Rusty Lake Hotel: Complete Walkthrough Guide With All Stars

Rusty Lake Hotel
By: LoyaltyGame B.V.


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the iOS and Android game Rusty Lake Hotel. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

This walkthrough will show you how to get all the ingredients for each recipe and therefore all the stars in the game, as well as the secret specialty item. You must go through the rooms in a specific order and not miss any ingredients if you want to get all Perfect recipes. Each recipe starts with the first ingredient being found in the lobby. That tells you which room to go to next.


You can also watch my video walkthrough for the whole game here:

The Lobby:

1. You start in the lobby. Talk to Mr. Crow. He tells you to serve the guests the local delicacy. Pick up all the shrimp cocktails. Enter the kitchen and talk to Mr. Toad. He’ll show you how to access all the recipes. The first one you need to pay attention to is Mr. Deer’s.



2. Go around the room and give shrimp cocktails to Mr. Rabbit, Ms. Pigeon, Mr. Boar, Ms. Pheasant, and Mr. Deer.



3. Tap on Ms. Pigeon’s cocktail and she should say that she’s going to her room. Tap again and all the guests go to their room.


4. Back in the lobby, answer the phone. It’s Mr. Owl and he tells you to look at his portrait.


5. Turn around and find the portrait. Take the mushrooms from his hand. That’s the first ingredient for the deer steak with mushrooms and rosemary recipe.


6. Get in the elevator and go up to the 1st floor. Enter Room 1 for Mr. Deer.




Mr. Deer’s Room:

1. Mr. Deer wants you to make a Bloody Mary for him. Pick up the “wodka” and the key. Also, read the recipe for a Bloody Mary and “Mr. Deer’s Research Plan” on the wall. Memorize the stamp on the research plan. The Bloody Mary calls for blood, wodka, Tabasco, and a special ingredient. Add the wodka to the glass and you’ll have an empty canteen.






2. Tap on the deer skull on the wall to get an antler to grow. Keep tugging on parts of it until the both antlers grow and the nose bleeds. Fill the empty vodka bottle with some of the tabasco sauce. Also, make the rosemary grow and take it. That’s another recipe ingredient!


3. Add the Tabasco to the glass.

4. Turn right and use the scales to figure out how much each of the symbols weigh. You can see the “+” is 1, the triangle is 3 and the spiral is 5.




5. Use the key to unlock the cabinet full of beakers and flasks. We’ll come back to that soon.


6. Turn right and grab the empty bucket. Also, open the drawer to get a box of matches. And last, take the glass jar from the grinder.



7. Turn right and open both windows. Place the bucket on the rope outside the left window and use the pulley to lower it and fill it with water. Use the glass jar to catch the butterfly outside the right window.



8. Now the locked box in the middle. Use the numbers from the weights to unlock it and get the knife. It goes 3531.


9. Go back to the beakers and flasks. Pour the water from the bucket into them and pour it back and forth until you get 8oz in the 10oz flask. To do so, first pour 5oz from the 6oz bottle into the 10oz bottle. Pour the remaining 1oz into the 5oz bottle. Pour 6oz from the 10oz bottle into the 6oz bottle. Pour 4oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. Pour the 5oz bottle into the 10oz bottle so there’s now 9oz in it. Pour the 2oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. Pour 6oz from the 10oz bottle into the 6oz bottle. Pour 3oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. And last, add the 5oz from the 5oz bottle to the 10oz bottle to get 8oz. Take the bottle.


10. Light the candle under the Bunsen burner, then add the 8 oz of water. We’re still missing something.


11. Look at the framed art of different butterflies. Take a screenshot or memorize it.


12. Add the butterfly next to the two moths. Tap them in the sequence you see in the painting. Take the seed from the top one.


13. Use the matches to light the lamp. Pour some water from the bucket into the pot of dirt next to the lamp and add the seed. Close the glass, then tap the plant until it grows and turns into poisonous seeds. Take them.


14. Use the knife on Mr. Deer to make him bleed. Fill the empty canteen with his blood. Add the blood to the glass. Only one ingredient left!



