Escape Game: “The Mysterious Hotel”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Mysterious Hotel”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Ririkins

    I can’t figure out the code for the safe. I looked through the knights helmet and saw the room numbers, but I can’t decipher them. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  2. Maria

    I suppose the note with “digit below” has sthg to do with it… I came to 6-15-8 but it doesn’t work. Still trying to figure it out. Let me know if yiu find a solution.

  3. Maria

    Ive figured out at last. the numbers where the right ones, but you need the second note left of safe too.

  4. Mobes

    remember the bell on the counter? there’s a piece of paper with a letter square and the word ‘Back’. Go to the left-hand table, lift a piece of paper and there’s another with a matching number square and again the word ‘Back’. Using the letter and number squares these become 3685. Turn them ‘Back’ and you have 5863.

  5. Ririkins

    I got the safe open, but now i’m stuck. I have the metal fish, the metal bird, a ruler, a knife, a firewood stick thingy, and a newspaper…….

  6. Maria

    The firewood note is next. count the short ones and press “right” buttons. by the way, there is another thread called only “mysterious hotel” about the same game.

  7. amy

    Having trouble with the safe. Read all the books on the bookshelf and I’m still lost. I have the fish, the ruler, and the stick. Help!

  8. amy

    Okay got the safe, but now having trouble with the firewood clue… how am I supposed to put them in order?

  9. L

    15-8-6 SAFE.. GEEZ. 15 is all numbers on second floor, 8 is all numbers on 1st floor dont know about the 6, just lucked out and it finally worked..

  10. Alessia

    I cant’t keep on the game.. I opened the skull box, found the key on the stand but it don’t open either the doors neither the drower and now I don’t know how to do.. Help me

  11. Ipsum

    Firewood – tap the fourth and fifth wood (from the left).

    I’m stuck after that. Anyone can help?

  12. Ipsum Lorem

    Firewood – tap the 4th and 5th (from the left).

    I’m stuck after that. Can anyone help?

  13. maria

    take the skull of the lamp and make a key

    1. Gaby

      Sorry Im new here, but how can i take the skull?

  14. jenny jak

    I have got the skull.. put it on the lamp..tapped around where it shines but have nothing left in my inventory.. what am I missing?

  15. Casie

    Is there a drawer or something thar opens under the statue? I gave a knife, a bird, grasshopper. I’m missing the leaf. Also how do you open the chest of the statue?

  16. Casie

    I also have a key but can’t figure out what its for. Please help

  17. Altamir

    I found a knife, but not against the skull.

    1. katya

      Where is knife?

  18. Altamir

    I found a knife, but not found the skull.

  19. Altamir

    In a brick to the left side of the statue.

  20. Casie

    Did you end up escaping yet Altamir? I need help getting the leaf and opening the statue

  21. Altamir

    no. the knife is in a drawer in his desk. in the brick is another thing.

    1. me

      What drawer. I checked the on with six drawers (1 locked). No key

  22. Altamir

    leaf is behind the red door. the key is behind a brick to the left of the statue.

  23. Altamir

    do not remember exactly, but I think it is well

  24. Casie

    How to light fire.

  25. Altamir

    match in the box with rubbers

    1. katya

      How to open a box with a skull and colored bulbs?

    2. katya

      put the skull on the lamp upstairs poyavilosb image, and what to do next?

    3. katya

      put the skull on the lamp at the top of an image, and then what to do?

      1. nora

        look at where the skull is pointing at and you will get part of the key

        1. katya

          ╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡Look up there on the ceiling shade from the skull, click on it and a number. I don’t understand.

  26. Casie

    I got the bad ending, cant figure out how to get good ending

  27. Casie

    Nevermind finally figured it out and escaped with a good ending

  28. Alisha

    Where did u find the grasshopper?

    1. nora

      inside the box with a sign of frame

  29. Katrin

    Look up there on the ceiling shade from the skull, click on it and a number. I don’t understand.

  30. katya

    Found a knife in the empty box to hit the back wall. cut key. found the cross. Was held. Ran away. A good end. Thank you all.

