Blackbar: Walkthrough Guide & Answers

By: Mrgan LLC


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, tricks and solutions for the iOS and Android game Blackbar by Mrgan LLC. Feel free to ask for hints or extra help in the comments section.

The game is pretty straightforward, but it doesn’t give you any instructions. When you see a black (or white) bar, you need to figure out what word can go there. Sometimes more than one word can work, but usually there’s only one possible answer. If you get it right, the word will turn yellow like it’s highlighted, and you won’t be able to change it anymore.

Below I’ll give he answers for each level. If an explanation is needed, I will provide it. Again, if you prefer a hint instead of an answer, just ask in the comments section.


Page 1: censored

Page 2: small, old, censored

Page 3: May, for, trying, Love

Page 4: N/A

Page 5: wrong, kidding, 12

Page 6: N/A

Page 7: do, the, same

Page 8: sorry, only, shit, save, money, send, money, sorry

Page 9: n/A

Page 10: do, something, take, some, time, off

Page 11: bad, worse, worst, department

Page 12: N/A

Page 13: solve, play

Page 14: hate, leave

Page 15: weapon

Page 16: Assistant, cut, half

Page 17: N/A

Page 18: now, now, now, now, now, now

Page 19: sorry, damn, demanding

Page 20: protest, zoo, bold, harm

Page 21: private, censors, ass, ass, hell, fuck, shit, s, u, r, v, e, i, l, l, a, n, c, e, censor, don’t, don’t, don’t, spy, me

Page 22: summer (This is a quote from Shakespeare)

Page 23: N/A

Page 24: N/A

Page 25: yuo, teh, thta, moer, yuo, thign (You need to rearrange the letters in each word like the other words in the paragraph. Otherwise it won’t work.)

Page 26: N/A

Page 27: 296 (A b. in the h. is w. x in the b. = A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. A s. in t. saves y. = A stitch in time saves nine. The n. of the b. is xxx. = The number of the beast is 666. So you get 296 as the answer.)

Page 28: N/A

Page 29: happy, you, make, resistance, your, welcome, friend (Just reverse each line above.)

Page 30: N/A

Page 31: You need to make the shape of a heart using X’s and O’s. It should look like this:


Page 32: N/A

Page 33: heart (From page 31)

Page 34: SUBCULTURIA (Find all the capitalized letters on the page and put them together.)

Page 35: black (A raven & a writing desk — “furious flashes of black” — I think this would make more sense if this were a pen, not a writing desk.)

Page 36: (Turn your screen upside-down for this one. It’s still backwards, but the message says:

Dear Friend,
Things are so topsy-turvy all of a sudden, aren’t they? Don’t worry; this is all according to plan. She who is never upside down, never feels the rush of blood to her head.)


Page 37: (This one has partial words missing, so I’m just showing the photo with the answers filled in.)


Page 38: censorship

Page 39: Dear Kenty, I Love You, Mom

Page 40: never

Page 41: (Option A:) Vi


(Option B:) No

(If you choose option A, you’ll have a chance to also see option B. But I’m not sure if you can see option A after trying B first.)

Page 42: N/A

Page 43: N/A

Page 44: N/A

Page 45: N/A

Page 46: The End

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  1. Meli

    For page 36: this is a game for smartphones and tablets, not the computer. If you flip the device, guess what? THE SCREEN FLIPS WITH IT! ASTOUNDING, HUH? -___-

      1. Dr. Einer

        Page 19: sorry, damn, difficult

  2. Linda Johansen

    Page 19, I got demanding as the last word, but the puzzle says it is wrong. Help,

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