15. Place the glass jar back on the grinder and add the poisonous seeds. Grind them into a poisonous powder.


16. Place the poisonous powder on the Bunsen burner, then take the poison. Add the poison to the drink. Take the Bloody Mary.



17. Give the drink to Mr. Deer and tap him to make him drink. Zoom out and he’ll start choking and die. Use the knife on him to get some of his meat for the recipe. This annoyed me a bit — why couldn’t we just kill him with the knife instead of poisoning him? Anyway, you should now have all three ingredients you need for the deer steak recipe.





Back in The Lobby:

1. You can now pick up the key for the first room behind Mr. Crow. Then insert it in Mr. Deer’s keyhole in the locked safe. The same stamp was on the research plan in his room.



2. Go to the kitchen and give the ingredients to Mr. Toad so he can cook up the deer steak and serve it to the remaining guests. You should get 3 stars for it.



3. Talk to Mr. Crow. He tells you to check his pocket. Do so to find a carrot for the rabbit stew.



4. Head up the the second floor and go into Room 4 for Mr. Rabbit since we have the first ingredient for his recipe.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. AdventureGuy

    Where is the Rosemary for the first recipe???

    1. Mary

      It’s hidden at the tip of the right deer antler. Meanwhile I can’t find the blueberries, potatoes, or white beans.

      1. Casey

        Hey Mary, the potatoes are found on the 3rd night. In the third night there will be a meteor in the window and then it click it and it will get really dark. Then follow the bat around and click it and then it’ll turn light again and click the bat when he’s by the elevator and he will give you the potatoes! I have no clue on the white beans and berries tho

        1. Maggie Curtice

          The white beans are in the rabbits room, get the knife and cut the portrait of the owl. The blueberries are found in the pigeon room. Once you open the electrical box with the little “chick” in it. Turn it on and off 5 times and the blueberries show up in the chicks mouth.

      2. Maggie Curtice

        The werewolf has the potatoes. After you complete the second room, go to the werewolf and click on him and he will “screech” and while still in the lobby click to the right and it will be with the 2 big windows. You will see a shooting star, let the star fall all the way down and the whole room with be dark. Then click around the lobby until you see the werewolf hanging from the ceiling. You have to find him like 4x’s I believe and after the light comes back on he will have the potatoes. The white beans are in the rabbits room, after you get the knife cut the portrait with the owl. The blueberries are in the pigeons room, after you open the electric box where the little “chick” is strung up (before you release it) turn the device on and off 5 times and they will be in its mouth.

        1. Kris

          It’s a bat, not a werewolf.

    2. Casey

      Rosemary can be found on the antler of the skull on the top right part you will see a little green leaf. Click it and rosemary will grow. Now I’m in need of some help finding the white beans for Mr. rabbit!

      1. AdventureGuy

        The white beans are in the room with Mr Rabbit. Use the knife on the forehead of the Mr Owl portrait.

      2. Noa

        Don’t use the knife in the hand yet, use the knife in mr owl’s portrait in mr. Rabbit’s room

        1. Ramm

          If you already used the knife, you can still use the swords to get the beans

  2. KidKid

    How do you get 8 oz?

  3. BeLL

    What do you do with the Secret Code?

  4. Roberto

    Hi there! Where the other parts of the walkthrough is?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, still working on it! Writing several walkthroughs at once. Please bear with me!

  5. bob

    how do you the deer level; the part with the three meaursing glasses. where you attempt to get 8 oz in the 10 oz glass

  6. Princess fox

    Get 8 oz i solve it this is the way:
    glass one:10,glass two:0,glass three:1
    Now you can get the bottle.
    I solve all rooms.

  7. Princess fox

    Get 8 oz i solve it and this is the way:
    Glass one:10,Glass two:0,Glass three:1
    Now you can get the bottle.

    1. Sian Hunter

      How do you stop the whole of the water pouring into each container. I can’t seem to pour in specific amounts. Thanks.

      1. Faten

        Me too pls help

  8. sonia

    i couldn’t solve the monkey part
    can u help me?!

