Mines of Mars: The Offering Pit and Artifacts Guide

Mines of Mars
By: Crescent Moon Games & Wickey Ware

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The Offering Pit: When you finish upgrading all your equipment (or any time you feel like it, really), try out the Offering Pit. You offer some gems and ingots, and you have a chance of getting an artifact for your museum. But be careful, because you’re gambling here. 99% should give you an artifact, but that’s a lot of materials. There’s also a chance you could get less (or more) materials back than you offered…or nothing at all. There are twelve artifacts in total, and you can see them in your museum. If you want to be safe, put enough to get 99% chance. **Warning: Any materials you drop onto the table will be gone if you cancel, so if you put anything on the table, make the offering! Also, there is a finite amount of materials to be mined, so make sure you don’t run out!


First I got this skull for my museum:




You can also get this awesome pickaxe, called the Alien Bad-Axe. Cuts through rock like butter! It’s about as fast as the best drill you can craft, the Iridium Drill (or maybe even faster?).




The 3rd artifact I got was a Die (plural dice):




The 4th artifact I got is the Suitcase:




The 5th artifact I got was Sunglasses:




The 6th artifact I got is the Paperclip.




The 7th artifact I got is the Gamepad:



The 8th artifact I got is the TrashCan:




The 9th artifact I got is the Rubik’s Cube:



The 10th artifact I got is the Alien Pulser, an amazingly awesome gun!





The 11th artifact I got is a Gear, which allows you to play the Blasterocks game at BB’s Arcade, even if you didn’t beat the first game, Berzerkoid.





The 12th and final artifact I got is the Mouse, which lets you play the third arcade game, Block-em.





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  1. mckaystites

    You should put your save game up for download, I’m really bad and can’t find the time to truly enjoy the game.

  2. Mischa

    Is there any way to edit the savage on Android? I ran out of Rhodite, and there is nothing on the map. I’ve spent hours in cleaning block in that area. And now my updates are blocked, because I can’t afford the lower ones.
    Any help?

    1. TheVirus

      Use the offering pit and try to get lucky. I ran out of Cobalt but just dumped in a bunch of random crap and was able to get some after a few tries. That’s the only other way.

  3. Steve

    Where is the offering pit because I sure can’t find the Damn thing, where in the game is it, I want to find it but just can’t…

  4. Steve

    Where is the offering pit because I sure can’t find the Damn thing, where in the game is it, I want to find it but just can’t…

    1. Archlean Core

      To the left of the first portal, the name should pop up on screen.

  5. Kevan

    It’s worth noting that you can’t get the alien kick-axe or the alien pulser until after you’ve beaten the sixth boss (and presumably entered the last portal). At least that was my experience. I tried gambling 99% several times before completing the game, and no further artifacts would come out. Also, the pick-axe is the fastest digger in the game, as it’s only one strike for dirt, two strikes for ore/gems.

    Thanks for this guide!

    p.s. The offering pit is a bit confusing to find later in the game because you have to click on the topmost “Port” portal, which doesn’t actually take you back to town. Then just go a little left, and a little bit down.

    1. TotallyAwesumDude

      I was able to get the alien bad axe about half way into the game.
      Got all the other artifacts and cleaned ALL the blocks of all ore/gems, spent every cent on trying for the alien pulser but to no avail… fortunately I could kill the last boss with the weapons I had.

  6. Shungite2020

    I got the dice just by putting six opal… ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├í╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├í╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├í

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