The Escape Game from Hell: Walkthrough

The Escape Game from Hell
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Katy89

    Stuck at the last room.

  2. Arthur

    Sort the books in the same way as the videos. Gete the magnet and combine it with the toy car …

    1. Adam

      Where do i get the magnet ??

  3. RollingK

    I’m stuck at putting books in proper order. Any hint please.

    1. nat

      me too

  4. Katy89

    It should be in order as the books on the right shelf. Anyways I’m out with a good ending!

  5. nat

    any hints? im stcuk in second room with a toy car, battery pack and cant get screw driver

  6. nat

    any hints? im stuck in the second room with a toy car, battery pack and cant get screw driver

    1. Katy89

      Have you checked the pillows? Cut them open.

  7. Arthur

    The order of the books is:
    Good Company
    My Love

    The battery pack is not used for the toy car. The batteries forcthe toy car is found in the last room. The screwdriver is the second to last utem needed.

    1. Jesse

      Okay so I know what order to arrange the books, but my problem is that I can’t get the books to move. How do I get them to move to put them in the correct order?

      1. lee

        Important having the exact same problem. i know what order but how i actually move them is beyond me. How do you do it?

  8. Arthur

    In fact in the second room the brown box is not closed with screws but with nails 🙂

  9. dinokz

    cannot go to the second room only tool is paintbrush filled with water

    1. Katy89

      @dinokz need to find the paints for the brush. The paint is in the box with the combination code. Below black box.

  10. Revital

    Tried to insert the batteries to the car, tried to combine magnet with car, tried to combine magnet an batteries, nothing works

  11. Empty

    I’ve tapped the books in both rooms and nothing. Are the books in the main room or bedroom to put in order?
    Where is key to open yellow box? What do u use to get the screwdriver out of the hole???? Thanks..

    1. Anka

      You need to find the batteries to the toy car and the magnet, then use them together to get the screwdriver

    2. Katy89

      @Empty gotta read the poster first. Top left corner of poster. And then read the book titles. And then the cd titles. Then can start rearranging books. Screwdriver needs magnet which is the last thing you’ll find.

      1. lee

        I did all that but i can’t get them to move……do i drag them to where i want or

  12. Revital

    Yellow key inside one of the vases in the bookcase 2nd room. The books are in the 3 rd room. Where is the hole of the screwdriver ?

  13. Revital

    Never mind I escaped.

  14. RollingK

    There is a cell phone to be found and the books are in the third room, I think.

  15. Tiff

    What about the doll in the first room?

    1. Katy89

      Paint the paper and you’ll get the answer for the doll that will open black box.

      1. Escape

        How do I use the brush with water and the paint together?

      2. ciara

        But how does one get water on the brush

  16. Tina

    That was an easy one

  17. Empty

    I must really be missing something. I don’t have more than 2 rooms and no poster. Just 3 pictures in the main room and I see only a bedroom.

    1. Dolly

      I think you have to open yellow box in room 2 to access room 3. I need toy car battery and magnet. Stuck!

      1. Katy89

        @dolly stuck at? What do you have?

        1. Dolly

          katy I am in second room. I have saw, battery pack and long stick.

    2. Katy89

      You havent reach the room with the books? That’s room 3, where the poster is. Escape room 2 first with the yellow box by opening the box.

  18. Peach

    How do you paint the paper in the first room? I have the paint brush and the paint but I can’t seem to combine them or do anything else. Any help?

  19. Tiff

    Ok… I’m stuck on the car/ magnet/ battery. Can’t combine them in any way. What detail am I missing?

    1. Katy89

      You touch the car first then he’ll say something about the magnet. Then you combine the magnet to the car. And then add on the batteries.

  20. Tiff

    I’ve touched the car a dozen times, and nothing happens. It just says “a toy car”. I’m stuck

    1. Katy89

      @Tiff there’s two different batteries, one is a battery for cell phone and another is normal batt for the car. You sure you have the right one?

      1. Tiff

        I put the battery pack in the cell phone and used that. Now I have the magnet, and the two blue and white striped batteries, but can’t do anything with them.

        1. Katy89

          @Toff That’s weird. The magnet should go on the car first. Then the batteries on the car.

        2. Katusha

          There is a hole in the wall, lower right corner of the closet (second room)There is a screwdriver inside. Click on it, and then you can attach the magnet and the batteries to the car.

          1. Tiff

            Aha!! Thank you!

