Mines of Mars: Dungeons and Bosses Walkthrough Guide

Mines of Mars
By: Crescent Moon Games & Wickey Ware

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This is a walkthrough guide for all the dungeons and bosses in Mines of Mars. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me: feel free to ask for help or offer any tips of your own in the comments section.


There are six statues in the mines of Mars, called relics. When you find one, stand on the eye.
It will glow blue and the dirt and rocks in front of the statue will clear out. You will then have access to the accompanying dungeon. Just because you have access to a dungeon, doesn’t mean you need to enter it yet. It is perfectly possible to get all equipment upgrades and unlock all the dungeons before even attempting to take on any of them. So how you go about it depends on how much of a challenge you want.


If you enter a dungeon (walled-in area), you’ll encounter bosses and mini-bosses. Your progress in there is not saved unless you defeat the final boss and take the piece of key. You can’t kill the mini-boss, refuel and come back to finish off the boss. If you leave, you’ll have to start over from scratch. Definitely do not go into a dungeon with a bag full of materials or low on ammo. Try to go straight from the portal to the dungeon, without letting anything get in your way. Once you defeat a boss, you’ll be able to get a canister/cache that will have a weapon upgrade inside. Make sure to take it! You’ll also be able to get a piece of a key that will go into the museum. If you leave without taking either of them, you’ll have to do the whole dungeon over again, so don’t forget to take them!


Also, suggest getting all 12 artifacts from the Offering Pit before completing the last dungeon.

Dungeon #1:
Giant chicken monster:
Basically, use a long-range gun and shoot him while you’re out of his sight, then run like crazy out of his reach. Keep doing this until you kill him.


Then get the piece of key:


And the upgrade to the MP5 (at least, that’s what I got. I already had the MP5 when I defeated this boss).



Dungeon #2:
The plant mini boss: There may be more than one of these (I think that’s a glitch) and if you get too close, they snap out at you. I recommend staying as far from them as possible while still reaching their heads. I found the shotgun the most effective early weapon for killing them.


After you defeat them, there’s a boss that shoots acid balls at you. You need to hide behind walls when he attacks and shoot him in between attacks.


Then get the key piece and canister with another gun upgrade:




Dungeon 3:

Be careful of the dripping acid!


Avoid the spikes and kill the plant monster:


Now the boss. He rolls at you and jumps. Try to fly as much as possible (this is where a good jetpack comes in handy) and shoot with everything you’ve got! I finally used my rocket launcher on him because the other guns weren’t cutting it. If you have the anti-gravity boots, give those a try and shoot from the ceiling!


Get the piece of key here (I hit a weird glitch that sucked me into it before I took the photo):


And get the gun upgrade:



Dungeon 4:



This dungeon is a bit of a maze. First, use antigravity to stay out of the way of the little bounce-and-roll creatures and shoot them while you’re out of their reach


There are a few of those, and some jump higher than others. Use antigravity to help you take less damage. Kill them and make your way around the lava to the big ugly bug-like boss.





Using my antigravity boots, I was able to get up close and personal with him. He wouldn’t attack me, but my weapons didn’t seem to damage him from that position. So I got down on the ground and aggro’d him. He charges to the left. Use anti-gravity again. Try to hide in the left corner and shoot. You’ll likely take some damage, especially when he tries to turn around and leave. So keep shooting till he does. The rocket launcher worked great here.




Now get the key piece:


And use anti-gravity to get the chest/canister. Sadly, mine didn’t have a gun upgrade in it, just some ores. 🙁



Dungeon 5:


This dungeon is a maze. And there’s lava in addition to the acid and spikes. Use the antigravity boots as needed to navigate the obstacles.


Take down another plant monster:


Then prepare for this Rhino boss:


I found the rocket launcher best here. But any long range weapon should work. The guns won’t damage him, but you may be able to aggro him with the gun so you can stay a bit further back. If you get too close to this guy, he charges at you and then hits the spikes on the left side of the screen, which damage him. So try to get out of his way and take minimal damage when he charges. I nearly died. And then I died after I killed him, trying to navigate my way out. Luckily, I was able to get the key piece and weapon upgrades first. When I died, I still had the key piece and my gun upgrades, so it seems the game saves after you get the key piece. So don’t fret too much about dying if you got everything you need from down there.


To get these weapon upgrades, you need to shoot up to mine the dirt (or use anti-gravity to mine upside-down) and get to the canisters/chests.






The way out is different from the way in. You have to deal with more spikes. And they killed me.

But you should have all 5 pieces of the key now. Off to find the lock!


Dungeon 6:

This dungeon is all the way at the very bottom of the mines, where you can’t go any further. There’s a lot of lava.


Use antigravity to get past the lava and to this block. You’ll automatically use the key to get rid of of the block.






Break that block and it will release the creatures. You can let them fall and deal with them after if you’d like.


Then kill the usual plant monster.


Then kill any of the bouncing, rolling creatures that are still in your way:

Go around and kill the purple plant monster:


And now get ready for this scary bat-like boss that shoots purple energy balls!


I found this to be the best spot to hide and shoot. He has a lot of health, but chip away at him with your rifle, alien blaster and rocket launcher.


Now you pissed off the aliens and have no choice but to go through this portal. You will now become a ghost.



This brings me to 84% complete. Not sure where the other 16% is, but I think it’s the weapon power-ups that I’m missing.


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  1. oh....sorry

    This great game left me blind. . .i only want to see the miner get out from that planet…not to be a ghost…not cool maan..i hope there is easter in this game as the red robot on the surface said that he got a broken device that the parts were scaterred troughout his brothers…i thought the key can get the miner out from mars as chronus said on the early part of the game but it only used to open a block, leading to ur death…i really hope there will be more usefull update or endless mining untill i can got 100%.

  2. Draya

    Ghost?! That’s the reward?! Wtf

  3. Fred Dog

    Statue does not activate.

  4. Chuck

    I found some black boxes after you mine a block. What are they?

  5. Javier

    Thanks for the help with the rhino boss!!! (yeah!!!

  6. Ghost

    After u get a 100% on ur game u gonna seeek peek of Mines Of Earth. And a demo game of it too.

    How get to hundred percent thats a bit tricky..

    1. Defeating the last boss will give a about 60 to 80% completion on the game. U gotta mine all the resources till there r none left.. then mine all the gun upgrades… even after than u get 98% completion.. fill ur ur museum u get 99%…

    The last 1% is the tricky part.. not everyone has got as much time on their hands as i do..

    So what u gotta do is mine every single block in the game till there r none left…. 100% completion…. save the game quit the game start a new one ( make sure u have a free slot)

    In the very beginning u will get a video of how the miner got to mars… just after the screen blacks out a message is gonna pop..

    “Congratulations Miner you have reached 100% on your game status, for that you shall be handsomely rewarded”

    Then after that… well i dont wanna spoil ur adventure. Find it and be amazed.

    1. MrTED

      That cool i would like to do that but i cant find the way in, the first dungeon were surrounding by metal blocks there is no way in

  7. MrTED

    Idk why i can’t find the way in the first dungeon….. there is no way in! Metal block surround it@@ What can I do?

    1. bruhners

      find the statue and stand on the eye.
      It will glow blue and the dirt and rocks in front of the statue will clear out.

  8. not saying my name

    on the acid spitting boss fly behind him and stand behind him and shoot, you can damage him but he cant u since you r out of reach

  9. Fortune

    Ok so I’ve been doing these dungeons and I can see the key pieces in each one but they are inaccessible… Except for 1, from the first dungeon I think. — all the rest are closed off. By now I’ve killed each boss 2-3 times over. — how do I get to the pieces?

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