Mines of Mars: Weapon Stats Guide

Mines of Mars
By: Crescent Moon Games & Wickey Ware

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This is a guide to show stats for all guns and other weapons in Mines of Mars, so you don’t need to go back up to the surface to see them. I’ve also added some useful info about each gun. Remember: You can swap between guns you own by swiping left or right in the inventory screen.

Tier 1:

USP 45 (pistol):
This is your starter weapon. It’s basic all around. Mid-range, low-mid damage, but quick reloading. It’s useful against weak monsters, and gets better with upgrades, but you’ll find much better guns.


This gun packs a punch, but has very few shots and must be reloaded (slowly) after each shot. It’s useful against early bosses, but not so great against smaller creatures.


This gun is great, especially early on, except it doesn’t hold many bullets in its chamber. It’s better than your pistol in every way, except it has fewer bullets. Use it more sparingly than you would the pistol.


MP5 (machine gun):
This gun holds a lot of bullets and rapidly fires, but each bullet is very weak. I don’t recommend this until you get some upgrades for it, as enemies will eat you alive while you chip away at them.


Tier 2:

This is another machine gun, that’s better than the MP5 without upgrades, but it’s still pretty low damage, so it’s best to use on enemies that aren’t right on top of you. I find machine guns are too weak most of the time. It takes too long to kill even a small monster with them.


This is a long-range weapon with fair damage and is good for picking off monsters before they see you. It’s my weapon of choice while mining, to take on anything that comes at me (until I got the Alien Pulser — see below). It has a decent amount of damage, good range, and enough bullets that you can waste some.


This gun has the longest range of all the weapons. It’s so long that you can’t even see the target. It’s semi-automatic and harder to aim, but useful if you want to stay far away from your enemy.



This launches grenades that land on the ground and explode after a bit of time. They’re a bit hard to master, as you need to make the grenades land in the right spot. It’s fun to play with, though.


SFM 800:
This is a motherf***ing rocket launcher! It is nothing short of awesome. But it has *very* limited rounds. So it’s most useful against bosses. Make each shot count!


Secret weapon from the Offering Pit: ALIEN PULSER! It shoots lasers! There is a lot of pushback from it, though. But it has long range, fast, powerful bullets, holds a good number of bullets, and realoads quickly. Plus it looks cool.






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    a great little game ,probably the best click & shoot around
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