The Lost Chapter: Walkthrough Part 4

The Lost Chapter
By: Squadventure

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for The Lost Chapter by Squadventure. There are some videos throughout to provide extra help.

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Day 4:

1. The cops take you to the hospital and you wake up in a white padded cell with no phone.


2. Get your cell phone from the pillow and answer it. Now you can leave the room. Time to figure out what’s going on! Go right.




3. Go to the lab. Remember the words on the wall in the hallway? PuRe LiEs. Look at the periodic table of elements and spell out those words to find the colors you need. Then pick up the four bottles of colored liquids. Then leave and go back to the directory and take a left. Enter the closet and take the clothing (scrubs) and the syringe.





4. Go back to the lab and pour the four chemicals into the chemistry set. There’s a lock on the locker. Time to unlock it!




5. Remember the words on the wall in the hallway? PuRe LiEs. Look at the periodic table of elements and spell out those words to find the code for the lock.

Pu = 94
Re = 75
Li = 3
Es = 99

You can watch this video if you need help unlocking the lock:

6. Take the lighter from the locker and use it to heat up the Bunsen burner. The liquid will drip into the beaker. Fill the syringe with the liquid and use it on yourself.


7. You get a call. Look at the death certificate and the stocks report. You’ve been framed! The killer is your boss, Ray! Leave the hospital and go visit his mansion.




8. Enter the mansion. Lift the rug to get a screwdriver. Then go right to the living room. Take the batteries from the urn and a chess piece from the plant.





9. Go back and head left into the dining room. Open the drawer and place the batteries into the UV light and take it. Then use the screwdriver to open the vent on the floor and get another chess piece.




10. Go through the door here to the kitchen. Place the UV light on the spot right next to the blood spatter to get a clue.




11. Enter that number into the microwave and press START to get the third chess piece.




12. Place the three chess pieces on the board in the hallway to get a severed finger!


13. Go up the stairs and use the finger on the sensor to unlock the door. He’s dead! Look at the note on the floor and the dollar bill on his forehead. Time to head to the living room again.






14. Tap on the laptop and play another game with the killer.



You can watch this video if you need help winning the game:

15. Watch all the way to the end of the credits to learn that Dr. Rubin Nelson is Ray Jones’ brother! Leave the game and he’ll be in the room with you.



16. He pulls a gun on you, but will still answer all your burning questions. So find out what you want from him. At one point you’ll have to wrestle the gun from him by tapping the button quickly. Then watch the ending.


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    thanks for the shoves in the right direction. great walkthrough for a great game!

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    I picked up the wrong color medicin bottle in the room next to the lab. How do I change the bottles?

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