Elansar: Walkthrough

By: Orion_


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Bill

    OK. I have managed to pick up 2 oars, a bit a sand, the 3rd nail is placed on the tower elevator, I have got to the top of the tower. I have repaired the boat. I have opened the little box on top of the table. It is wanting a code set.

    I seem to have done everything else. The book on the shelf is alluding to a chamber where the wife is submerged. I have yet to find the symbol or the chamber.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Mike

      So far I have not repaired the boat but I have the two oars I have everything but the sand, where did you get that? I have managed to find the submersion chamber. If you set the dial on the outside of the tower to the middle and then go back inside and get in the tower. Press the red button and look up. You will see the pattern in light on the side of the tower walls that you need to recreate in the box. I am stuck there so far because on the android version everytime you exit the game you have to start all over.

      1. Bill

        I agree that it should be longer. However, it does make you think and try everything

        I have 3 different Android versions. Motorola phone, ASUS 700 tablet, and the Nexus 7 tablet. I have not had the problems regarding the save feature. It always comes back.

        I know that I requested a walkthrough, but…….unless someone really is stuck….. I do not think a step by step is necessary.

    2. tonia

      How did you get the second oar. It keeps telling me it is too far.

  2. Mike

    Also, How did you repair the boat???

  3. Mike

    Ok So I repaired the boat. Once I did that I went back and opened the submersion chamber. I don’t want to give the rest away yet but your pretty close to the end of the game. Dang I wish it would’ve been A LOT longer.

  4. Zora

    I have everything i need but still i din’t manage to fix the boat. How can i do it? Pls. help

    1. Bill

      If you have nails, a piece of wood, and the hammer…….then click on the boat. It will get repaired. I forget if there is a sequence. If there is, then try putting wood down first.

      1. Bill

        OK. I just went back and tried it again. Bring the hammer over the boat first. You will get the dialog about the boat being fixed.

      2. Zora

        Piece of wood? Where from? I’ve be been all over the island.

  5. Zora

    Piece of wood? Where from? I’ve be been all over the island. Thanks!!

    1. Bill

      If you have the sword, then go back to the wooden crate where you got the sword. Take the sword and tap on the crate. You will get a piece of wood.

  6. Suzi

    I have been round and round in circles but cant find what opens the box.

    1. Bill

      You use a nail on the right side of the box. This is sometimes missed. You can zoom in on the right side when you are just outside the entrance to the tower. Instead of going into the tower elevator shaft …….pan to the left and you can zoom in on the side of the box.

      You need to get nails for 1. Fixing the boat, 2. Placing a nail on the tower control knob , and 3. Opening the box.

      1. Danielle

        But once you open the box what do you do? It says there was a light formation but I can’t find it.

        1. Bill

          Go to the tower where the elevator controls are and set it to the second floor. Then go back to the elevator shaft inside the cave and look up. You will see a light/shadow pattern. You then can experiment with the controls inside the box to get the same pattern.

  7. Micgeek

    How do I get the container for the water?

  8. MaureenTheTemp

    The container is on the floor towards the cave/tower entrance.

    My save function does not work; samsung 7 tablet. Horribly frustrating needs to get fixed.

    Can you/how do you combine items? I can’t figure that out!

  9. tsgw


  10. Tess

    How do u collect the sand and where… Thanks lovw

    1. tsgw

      I don’t fully remember, but I think it was at a sandy ground when leaving one of the caves.

  11. lisa

    Where do you get the other oar from have found one in the pool of water. Where is the other one? Thanks.

    1. lisa

      Sorted now. Thanks

  12. julie

    I think the water container is under the table by the tower entrance. Is there a trick to picking it up?

    1. Bill

      Because this is a short game, I sort of hate to tell you where it is. However …it is not under that table.

      It is at a different spot. Go to all the other spots and click around some close up rocks. It can be seen and a simple click will bring it into your inventory.

