Through Abandoned: Walkthrough Guide

Through Abandoned
By: Snapbreak Games

This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android adventure game, Through Abandoned, by Snapbreak Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1:

1. Take the pole from the right dragon.

2. Head left and pick up the object.

3. Attach the item you found to the pole. You now have a sort of hammer.

4. Head right past the dragons. Use the hammer on the gong.

5. Go back to the dragons. Notice the indentations in the wall between them. Tap on them and then climb up. Keep doing this until you arrive at a new scene.

6. Go left until you find a door and use the key to unlock it. Go through.

7. Look inside the mine cart and grab the oil can.

8. Head right three times. Take the pickaxe and fill up the oil can.

9. Head right and pick up the note.

10. Head back three screens and use the pickaxe to break through the wall. Go through.

11. Pick up the wheel and head back out.

12. Head left and put the wheel on the cart. Oil it.

13. Head right again and pull the lever. The cart will speed ahead and crash into something.

14. Head all the way right and check it out. You can now continue on.

15. Go right until you see spotlights without bulbs. Look under the rectangular stone and press the symbol.

16. Continue right until you see a ladder and head down to get another letter.

17. Go back up the ladder and head left until you see a wall heading upwards. Climb it until you reach a new platform. Head right and grab the key.

18. Go back left and continue climbing up. Head left and pull the lever down. Head right and pull the lever down. Then, head back to the center and tap the floating gray cube and take the smaller cube from inside it.

19. Head back inside the mine and go left until you see a manhole. Use the key to unlock it and head down.

20. Keep going right until you find the exit. Continue right until you see an open grate in the floor. Head down.

21. Once down here, use the pickaxe on the wall to the left to open another pathway. Head left.

22. Press the symbol on the well and then leave the room. .

23. Continue down twice. Head right to pick up the screwdriver. Then head back left until you hit a fork in the road.

24. Head down and take the lightbulb and the loose brick engraved with symbols.

25. Go back up and left. You can use the screwdriver to remove a panel, but nothing else here yet. So let’s leave.

26. Go back to where you left the mine cart and continue to the ladder. Climb down it, then find another ladder and climb down that one to another grate. Use the screwdriver to remove the grate to get a shortcut to the same vents.

27. Climb back up to where you found the key and place the engraved brick in the slot. The door will open. Go through.

28. Notice the turquoise cube on the Rubik’s Cube has a mark on it.

29. Head right and take a gear from the wall. (You may need to use the screwdriver for this.)

30. Remove the engraved brick from the right wall and then look behind it. There’s a big flower and another symbol. Press it.

31. Go through the white opening that was reveled when you took the gear. It’s a bit of a maze in there.


Until I complete the step-by-step guide, you can watch this video for help:

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Jenny Heyerdahl

The walkthrough stops at 32 which is exactly what I’m battling with. Please send the rest 🙂


Just click on the question mark while playing the game; then you can watch a walkthrough video….


I can’t escape the colored cube thing. I even followed the walkthrough step by step but in the walkthrough they click out of it and I can’t figure out how to do that. I’ve even re-downloaded the game. Please help.


Yes, the walkthrough goes far too quickly to make any sense. Need help on this step.


I can’t get the grey cube. Every walkthrough I’ve seen just pulls the lever on the left, and then the lever on the right. But the lever on the left will not stay down for me. I’ve advanced to the point that I need the cube, and I’m hopelessly stuck. Am I missing something obvious?


Never mind. I hit the question mark (help) button while on the cube screen, and the lever suddenly worked (despite trying the same thing a hundred times). Doesn’t explain why it didn’t work previously, but I got it.


It was not suddenly working. Levers depend on the gray cube shaking direction. Left lever works while the cube shaking in right and left direction and right lever works while the cube does not shake in any direction. You can change the cube shaking style by touching it.


The cube is only half colored pieces. The other four are blank white. Did I miss something? Also the door arrangement in the first colored room is different from the walkthrough, so it’s unsolvable?


I found this game really annnoying after some time and especially in chapter 2 and 3. All the puzzles are obscure and the hints just flash red in the obvious areas. I’ve given up as it all became too frustrating and when I watch the existing walkthroughs online, for the life of me and others it seems, I still can’t see how the puzzle works. I hope you had better luck appunwrap. What did you think of the game in general?