Battleheart Legacy: Witch Guide & Skills Tree

Battleheart Legacy
By: Mika Mobile, Inc.

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This is how to unlock the Witch class. The Witch can be found early on in the game. If you talk to a drunk guy in the tavern, he’ll tell you where to look for her. She’s at the Gloomy Path, but it’s possible to complete the level (and unlock the treasure chest) without finding her. To find her hut, head right down the thin winding path. Don’t fight her, though! Offer to be her apprentice and she’ll ask you to find her book in Eston. Go to the Academy in Downtown Eston and ask the student at the door about it. Then head to the map and the Dungeon in the same location. You need to get the key from the guards, either by killing them or buying entrance. If you kill them, make sure you pick up the key! Then find the treasure chest with the book in it. Don’t open the witch’s book if you want her to train you! Take it back to her and she’ll train you. Witch skills require Intelligence and Endurance.









The first Witch skill is an active one called Drain Life:


The second Witch skill is an active skill called Plague:


The third Witch skill is a passive skill called Lasting Affliction:


The fourth Witch skill is an active one called Blood Magic:


The fifth Witch skill is a passive one called Dark Arts:


The sixth Witch skill is an active one called Debilitate:


The seventh Witch skill is a passive one called Toxic Affinity:


The eighth Witch skill is an active one called Hex, which turns your foe into a toad/frog:


The ninth Witch skill is a passive one called Shadow Infusion:


The tenth Witch skill is an active one called Horror:


The eleventh Witch skill is an active one called Tornado:


The twelfth Witch skill is a passive one called Life Leech:


The thirteenth (and final!) Witch skill is an active one called Calamity:


See all our Battleheart Legacy guides in one handy place.

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  1. daajfr

    The person Wynter in the book’s title is a reference to the witch class from the previous Battleheart.

    Also Feung is the monk from the previous game

  2. Hilly

    If you have trained up your charisma some you can use the option that let’s you just walk right in. Not sure how much charisma you need but it’s not much, 10ish.

    1. That One Guy

      Well, no, not necessarily. I did it on my first try with 5 charisma. However, I think the amount of charisma increases the chances of it working. I’ve also done it with 8-9 (I’m not sure) charisma on my other save file.

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