“Please, Don’t Touch Anything” Has Piqued my Curiosity (Gameplay Video)

Please, Don’t Touch Anything
By: Bulkypix

I’ve been looking forward to Bulkypix’s iOS port of Please, Don’t Touch Anythingfor a few weeks now. It’s finally out today and I got to spend a little time with it. At first, I was frustrated. There are no instructions, really, other than, well, not to touch anything. Which, you of course ignore, because there’s a big shiny red button in front of you. After some confusion, I got some surprises. Then something really bizarre happened that got me literally laughing out loud. I expect a visit from Cthulhu at some point. If you don’t mind some spoilers, check out my short gameplay video below. I’ll have more impressions on it after I’ve gotten through more of the game.

The video above glitched up a bit, so here’s more gameplay:

You can download the game here.

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