Escape Game: “The Forbidden Doll”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Forbidden Doll”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Tif

    Got matches pack, mirror with hints ‘dolls’ n sth about pearls. Used up the thread n the gold key. stuck here….

    1. Anka

      Read what i posted on “suggest a walkthrough” 🙂

  2. Empty

    Okay, I’m in second room got the mouse put the teeth in the tall doll,read the magic book to get the piece of paper. Is anyone able to see blood stains on chair that is still standing? I’ve played and played with curtains and there’s no newspaper falling out. Has anyone had problems with this? Thxs.

  3. Tina

    I only get bad end!!! I found no newspaper too!

    1. Empty

      Hi Tif, I’ve worked and worked in putting the teeth in the big doll. I put 0915 on top and 1820 on bottom NOTHING. I switched em around and still NOTHING. What am I missing. Please help. Thxs.

  4. Empty

    Sorry Tif, I mean Tina since she’s escaped.. So sorry….

  5. Tina

    You have to put 18 and 20 on top and 15 and 09 on bottom.

    1. Empty

      Hi Tina, thanks a lot. I’ve finally escaped. But, ive only gotten a bad ending no matter how many times I play this.

  6. Isabelle

    Can’t move on. Don’t know what to do with the electric saw

  7. Mio

    i get the 1820 moon code, but why 0915 for the sun? and why the arrangement on the big doll?

  8. Anka

    Whats the password for the door?

    1. Shin

      The book inside the room, go through all the pages then few more blank pages, there will tear off a paper, then use the paper on the first doll outside, u will find the password!

      1. Anka

        Thanks…I got good end…. Empty, Check the big dolls heart, that might b it

      2. Noosy

        Where to use the blank paper I tried it on all of the dolls it’s not working

        1. Revital

          You need to close up on the lower part and than put it on the left doll.

  9. Mira

    Still got bad end! Startet again and again….any help there? Thanks

    1. Shin

      Maybe need to find the newspaper which hide in the curtain! Try to open & close the curtain few times!

      1. Mira

        How do you know about the newspaper???

        1. Anka

          In the paper u got from magic book at the bottom its a hint …. The squares are the window

      2. Empty

        Hi Shin, I read in Gotmail forum that opening and closing the drapes a newspaper should drop out. I’ve tried till I’m done. Nothing comes out of curtains at all. If someone figures it out PLZZZZ share. Thxs.

        1. Mira

          Hi Empty, got the solution. I think its a timeout problem. Go back to the game. Use the home button, return to the game once again. Walk to the chamber, look at the heart, then look at the chair. Now there is the blood stain. Go to the curtain and open it. The newspaper fells down. Read it and then you got the good end!

        2. Mair

          I solved it! The missing clue is found when you touch the red bulb and find out it was turned off. Then the blood on the chair appears and after a few curtain shakes, the newspaper clippings fall out.

  10. Mira

    There is no free slot anymore for the newspaper, or is it just for reading. I tried to open and close the curtain a 100times but no newspaper available…at what part of the game you found it. The beginning, the middle, the end???

    1. Shin

      Nearly to the end, when u find the doll’s lightbulb was off and find the doll’s back has blood stain, also the chair inside the room also has blood stain, then go to the curtain again!

  11. Mira

    Also checked the heart of the doll a 100times,…. But nothing happens. There must be something else….

    1. Shin

      No need to pick these two things!
      For the newspaper, just read to finish!
      For the heart, just touch to finish!
      (If u find the heart before u exit, that will be Good end)

  12. Noosy

    Where to put the blank paper

    1. Anka

      Read it with the candle and use it wit the doll that stands on its own

      1. Empty

        Hi Anka, I took the mirror put it behind dresser and it showed code like letters so I played around until it came out to be numbers. (like using numbers on a calculator and turning upside down to make words). Lol.

    2. Revital

      Put candle on paper, close up on the lower part you see holes, than out it on the doll with the letters on it

  13. Mio

    it was the upper-right area of the curtain that i tapped a few times and newspaper fell out. did this step just before i escaped. also, the heart is just for you to check.

  14. anne

    Good Ending ! UFFFFFF! 🙂

  15. Jen

    Guys, u know the ‘cord’….is this the cord on the package with our name on it? If so, it doesn’t appear in my inventory, but says “took the cord”. I tried deleting the game and re-starting, but this still happens…..Has my game broken?

    1. Joanne

      It fell on the floor. Click on the chair and its kind of under it.

  16. Wausau

    Hi Jen, I think you need to check the green chair as the cord has dropped onto the floor…

  17. Jen

    Thank u very much Wausau. I thought I had to give up before I had even started then. U have made my day 🙂

  18. Alisha

    The thing that is stopping me her is the blood on the chair part. The two chairs in the room I have tapped a thousand time the one with only three legs says the chair has fallen down and the other takes u to look at the cats again! Can’t seem to look at the blood on any chairs. Any help would be great tried starting again no luck same problem. I can see the blood on switch but that’s it 🙁

  19. J

    Can someone explain why the code for the safe in the dresser is 21106?

  20. J

    Ok i finally figured out the dresser safe thing. The blood thing… Go to the dool with the switch. Be sure to also tap on the light bulb so that you’ll read that it has been extinguished, that you knew someone was there. In the secret room, it will be the chair under the beams on which the cats were placed that has blood on it.

  21. Revital

    Still stuck with the sun and moon . What numbers should I put ? I tried 9,18 I tried 21,18 I tried adding the hour+ minute but nothing happens , the saw is not active anymore so what do I do to pull out the teeth ?

  22. Revital

    Never mind figured it out but now stuck on the last password. Tried SOLU, SLOU, SLON, LSON , SOLUTION. Nothing works. Help please!!!

  23. Revital

    Never mind I escaped

    1. Keyboard839

      Hi Revital,
      Please help on the sequence of the alphabet… I try key in few times SOLU, LSUO, LUSO…. But it’s wrong. Is it the clue is from window?

  24. Joanne

    Need help please! I have a cord, matches, pliers, key, and a mirror. Now don’t know what to do next. Used mirror on the side of the dresser and got “dolls” which look like numbers too. What’s next?

  25. Jane

    I am stuck, hv gotten and used the cord, pliers, key from doll’s leg, and mirror with dolls hint. No idea what’s the next step and how to use the saw and matches. Can’t find any clues for the dolls eyes either … Please help.

  26. Keyboard839

    Somebody help!! Can’t get the final password. And what is the us of the key that get from the big doll?

  27. Keyboard839

    Can anybody give some clues for the alphabet ‘L, S, O, U’ that get from the body of the doll? I stuck. It’s almost the end..

  28. cupcake

    It is SOUL

  29. Dolly

    Is anyone else having problems opening/downloading games on the gotmail site? It is as if all the links are broken. Tried switching off device but nothing happens

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