  21. Cassielee21

    I can’t even figure out what the code for the combination box under the black box in the first room is? I’ve a wet paintbrush and that’s it if anyone can help please do. Thanks in advance

  22. Steven h

    Whats combination for box in 1st room

    1. Katusha


  23. jennifer

    I”m stuck in the first room too w/nothing but a wet paint brush….what do you do next!?

  24. Katy89

    First room: there’s 3 photo frames. According to the fallen book on the botom shelf in the first room, 2 belongs to the photo at the sea, 1 to the mountain photo and 3 belongs to the river photo. Arrange them in order as how the doll head moves when touched. Then use combination on the box. Answer should be 231 if I remember correctly.

  25. Cassielee21

    Sorry katy89 but I’ve tried combination 231 after tapping on the book then all three picture hangings then through the three movements of the dolls head but I can’t get that combination or any other with the numbers 231 to work? If anyone else remembers the correct combo could you please post. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Katy89

      I tried it. It’s 3-2-1

      1. Cassielee21

        Sorry Katy89 your very right I restarted the game and it worked first shot but now I’m stuck trying to get the paints onto the pallet I even downloaded the walkthrough from gmail but I can’t seem to figure out the process could you please explain this part to me Katy89 if you don’t mind? Thanks in advance 🙂

        1. Katy89

          @cassielee21 did you see the clue about the paints, on the shelf with books in the first room? It’s on the left part of the bookshelf. Says something like ” BETWEEN blood and the sea” the colors between red and blue is? 🙂

  26. Cherie

    The combination is 321.

  27. Empty

    Where can I find the magnet and batteries??? I’ve got to the 3rd room,but,I can’t get the CDs or books to do anything.I’ve even read the poster.please help. Thanks.

    1. Katy89

      @Empty did you read the small texts on the top left side of poster? Then read the books. Then the CDs. Then back to books. Try that?

  28. Becky

    Really stuck! All I have is the paintbrush which I filled with water. The game won’t let me do anything else anti have no idea what the code for the safe is please help!

    1. Katy89

      Code for safe 321.

  29. Becky

    Ok sorry for the above post now I am stuck trying to figure out the password for the cell phone!

    1. Tiff

      In the room with the bed, there’s a crumpled piece of paper on a shelf. Open it. Notice the orange paint splotch….

      1. Katusha

        You need to paint the paper orange and it will reveille the next clue. 3745 is the code for the cell phone

    2. Katusha

      3745 is the password for the cell phone

  30. Peach

    So I have the paintbrush that is full of water and the paint set but I can’t seem to combine the paintbrush with the paint, am I missing something? Can someone please help me with a walkthrough!

  31. Katusha

    The lower left corner of the bookshelf there is a clue. Pick red and blue colors and put them on the pallet. Then dip your brush in it and paint the empty paper on the table. It will give you the clue for the doll. Once you position the doll the black box will open

  32. Gloria

    Where is the battery for the car pls?

    1. Katusha

      Cut the leg of the computer table and the drawer will open. The batteries are inside

      1. Nicola

        How it won’t let me

  33. Gloria

    Thx, katusha! I escaped! 🙂

  34. Nicola

    Arrrrr I’m stuck in the 2nd room I have stick saw and cell battery I have painted the paper orange but can’t seam to do anything else help please

    1. Katy89

      @Nicola the first room there’s a drawer. The top drawer has a hole in it. Try poking the stick in that. He’ll say that it won’t fit so you’ll have to use the sand paper that was on the table with the paints.

      1. nicola

        thanks katy89

        1. nicola

          now what this is driving me nutty.

    2. Bo Bo

      Sorry! How can I paint the paper with orange color?

      1. Katy89

        Clean the brush by wetting it again. Then pick the orange paint.

        1. Bo Bo

          I have already cleaned the brush and wetting it, but I can’t pick up the orange paint, what is the procedure?

          1. pcgrl12

            @bobo, i am having the same problem, how do you paint the paper orange? I have been trying and trying.

  35. Jason

    How to retrieve the screwdriver out of the hole?

    1. Katusha

      Attach the magnet to the car, then put two batteries in and turn it on.

  36. Daniel

    How do I open blue box

    1. rina

      You take the wire and use it on the locked drawer in the first room and get the hammer. Then use hammer of the brown box(you need to arrange the books to get the brown box) and inside is a cord and 4 pieces of paper. On the blue box, push the buttons in the pattern the paper says. on mine, it was down down left right left down left up.

  37. nicola

    I got the phone used it to get the key for the yellow box out of the jug.
    I have rearranged the books with a click now what where is the lould click comming from. Where is the magnet and car batteries.