    1. Emily

      It’s not trial and error like described. The monkeys tell you which to click on and in what order. One cymbal smash = first monkey (from left); two = second monkey; three = third.

      1. Laurel

        Thank you, Emily!! I hate solving a puzzle that I don’t understand.

  9. denise

    .Can you help me ,I can’t find the blackberrys ?

  10. Sarah G

    Can anyone help with the beetle puzzle? I get so close…!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s random each time. Even if I tell you the first move, there’s no guaranteeing where he’ll walk to next.

    2. Pusheenlover985

      Try to block all the edges of the board first so it wont escape

      1. Laura

        Omg, thank you for this comment. I was experiencing what felt like real rage at not being able to catch the little mofo, and without any further advice in the walkthrough I was so annoyed!

  11. joni

    How to turn on the left lamp in pheaseant room?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Dressing her up properly for the photos should do it.

    2. goblin

      Your problem I shall solve in a riddle a man needs a Hatch a coat and shoes some socks shirts and pants what do all these items have in common

  12. Laura Peake

    When I try to catch the butterfly in the glass in Mr. Deer’s room, it moves before I can get it. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  13. Tamz

    Regarding the moth,-It’s a glitch on phones. What you need to do is stand directly in front of the window (with moth) & exit to main menu, then back to game. The moth will be siting on ledge and easily caught.
    I’m really surprised it’s hasn’t been addressed, but then that is my ONLY complaint (except maybe more and more games, asap, please!!! ) fantastic, eerie and complex but not impossible puzzling! Love them all!
    Anyone recommend some other similar games? Thanks!

    1. Traci

      Thank you for this!! Was stuck and this worked.

    2. Deb

      I used the knife on the hand first, do I have to reset it to get the beans ?

  14. Kate9

    Hey guys, I’m stuck at the axe/lever thing in Boars room. I pulled it up and down once and now i cant pull it back up to cut…is it a glitch?

    1. SourPatchKid08

      YouΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll need to make a sandwich, use the hammer to get the axe, tue it to the rope and then pull it up, give him the toilet paper and you should be able to cut the rope with the knife. If you already tried that, i donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t really know…just realized that this comment was 3 years old…

  15. Mandy

    I can’t catch the moth. It keeps flying off before I can get it. Please help!

    1. Maddy

      Click on the window, click back and then click on the window again – use the glass jar from the grinder and you’ll be able to catch him.

  16. Cheezy

    How can you have the red wine???? I cant find it, even though is optional but i want 3 stars :”((((

    1. Pusheenlover985

      Right after Ms Pheasant is dead, get her red wine the next day before cooking

  17. Katrielle

    I can’t take the crow picture in the Pheasant room. Even though I gave her the mask and drew the lines, confirmed by both lamps, the game insists something’s missing. Is this a glitch?

    1. SourPatchKid08

      Did you remember the glass plate?

  18. Somashekar

    I am stuck at taking owl picture with peasant

    1. Hayley Grigg

      I had to draw over it and make the lines thicker

  19. Birb

    I don’t know if it’s a glitch but I can’t find the knife anywhere. It wasn’t in the bottom drawer or anywhere?

  20. Bella

    I can’t take the lady in blue pict. I draw the cross symbol on the frame and gave the hat and she says she’s not ready.

    1. Dave

      Did you ever figure it out?

    2. Assessment

      You need to get a at piece of glass to put in the 📷

    3. Hughes

      You’ll need a wet piece of glass for the ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£Γöñ╬ô├▓├╗

  21. Emily

    For some reason the poison powder never changes into poison.

  22. Georgia

    Help!!! The second key to release the baby bird has gone missing

  23. Georgia

    Help! The second key to release baby bird has gone missing.

  24. Ibukineo

    The Little baker puppet? They are actually called punch and Judy, quite famous here in the UK but are now banned because of their story drama. It’s basically domestic violence, they’re both violent to each other, Punch refuses to take responsibility for the baby that Judy always points out which both causes a fight with each other.
    The rolling pin is a proper prop that Judy uses

  25. Kat

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m late for the party but only discovered the RL games now 🙂 the monkey puzzle in Mr Boars room isnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t trial and error, but theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re labeled 1-2-3 from left to right and they clap a certain amount of times. Start with 1 and listen how often he claps. ThatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s the next monkey you have to click 🙂

  26. Bieie

    How can I get the red wine?

