Escape: Illusion: Walkthrough

Escape: Illusion
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Leane

    Anyone started yet?

  2. Andrea

    Go to deak. Tap glass box till coin comes out. Open left drawer for pencil. Put coin in green box. Tap red handle to get flowers. Put it in hole w curved blade to get sword. Open top cabinet to get purple cloth and plate. Match shapes on cloth to wood box, plate on that. Use sword on coat hanger to get cane. Grab coat hanger and put in glass box. Place cane on guillatine. That’s all I got so far.

  3. maha

    Hay can you tell me about how you got the blade from the box in detail except for the cloth part already done that but stuck on how to open it.

  4. Ayah

    If u want the blade, then press on the back of the green box. U will find a Plug. so u need to use the coin to remove it. The blade will be inside the hole. Then use the sword to put into through blade, this will remove the bouquet.

  5. Ayah

    **Then use the sword to put into the blade**

  6. Ayah

    Kkk so after u place the transparent board onto the blue cloth, which buttons do u press first? cuz I pressed the top left one then went counter clockwise so if u imagined that the top left was a 1 then the bottom left was a 3. This means that the top right is 6 but when I tried this it didn’t work.

  7. maha

    Oh and do explain step 8 if you know what the he’ll it means

  8. maha

    Ok it took me some time to workout the code ok maybe a lot but I know how to open the wooden box when you take out the plastic place it on the mark which is on the table where you cut people’s head off and then you now which holes to press start with the top left-the number 2-bottom right-bottom left-the number 5-top right hope this helps someone who is stuck.

  9. Ayah


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