Alto’s Adventure: iOS iPhone 5 Gameplay Footage

Alto’s Adventure
By: Snowman

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This is some gameplay footage I took of the iOS snowboarding endless runner Alto’s Adventure by Snowman.

You can see my review of the game here.

You can see my walkthrough guide here.

Alto & Turorial:

Alto & Tutorial:

Maya & Paz (2nd & 3rd Characters):

Izel & Felipe (4th & 5th Characters):

Tupa (6th & Final Character):

Tupa Using the Wing Suit:

Just Alto:

Alto ~15,000 meter distance:

All 6 Characters:

Doing Backflips With Maya:

Bugged Wingsuit (doesn’t activate):

Kiss the Rail:

Proximity Backflip Using Hover Board:

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  1. Axellvak

    Hi, I have a problem with wingsuit.
    I’m in 39 lvl and wingsuit doesn’t appear.. I tried with all my characters and nothing. I make a many tricks and combos and wingsuit doesn’t appears.
    please help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Mine is broken, too. There’s a fix coming in the next update that will hopefully fix it for both of us!

  2. Axellvak

    So, the only way is waiting for the fix..Thx for reply.

  3. Cindy

    I’m on Level 60, only thing left is 250,000 trick points. Has anyone achieved this? Any tips? Up until now, flying 100 proximity meters with the wing suit was the most challenging!

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