Black Island: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3:

1. Open the cabinet and get the batteries. Then combine them with the flashlight.


2. Go through the door to the bedroom. Notice that the poker by the fire escape is actually a lever that opens a hidden door. But it won’t stay open. Use the belt to hold the lever in place.


3. Open the safe by playing a game of Peg Solitaire in 15 moves. Then take the box of matches and the note. Also, look at Ada’s passport.




4. Go back to the harbour. Combine the gas can with the hose. Remove the gas cap from the car and use the hose to siphon out the gas.


5. Use the map to go to the wall. Tap on the left side to see a locked door. Pour the gas on the door, then light it with the matches. Use the flashlight to see inside.




6. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Watch the video on the television. Then, use the numbers from the note in your bag in the keypad by the door. Okay the Simon game (tap the buttons when you see a red light above one) and then go through he door and watch the ending.



Congratulations! You completed the game (for now)!


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  1. Linda S

    Thanks! I just downloaded this game – I’d never heard of it.
    You’re so good!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      πŸ™‚ Looks like a short game, but enjoying it so far.

  2. Anne

    The clue from the binoculars isn’t making sense to me. I think it refers to the piano but the pattern isn’t working for me. Can anyone explain what to do here? Totally stuck.

    1. Koekwaus

      On the right side off the cottage is a shed with a lock. Use the clue from the dirt: ada 76 makes 14176 and for the upper part off the lock use the clue from the binoculars

  3. Linda S

    I’m with you so far – waiting for another page πŸ™‚

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry! Got sidetracked by Device 6. Trying to write several things at once. πŸ˜‰ Will try to get this done tonight!

  4. Linda S

    I’m with you so far – waiting for another page πŸ™‚
    I used the tube with the gas can and now I am needing matches πŸ™
    I ain’t got no stinkin matches πŸ™

    1. Linda S

      Never mind – I’m in the last chapter and in the house πŸ™‚
      I’m sure to find the matches!
      It’s short but really it is a good game!

  5. Dotty

    I’m in the cottage and I have opened up the panel on the fire and have found a solitaire puzzle but I’m stuck? I managed to block 2 of the holes on the solitaire board but can’t figure out how anyone got any ideas?

    1. Anne

      You need to keep jumping over pegs until the count goes down to zero.

  6. Dotty

    Where do I start from on the solitaire? I have 2 holes filled in at the bottom middle vertical column, can you jump over same one again and can you go vertically?

  7. Snowsim

    The flute was solved by you clicking on it in the pattern shown in musical notes: long-short-short-long.

    Thanks for posting about this game. I’m enjoying it, mostly because the voice has a British accent, as otherwise it would drive me bonkers. Free helps, too. πŸ™‚

    1. Snowsim

      Okay I take that back. The game is way too short, even for free. Some strange ways of “solving” locks/puzzles. Perhaps they should have waited until they had more chapters before making the game public, as I’m not sure it’s either intriguing or satisfying enough to call me back for more when it is available.

      But thanks again for posting about it. You definitely have my attention in my quest to find more games like Monument Valley and The Room.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah, it’s short. But I still liked it. Not sure how I would feel if I paid for it. But the production values are high. Was surprised by all the FMV in it. I am intrigued enough to ply the next part, but hopefully we won’t have to wait forever.

        Have you played Device 6 yet? I’m probably the last one to play it since it’s a few years old and so well-known. But working on a review for the last three days because it’s that good.

        1. Snowsim

          Agreed, the production values are excellent. It’s one of the few games in which I wasn’t skipping the video scenes when I could.

          Device 6…I’m not sure I’d heard about it, but then I’m late to the iPad, getting mine just last year. Your review of the game definitely sent me to get it immediately. I had to smile when I read your mention of DOOORS. I’d been thinking I really should have mentioned that game along with the other two, not just because of its brilliant use of format, but also because it led me here. πŸ™‚

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Hope you like it! Glad my review introduced the game to someone! Yay! πŸ™‚

            And yeah, I had the first walkthrough for the original DOOORS, before a bunch of other sites copied me. :/ Now there’s a dozen of them within a day of a DOOORS release. I don’t get as excited about them anymore, though. I think the original was unique and innovative. Then other games started popping up that copy them and now it feels like just a rush to get more levels out. Still, DOOORS is a higher quality than many room escape games, so always nice to see more of them.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            Btw, would love to hear your thoughts on my review/analysis of D6 when you finish!

  8. Linda S

    at least it was free for iPad – not so for android πŸ™
    I’m still enjoying it but the google reviews were right about the price vs size of the game.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It might have cost money at some point on iOS as well?

      MISSING is another great but short game…that I’m not sure will ever get an ending.

  9. Andrea

    Anyone solved peg solitaire? It’s driving me crazy. I got the counter down to one, it won’t go any lower than that. Please help!

    1. Dotty

      Solitaire puzzle
      I can’t even get that far can appunwrapper show a video of how to do it? Pretty please?

  10. TJ

    Things were going well somewhat until I reached the puzzle of the button sequence. Why should you make it go fast? Not only I got retinitis pigmentosa and playing this on a PC rather than mobile device, but I do also have a slow motor. This thing is just unsolvable.
    One more thing: the sequence keeps on beeping if I miss a press; and I wouldn’t be sure where to start again and the only solution is… to reset the whole thing again and do it.
    This last thing just screwed the whole game.

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