  27. Sash

    I forgot to take the white wine for the pheasant during the day. And now it’s night how do I get it!

    1. zzzzzd

      you have to get it during the day time before you cook. now you cant get it

  28. Ida

    I entered Mrs. Pigeon’s room first. Is it okay?

    1. SourPatchKid08

      If you want to get 3 stars on all the dinners, youΓÇÖll have to do it in the order that is shown here.

    2. Jack

      I can’t believe I paid money for this game. The 9 game collection was fun and would’ve been worth paying for. Not this garbage game.


    For the monkeys with cymbals problems, click on the first monkey, listen to how man times he claps the cymbals, then click on the corresponding monkey.

  30. Inge Vink

    Hi, I am in mr. Rabbit’s room and I used the knife on the hand first. Now I can’t get it back to use it on mr. Owl’s portrait, so I am stuck… Any ideas what I can do now?

  31. Anais

    I stabbed the hand before I ripped the owl painting and now I canΓÇÖt rip the portrait heeeeelllllllppppppp

    1. Louise

      Don’t worry, you’ll get some swords that you can use later.

    2. Laurel

      Has anyone actually managed to replay a room? Does it allow you to get all 3 stars if so? I missed some of the optional ingredients. :/

  32. zzzzzd

    i am stuck in the foggy forest in mr owls room. it wont let me leave. help

    1. Gin

      Same. I cannot see the cubes.

  33. Cielo

    An easier way to get 8 oz:
    10. 1. 0
    4. 1. 6
    4. 5. 2
    9. 0. 2
    9. 2. 0
    3. 2. 6
    3. 5. 3
    8. 0. 3

  34. Caro

    The black cubes in the owl’s room doesn’t appear for some reason, could you help me? (I’m sorry if my english is bad, I speak spanish)

  35. Sticks2283

    I have played Mrs. Pigeons room 17 times following your instructions and I cannot get the blackberries!!! Where did you come up with the number 6 when electrocuting the baby bird? I’ve also tried other walkthrough tips like unlocking the bottom lock before pulling the handle 6 times. Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this. Please help. Ty P.S. I wish your videos were larger. Too small for my poor eyesight.

  36. Daniel

    The puzzle for the three music monkeys isn’t just trial-and-error, the number of claps they do is for the monkey you are supposed to touch next…

  37. Dldkdid


  38. Welp

    Axe is stucked I can’t lift it

  39. Jack

    i got the tomatoes, but now i cant cut the rope and kill the boar- how do I do this without re-starting the game?

  40. Elveda

    Hello. I love your walkthroughs. Helps great when I’m stuck. I’ve restarted rusty lake hotel 3-4 times? Bc I did steps out of order, etc. Now I don’t want to start again.. but I didn’t get a key off the table in the rabbits room. I really really don’t want to start again. Is there a way to just go back to the current chapter than do mr deer over again. Thanks. I appreciate your help.

  41. Stella

    I already used the knife on the hand in mr. rabbits room. But I still need it to get the seeds from the portrait. It won’t let me take the knife back so how do I get the seeds?

    1. Judith

      Once you get the swords , you can use one of them to get the beans

    2. R@chel

      You have to get the seeds first. 🙂

  42. Steph

    **Not related to specific game** so please delete from comments as necessary. Older player, not well versed in “how things work.” I guess I am a “fan girl?” who relies on your walkthroughs. I always use yours when available. So my questions are: How do I send support your way? Is the best way to just keep clicking on ads? I tend to replay old games, do you still get revenue? Is clicking on them enough? Other options? Sorry I am a bit clueless. Have never really cared about this stuff before but want you to keep doing what you’re doing! Many thanks. 😉

  43. Leo

    I can’t figure out how to get the red and blue things to match the artwork please help

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