Strange Room: Walkthrough

Strange Room
By: Goro Sato



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8 years ago

Partial walkthrough:
1. Change traffic light to red
2. Open the book. You will see a page of formulae.
3. Code is * = divided by x 100, i.e. 12/5 x 100 = 240
4. Change traffic light to pink
5. Enter the numbers 2 4 0 into water machine
6. Go to the door and look at the green button
7. Symbols are answer for keypad above couch/sofa. Numbers are replicated in pattern, I.e. 8 9 4
8. Enter numbers 8 9 4 into keypad above couch. A block will appear on the couch / sofa and tell you to answer into the water.

Ok I am stuck here so if anyone can help to finish that would be great! Thanks 🙂

Reply to  Cass
8 years ago

What green button? Don’t see any button.

Reply to  Cass
8 years ago

It won’t let me type 984 into the machine it says its not responding.

Reply to  Anonymous
8 years ago

Me either.

Reply to  Anonymous
8 years ago

you have to change the traffic light sigh to red for the machine above the couch to work 🙂

Reply to  Hermione
5 years ago

It still doent let me tho

8 years ago

It’s the count of edges. 564738…10 – It goes +1-2+3-4+5-6+7-8+9. The solution is 291.

8 years ago

I got to the end and put 291 in to the device connected to the water and it said “A click came by the wall.” Now I’m stuck. The door is still locked and I have tried everything else that I can think of. I have re-entered the codes for both the device and the keypad on the wall, but it hasn’t unlocked the door.

Reply to  Darcy
8 years ago

After you hear the click from the wall, you can check the book on the bookshelf. Enter the number you find in the book in the panel above the couch and the door will open

Reply to  Miki
8 years ago

It does not open, did all that,

Reply to  Zaire
8 years ago

At the end when I turned the light pink
The book displayed the number
334…. I put that into the machine by the bowl. Door still does not open

8 years ago

Set traffic light to pink and check the book 792. I still can’t unlock the door!?

8 years ago

If you can’t get the final code from the book to work, restart and try again. It worked for me the second time.

Wooooooooow never again
8 years ago

When u reset it works just don’t forget the numbers. Oh ad the number in the book web the light is pink WILL CHANGE. Good luck.

6 years ago

When I turn the light to pink, in the book said “475” and nothing happened.

Reply to  Marky
6 years ago

And when I press it on the stupid box. Nothing happened. F**k this game.

6 years ago

Aftre hearing the click from the wall,check the numbers on the book,press the red button then enter the numbers.voila!

6 years ago

I meant you need to press the red button first,check the numbers on the book and enter it on the wall on the sofa.

2 years ago

Actual Walkthrough:
1. Change the color on the Traffic light to Pink
2. Enter 240 into the machine next to the water
3. Press the button on the table
4. Change the color on the Traffic light to Red
5. Enter 894 into the keypad above the couch
6. Change the color on the Traffic light to Pink
7. Enter 291 into the machine next to the water
8. Check the book WHILE the Traffic light is PINK and it should give you a random 3-digit code
9. Change the color on the Traffic light to Red
10. Enter the code from the book into the keypad above the couch
11. Exit through the door

NOTE: If it didn’t work the first time, restart the game, and repeat all the steps. AND if you did restart the game, the code that was in the book when the Traffic light is Pink WILL BE A DIFFERENT 3-DIGIT CODE.

It’s unfortunate that many had problems playing the game and only a few managed figure out the problematic puzzles. I write this to help the next who which to beat this strange game.