Escape Game: “Hustler in the Dark”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Hustler in the Dark”
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. stuck

    Coffee pot for coffee maker? And clueless about the number game. And havent opened the vault with the dial. Help! Ive exposed the bomb as well. Don’t know which to figure out first. Help would be just awesome.

    1. Kristy

      The blue computer PW is 71451 and the red computer PW is 51071.

      The bomb code is 1017 then use the joker card to cut one of the wires and you get a screw driver. Use the screwdriver to open the vent and get the coffee cup. Go fill it with coffee.. use the screw driver to get the rolled up note from the hat rack and dip the note in the coffee. Use the club to press the button in the vent and the book shelf will move.

  2. kristy

    The coffee pot is in the vent which I don’t think wecan get to til after the safe. The number game is to open the computer disc drives.

    I neeeed help with the safe

  3. Jeff

    What is the gate code?

    1. Kristy

      I can’t figure it out either. I haven’t gotten any new texts and can’t get the thing off the gate to even enter in a code.. how’d you get it off?

  4. Alisha

    I must be heaps behind I have 4 keys a heart, diamond, spade and a golden key and the joker card have no idea where to go from here. I have a lot of clues but no answers! Help!

  5. Christine

    Can’t figure out the gate either. You use the dart to open the little door on the gate to get to the puzzle. Can you guys tell me how you got 1017 for the bomb? Thanks!

  6. Jojo

    A bomb? Where is the bomb???

    1. Christine

      It’s in the glass case inside the statue.

  7. Jojo

    I’ve tried the following order to open the glass case: pink, yellow, blue, green.
    But it doesn’t work…what’s wrong? Thanks for your answer 😉

  8. Christine

    Gate code is UDF. I don’t understand how they got it. I was translating from a Japanese blog. Jojo, I can’t remember exactly the code for the glass case but I think it has to do with the formula behind it on the wall and the number of times you push the coinciding buttons for colors, the “table” equals the layout of the colors. I think…

    1. Kristy

      THANK YOU! I finally finished it after months! haha

      1. Christine

        You’re welcome. It was interesting. I actually had to find a Japanese blog and then translate it through a translating app. I have about three games I still haven’t finished because I can’t get anywhere!!

  9. Sticky

    You can derive UDF via the following.
    1) get the paper with the die clue
    2) the number on the computer is 5631
    3) taking the inverse number from the die u get 2146 ( ie the other side of 5 is 2)
    4) the clue days spilt 2.1.1 so 2146 becomes 21, 4, 6
    5) last of all translate 21, 4, 6 into alphabet UDF.

    1. Christine

      Thanks for the explanation. I knew it was somewhere along those lines but the translation I had was pretty rough. Thanks!

  10. Andrew

    I just can’t open the safe. Anyone?

  11. Cooltitom

    I have a bad ending !
    What is the code to open the safe, in the room of sofas and coffee table, at the bottom to the left?

  12. Andrew

    Does anyone know the safe code? That’s all I need. I’m guessing its the “twice to the right clue,” but I’ve tried everything

    1. kristy

      7487 (right left right left )

  13. Andrew

    Great. Thanks. Why can’t I find the coffee beans?

  14. Sticky

    Coffee beans are behind the computer with the red screen

  15. Fire clam

    What gate? What’s the order of colours under the statue?

  16. Rich

    Seriously can someone help me with the colour code on getting in the statue I’ve tryed very thing i can think of. Dont give me clue jus tell me the friggin awnser lol cheeeers

  17. Rich

    Seriously can someone help me with the colour code on getting in the statue IΓÇÖve tryed very thing i can think of. Dont give me clue jus tell me the friggin awnser lol cheeeers

  18. Jen

    Press pink 3 times, yellow once, blue twice, green once

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