    1. giusy

      how did you cut the key? I’ve only piece of skull and key, what should I do?

  31. brunette

    Guys pleeaaassee help! I still haven’t been able to unlock the safe. I tried the 6158 code but it wouldn’t work. Please help, I’m begging.

  32. Meu

    brunette: it should be fllor2,1,3: so 1586

  33. kiki

    How to get the skull on the stand lamp?

  34. Hannah

    New at this I can’t open the helmet.

  35. giusy

    I have the inventory and the piece of skull key, such as the attack? the knife is gone I do not know what to do more than help

  36. Kevin Mcwilliams

    Stuck on the box with red buttons and yellow flame help please

  37. lil*kenek

    I’m baffled. Don’t even see comments about slicer, can only get brick to wobble. Been at it for several days now, starting to wonder if the joke’s on me. Can’t open helmet, can’t open safe. Newspaper is sitting in fireplace doing nothing. Can’t grab whatever the heck is in top of lamp. Feeling deflated. Got fish and dagger. (And slicer…is that a golf club?) Am I missing something, or am I dumb? Probably both…haha….please somebody ….

  38. Rekha

    How do we start the fire? I got tongs but no matches…

  39. blah

    Help! I can’t figure out the fire box or skull box!!

  40. giusy

    I have the skull, I have a piece of the key,
    What should I do? I can not go on.

  41. skye

    How do u get skull

  42. Jo

    How do you get the cross please?

  43. VAFMAR

    There is a note next to the right side of the safe, You need to read this one and the eyes of the statue (open it with the knife). Code is as written above. You get the bird from the safe. Next with the ruller open the brick next to the statue’s feet on his left side. You get a key. Opens the red door where u get with the thingy from fireplace the leaf for the painting.
    The flames box opens by pressing the two right buttons (you count the short firewood sticks, but because it says on the note in room 401 that 2 is swapped with 4 the 2 short sticks become the two right ones). You get the grasshopper from the flame box. Now you should have all the items for the painting to fit. You get from the painting the tonsils. The twinned box opens with the tonsils. You get the matches to light the fire from this box. Light the fire with the newspaper. Then use the tonsils to grab all painting items (fish, grasshopper, bird, leaf) in that order as the book from the library says and watch the flames change color. The order of colors open the skull box. You get the skull from that box to put it on the lamp. Back up and click on top of roof where the lamp shines. Hit the spot with the knife and you will get a part of a key. Take the skull from the lamp and combine the skull with the part of a key to make the key. This key opens the locked drawer where you get the cross. Put the cross in the statue and get a golden key. To have a good ending on the crack on the wall, open it up and flip the switch to off. Then open the door! You are out. Hope this helps! 😉

  44. VAFMAR

    i meant tongs (not tonsils sorry)

  45. jo

    Help…I still cant find the knife.

    1. Flor

      Go to the drawers and find the empty one..tap it twice or till it open you will find the knife there..!!

  46. Flor

    Help i dont know how to make the fire make colors for the skull box to open…

  47. kari

    I need help on the safe the flame boxs the fire place be mostly appreciated

  48. kari luke

    Need help pleas flame box fire place safe

  49. raj

    How to open skul box and fire box. Where did i used the knife

  50. Jarvis

    There are 2 endings here.

    A bad one and a good one.

    Turn the switch on for bad, off for good.

  51. shano

    Stuck on the safe codes on desk please help

    1. ASEM

      CLUE IS

      AND CODE IS 1586

  52. Amy

    How do I open the box with the skull and colors on it?

    1. Nar

      How to open a box with a skull and colored bulbs? Please heeeeeelp!

  53. afroditi

    Ok, it seems the knife dissapeared from my game 🙂 cant find it anywhere in the drawers! I have a drawer that it says it eont open, maybe it is there??

  54. luise rosenbaum

    Wher are the 4 watches? I can’t open the skull box. Thank’s.

  55. luise rosenbaum

    II can see the box with 4 bulbs coloured not open. Who can help me. Thank you.

  56. anneechan

    how to get the colour of the fire? stuck, wanna cry ;___;

  57. Camerene

    What if I didn’t kill those people in the rooms

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