      1. Bill

        I just now played the game up to getting a container. It is NOT by some rocks. It is inside the cave. Look around the inside. The inside of the cave is a little hard to move around in. Look at one of sides up close and a small container is there.

  13. jake

    Have opened the box. Put the pattern in. Cant work out what to do with the woman in the tank thing. Have all the items shown at the top but don’t know what to do with them

    1. tsgw

      Just put them there.

      1. Bill

        ok…then. at this point, if you put the four items in their respective places then you are done. There is a lot of dialogue till end .

  14. matt

    Where do i get grass for the chamber?

    1. Bill

      Remember when you got the other oar? It was in that little pond with the turtle and fish? There is some grass/reeds in the forefront in that small pool of water. Use the sword to cut a piece of one of them.

  15. tonia

    I have everything but the oar in the water. It won’t let me finish the game util I get it. How do you get it? It keeps telling me that it is too far.

    1. Bill

      This gets a little tricky with the objects you have. You will need the bracelet and rope. The game will tie these two together. You need to look at your inventory and hold down on the bracelet until it appears in the pool scene. When you then tap on the bracelet, the games says that you have tied them together and retrieved the oar.

  16. Jacqui

    How do you get the second oar? I have fished one out of the pond. I’ve pretty much finished except for this last bit.

    1. Bill

      The second oar is at the top of the tower. You need to get a nail and set the rotory knob at the tower all the way to the right. Then go back into the cave and go into the eleavator. Go to the top floor and get the oar.

  17. mira

    Ok, I can’t figure out how to get into the submersion chamber. I see the pattern and have made the box pattern the same as the one inside the tower but when I exit from the box and look around nothing has changed, can’t find the chamber. Help!

  18. Cahuete

    I know I suck guys, but I can’t find what to do : I got the bracelet, the rope, the hammer, the little container, the first oar, and a bit of sand. I clicked everywhere I could, I tried everything, but I’m stuck. I think I need some nails or something ’cause everyone in this thread talks about them and the button on the tower and the box in the cave should need one to work, but I can’t find any.

  19. Gianni

    with what tool do you get the crumbly rock??? I’ve tried everything: sword, hammer, oar, piece of wood, nail, bracelet, rope.. it does nothing, and it does’t even say “this does not work”, it pans the view left or right, could this be a bug (htc one x plus android phone)?

    1. Bill

      The latest updates now include hints and tips. Try that and if you are still stuck…..come back.

      The sword will get you the crumbly rock.

      1. mira

        I still can’t get the submersion chamber to appear. I see the light pattern that needs to be duplicated on the box, I do so, nothing happens. No chamber appears. I look all around, no chamber.

        1. bill

          I have discovered that the sequence of events is tied to the chamber appearing. So, without reviewing the game again, I would:

          1. gather all the necessary materials you will need for the chamber.

          2. go to the tower and set the level to the middle level in the elevator.

          3. Make sure you have a nail to open the box, but I do not remember it being neccesary at this time.

          4. Go into the elevator shaft, hit the red button, wait a moment and look up at the pattern. go back down.

          5. Then go the box and enter the proper pattern.

          6. At this point, the chamber should appear.

          Remember, this game requires you to do things in a certain sequence. Simply remembering the pattern is not good enough.

          Try doing it again.

          1. hannah

            I need help I can’t find where to get the rock

            1. Bill

              You need the hammer found inside the cave. Then the rock formation is to the right of the alcove where the water, nails, etc. are located. Use the hammer to knock off some rock.

  20. shelley

    I can’t cut the grass at the pond with the sword. Is this a glitch?

  21. Man

    I am at the end of the game:
    If you are confused about the pattern then:

    1. go to the tower and set the level to the middle level in the elevator.
    2.Come back to the cave and enter the elevator and hit the red button and press the up key, there you’ll see the pattern.
    3.Come back and open the wooden box, following the pattern and the chamber opens.
    4.Go towards the chamber and enter all the marked elements.
    Game finished.

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