    1. Revital

      Look at the cabinet with the CD’s , there are 2 doors on the bottom of it , the click comes from there . Open the right door and get a brown box. Use the hammer to open it . You’ll find the the instructions to open the blue box in it.

    2. Revital

      The magnet and the batteries are in the last room .

  38. rina

    How do I open the blue box? I have the brown box with 4 screws and a saw and a wire.

    1. rina

      Nevermind, I figured it out.

  39. Hugo

    Hey im stuck in the second room.
    I have a cell phone wich I’ve entered a code
    Where is the magnet?
    and how can i gat the scew diver?

  40. Zava

    won’t let me cut the leg of desk to get car batteries. Password for cell phone doesn’t work. 3745 ? How to get the magnet? What am I missing?

  41. Charlotte

    I got stuck at the third room…have no idea how to open the blue box
    I have a hammer and a sawΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼I can’t rearrange the books and CDs even I have checked on the line at the left upper corner of the posterΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼

  42. Charlotte

    Got the forth roomΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼but can’t find the battery of the carΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼

    1. Charlotte

      Just figured it out…;)
      Get the good end finally

    2. Manda

      Charlotte PLEASE tell me how you got the books rearranged! I’ve tried everything that people have said to try & still nothing. I also cannot for the life of me cut the table leg. Is it the table with the paints or is it in another room?

      1. Pat

        1/ good 2/cum 3/conn 4/my lover 5/friend

  43. Jhonson 75

    What is the sequence of the books? I am stuck …

  44. Rachel

    I can’t move the books. Help!

  45. Beth

    Stuck on 3rd room. I rearranged the books but nothing happened. Help!

  46. sera

    K how the hell do i rearrange the books they won’t move!? Help please!

    1. Adrianna

      Please tell me how when you figure it out

  47. sera

    Now how do i open the blue box

    1. Felon

      I would like to know about the blue box too!!

  48. Timbo

    Wheres the magnet? I’m well stuck

  49. Keri

    Cannot figure out the box with the joystick…help please

  50. zk_sn

    how combine the paint and brush?

  51. yen

    thanks folks. i escape 😉

  52. Adrianna

    Seriously how do i get the books to move i already know what order they need to be in but i cant move them at all. I looked at the poster and the corner of the poser tand the books and the cds and still nothing

  53. Rose_red

    How do u combine the paint with the paintbrush? Need help !

    1. Ayeri

      U need to mix it with water! -_-|| (for the first round).

  54. samrin

    how do i rearrange the books???please help!!!

  55. kenzie

    Stuck in the 3rd room, all I can use anymore is a wire and saw. Can’t figure out how to open the blue OR brown boxes. I don’t have a hammer screwdriver. Stuck. And bottom drawer in first room is still locked. Is this a glitch, or am I just dumb? :b

  56. Nicole

    Guys plz help! Im stuck in 4th room with magnet and white and blue striped batteries…I’ve tried the magnet on the toy car 1st 1000 times and the batteries on the car 1000times… nothing is working. Its doing my head in. Place tell me hhow exactly to do this!!!!! 🙂

  57. kiwi

    I’m stuck in the second room. I can’t select the orange paint in order to paint the paper. What do I do?

    1. Ayeri

      Click on your paintbrush and then click on the orange paint. U will see letters. Code for the phone is the position of the alphabet.( eg. A=1, E=5). After that, scroll down this website for more instructions.

  58. eric

    how do you get the yellow key

  59. kika

    I stucked in second room. I got phone, i putted batery in and wrote a code in. What now? What should phone open? Can someone please write me full walkthrought for secon room?

    1. Ayeri

      For the phone, shine it on the right vase on top of the shelf. Obtain key and move on.

  60. victoria

    I stucked in third room…. i cant move books. I tried everything, i followed all advices here! And in which oreder ineed to put them

  61. Pineapple

    So the way to be able to rearrange the books is to tap repeatedly on each DVD until you’ve read everything that’s said about it. Only then can you rearrange the books! Hope that helps!

  62. Sabrina

    Im totally stuck. Only have 2 rooms. Painted paper purple, changed doll, unlocked safe. Have paint set, saw, cell phone w/ batteries inside and code 3745 “looks wrong?”, opened drawer with pole, cant change paper color to orange, wet brush again. I have clicked everything and “nothing here”. Please help.

  63. Ninjagurl

    Was kinda challenging. I had trouble like most of you got so far then got stuck. U really need to check everywhere and click on every clue until u read them all thats when things open codes will work. Its no good asking for codes if u havent read every clue first, they just wont work.

  64. kelly

    I’ve tried putting in the code for the cell phone but it keeps saying that it looks wrong. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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