Device 6: Walkthrough Guide

Device 6
By: Simogo


I know this game has been out for a few years already, but I finally played it and decided to write a walkthrough. I don’t think too many people will need it at this point, but here it is anyway! Enjoy!

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Most things in Device 6 are straightforward. Just follow the arrows. I will only really be covering the clues and puzzles. For everything else, just follow the arrows in the game. 🙂 The walkthrough will spoil things, so only use it if you absolutely need to.

You play as Player 249, reading about Anna (Player 248).

The surveys at the end of each chapter don’t seem to have any effect on he game. So just enjoy it and answer however you’d like!


Chapter 1, Awakening:


1. For now, just read and ignore anything that looks like a clue. We’ll come back later once we know what to look for.

2. Ignore the L and R door in the 3RD FLOOR KIRKE ROOM for now. We’ll come back to it.

3. Ignore the 3RD FLOOR STUDY for now. We’ll come back to it.

4. Make your way to the 3RD FLOOR MASTER’S VOICE ROOM.


Listen to the recording:

“Good morning!
In the room of the Renaissance man, a simple math problem is the key.

A framed number. In the room where red meets yellow in a frame.

Plus, another framed number. Between hope and lies.

Plus, the channel I am on.”

5. Now, go back and find these clues:

NORTHWEST GUEST ROOM: The painting of an orange with the number 2001 on it. (Orange is the color you get when red meets yellow.)


WEST CORRIDOR: The word FIVE in the picture frames. (You need move the screen to see all the letters. As you move the screen, you’ll also see the words HOPE and LIES.)


And the final clue is the channel the master’s voice is on. Go back to the MASTER’S VOICE ROOM and change the channel to 56, the one with the recorder in the photo. 56 is the third number you need.


6. Go back to the 3RD FLOOR STUDY. Add up the three numbers you found (2001 + 5 + 56) and you get 2062. Enter the number into the keypad.


7. Now, continue on until you get to the GROUND FLOOR LOBBY. There’s another machine here. Tap it several times and write down what it says each time. It will cycle through “ELLE” and “ARE”. This stands for L and R, or LEFT and RIGHT. The order should look like this: LRRLLLRLRL



8. Go back to the 3RD FLOOR KIRKE ROOM and press the L and R buttons in that order (LRRLLLRLRL) to unlock the door and continue to chapter 2.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 2 or click here.

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