Blackbox – think outside the box: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Blackbox :: infamous puzzles (think outside the box)
By: Ryan McLeod


Ryan McLeod’s Blackbox is an iPhone puzzler that has you turning on the lights of little colored boxes by doing a number of different things with your phone that don’t include touching the game screen itself. This is a complete walkthrough guide for those looking for hints, tips, tricks and answers. Beware spoilers! Feel free to ask for hint in the comments section if you don’t want the answers.

Use the map below to find the level you’re looking for.

Note: Some time-related levels can be cheated by changing the time/date on your iPhone. So if you see a solution below that wants you to check the level at a certain time or date, it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for that time or change it on your phone.



Levels 41 – 75 can be found here.

First six red lights/boxes:
1 – 4: Rotate your iPhone several times to light up each of the four boxes at the edges. You need to line up the red liquid with the lines that appear.
5 – 6: The two in the middle require placing your phone flat on its back so the two circles line up with each other and then turning your phone face down for the other.


Two yellow boxes (sun):
7 – 8: Turn the brightness on your screen all the way down for one, then all the way up for the other.


Four orange boxes:
9: Mute your phone for the left one. (Try the sleep button if you have a newer phone.)
10: Turn your volume all the way up.
11: Turn your volume all the way down.
12: Plug headphones into the headphone jack for the forth one. If you have a newer phone with no headphone jack, you can use the lightning adapter or wireless headphones!

Reddish orange box to the left of the yellow ones:
13: Put your hand over your phone’s camera so the screen turns off for a good 10-20 seconds, then move your hand so the screen goes back on. The color should have filled the screen.

Turquoise one above the last one:
14: Put your phone in Airplane mode and shut Wifi.


Light purple one:
15: Take a screenshot

Two green boxes:
16 – 17: This has to do with time. Open it up at least once every hour of the day. Each box represents 12 hours. When you open it during a new hour, it will fill in another piece of the clock. Fill a clock for each light. (Note: You might just need to have the game open for those hours for this to work. It might not be necessary to open that particular level. One of mine lit up on the level select screen, without me opening the level first.)



Three green boxes:
The balls represent your battery level.
18: The top box will light up when your battery is at 100%.
19: To light the middle one, plug your phone in after the balls already start filling up the screen.
20: Let your iPhone battery drain to 10% to get the bottom one.


Mic levels:

Three light blue ones:
21: Try to be super quiet and keep any noise from getting into the mic for the top one (this one was hard for me to get).
22 – 23: I got both the middle and bottom by making a lot of noise into the mic, but I can’t seem to repeat the results with accuracy. So I’m not sure exactly what each of them wants from you.


Purple box to the right:
24: Say “Blackbox” into your phone’s mic. (You can also try “Hey, Blackbox.”) If it’s not working for you, try minimizing the game for a second and coming back to it.


Two pink boxes:
25 – 26: These are based on the moon phases. You can either wait for a new moon and a full moon or change the date on your phone to a day with each. I chose February 8, 2016 and February 22, 2016.


Location levels:

Red box:
27: Keep your iPhone flat and level so the red dot stays in the center long enough to fill the screen.

Three pink boxes:
28 – 30: The dot represents the sun, rising and setting. You need to open it at sunrise, then again at noon, and then at sunset. For me, that meant 6:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 5:45 PM. You can find the correct times for you by Googling it. You can then either wait for those times in real time or change the clock on your iPhone.


Four blue boxes:
31 – 34: This wants you to go for a walk (or drive — but walking is more enjoyable!). The further you go, the bigger the white ring gets. I assume each box will light up when you travel far enough for the ring to reach them, but so far I’ve only reached the first.


Single pink box:
35: “This will be difficult for you.” Use the wrong fingers for Touch ID three times so it says “Try Again” each time. If you don’t have a Touch ID-enabled phone, I imagine any fingers will work. But if you do have it enabled, you can’t use the fingers that are scanned. This also works with FaceID!



Secret level: Tap all over the screen to access it.


Light orange box:
36: Open the app in the lower left corner of your home page (for me it’s Safari).


If you use the Share feature, you’ll get a free hint and a new Meta Challenge.
37: In that blue one, you need to shake your phone to undo the text.



Heart: Credits

Star: Rate the game to get a free hint.

Settings meta challenge:
38: Go into your iPhone’s settings and find Blackbox’s settings. Toggle the little black box emoji on. Open the game and find the new box. This level looks like the same toggle. Go back to settings and switch the toggle to off. The box will light up and a new one will appear on the map.




39: The next green box that appears after that starts off lit and then shuts off. So you need to sort of rewind it. Go into Settings > General > Date & Time. Turn off “Set Automatically,” then change the time to one minute earlier. Go back to the game and the box should light up.

Play the game for 3 straight days:
40: This unlocks another puzzle, a magenta box. To light this one, you need to hold the power button until the “Slide To Power Off” screen appears, then slide to power it off. When you turn your phone back on and open that level, the light should turn on.


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703 thoughts on “Blackbox – think outside the box: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

  1. Anonymous

    There’s a new meta puzzle that just recently popped up. It looks like a search icon, but idk. Has anyone solved it yet?

    1. tiago

      pull the search from the top of the screen on iphone and type blackbox, it will appear the question “what are you searching for?”
      just click it! 😉

    2. Nope

      Swipe from the top of the screen then type ‘blackbox’ into the search bar and press search. The second result should be one from the app that says ‘looking for something?’ Tap on that and the box should light up

  2. Jesica

    On level 31-35 I traveled all the way to Florida and I STILL can’t get the last box! It was a 13 hour drive and I still can’t get it!

    1. Matilda

      you know what, I travel to another city and then completed the last box. And now only left the 34 one, I cannot get that far in my city I guess.

  3. Kenzie

    For 49 and 50: guve a hard shake (only one) from the bottom towards the top of your phone like you are trying to throw it and it will pop up with reset location pin click reset screen flashes do the shake again before screen goes back and you get 49 do it again but twice on the flash screen and you get 50 still working on 51 but the hunt for that one is: a football field straight up ought to do

  4. amiriamitchell

    For levels 49 50 and 51. I don’t know how to do it but if you shake your phone it will say something about reseting a location. hope it helps

  5. John

    There is a new meta challenge if you pull the grid down four or five times and you get another challenge it looks like the screen shot challenge but it’s more complicated

  6. thetarn

    A tip for #21. Plug your earphones with mic in. Then smother the mic with two pillows. It’s far less sensitive than the iPhone mic.

  7. Arif

    Can anybody provide info about 8 icons? in which levels should they be unlocked? i have passed all 75 levels, and icon for 73 and 74 were unlocked for me. But after last update (added level 75) with new change icon button only 3 of 8 are unlocked. How can i unlock other? in which levels?

  8. Salva

    Is anybody stuck with level 63? I have tried the solution but it seems not working. Firstly I swipe up Blackbox when it is the first app, then the color in this level remains only red. Then I change Blackbox in the second position, and swipe Blackbox up again, it didn’t happen anything. The red page still remains. Can someone help me out on this? Thank you.


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