can’t post screen grab
I got it opened

Kay Tighe

Itry to explain for you
The arrows around the first number which is number 4 must face
The top arrow point down
The left arrow point right
The right arrow point left
The bottom arrow point down (towards number 3 )

The next set around the number 3

The left arrow must point left
The right arrow must point right
The bottom arrow must point down ( towards next number 6)

Then the left arrow must point right
The right arrow must point left
And the final arrow on the base must point up towards the number 6

I hope you can understand


How did u find this out?


I got it Open too πŸ™‚


I’m seriously stuck on the tin box in the attic! Anyone know the combination?!?

Kay Tighe

Fiona how to open it is
Look very carefully at the small inner circles
The outer ones must match
Note some are different shades have more than one line etc

cass lee

i m sick with the green counterweight puzzle….red is negative and green is positive but i dunno the way to unlock it~!!!!

Kay Tighe

Here’s the answers starting from top

1 2
6 8
3 4


Kay Tighe rocks!!! πŸ™‚ Im stuck at finding all the puzzels. I got 87… Need 12 more but I really cant find them πŸ™ so my game is standing still at the moment.

Kay Tighe

I have missed a lot of puzzle pieces too but I’m wondering if we really need to complete the jigsaw to finish the game ?
I haven’t even started the jigsaw !!


I think we have to finish the puzzle to continue the game.