Blackbox: Walkthrough Guide With All Puzzle Solutions

Blackbox (mind puzzles game / brain puzzles / :: infamous puzzles / think outside the box)
By: Ryan McLeod / Grow Pixel


Ryan McLeod’s Blackbox is an iPhone puzzler that has you turning on the lights of little colored boxes by doing a number of different things with your phone that don’t include touching the game screen itself. This is a complete walkthrough guide for those looking for hints, tips, tricks and answers. Beware spoilers! Feel free to ask for hint in the comments section if you don’t want the answers.

Use the map below to find the level you’re looking for.

Note: Some time-related levels can be cheated by changing the time/date on your iPhone. So if you see a solution below that wants you to check the level at a certain time or date, it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for that time or change it on your phone.


Levels 1 – 26 | Levels 27 – 51 | Levels 52 – 81

First six red lights/boxes:
1 – 4: Rotate your iPhone several times to light up each of the four boxes at the edges. You need to line up the red liquid with the lines that appear.
5 – 6: The two in the middle require placing your phone flat on its back so the two circles line up with each other and then turning your phone face down for the other.


Two yellow boxes (sun):
7 – 8: Turn the brightness on your screen all the way down for one, then all the way up for the other.


Four orange boxes:
9: Mute your phone for the left one. (Try the sleep button if you have a newer phone.)
10: Turn your volume all the way up.
11: Turn your volume all the way down.
12: Plug headphones into the headphone jack for the forth one. If you have a newer phone with no headphone jack, you can use the lightning adapter or wireless headphones!

Reddish orange box to the left of the yellow ones:
13: Put your hand over your phone’s camera so the screen turns off for a good 10-20 seconds, then move your hand so the screen goes back on. The color should have filled the screen.

Turquoise one above the last one:
14: Put your phone in Airplane mode and shut Wifi.


Light purple one:
15: Take a screenshot

Two green boxes:
16 – 17: This has to do with time. Open it up at least once every hour of the day. Each box represents 12 hours. When you open it during a new hour, it will fill in another piece of the clock. Fill a clock for each light. (Note: You might just need to have the game open for those hours for this to work. It might not be necessary to open that particular level. One of mine lit up on the level select screen, without me opening the level first.)



Three green boxes:
The balls represent your battery level.
18: The top box will light up when your battery is at 100%.
19: To light the middle one, plug your phone in after the balls already start filling up the screen.
20: Let your iPhone battery drain to 10% to get the bottom one.


Mic levels:

Three light blue ones:
21: Try to be super quiet and keep any noise from getting into the mic for the top one (this one was hard for me to get).
22 – 23: I got both the middle and bottom by making a lot of noise into the mic, but I can’t seem to repeat the results with accuracy. So I’m not sure exactly what each of them wants from you.


Purple box to the right:
24: Say “Blackbox” into your phone’s mic. (You can also try “Hey, Blackbox.”) If it’s not working for you, try minimizing the game for a second and coming back to it.


Two pink boxes:
25 – 26: These are based on the moon phases. You can either wait for a new moon and a full moon or change the date on your phone to a day with each. I chose February 8, 2016 and February 22, 2016.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Amber

    The fourth orange square you need to plug in headphones.

      1. Liv

        I can’t figure out the one that is two grey boxes I know one of them you have to tap 3 times but I can’t figure out the second

        1. T0fu

          tap all the same color

          1. BatteryImploder

            All colors work, you can mix them up

        2. Im

          I had a problem this that too, all you gotta do it tap the boxes on a different square/puzzle.

      2. Calissa

        What about the free pack that you get when you install the game, like the one that is originally 99 cents. Can you do a tutorial on that level pack, thanks ^^

        1. AppUnwrapper

          All levels should be here. I just split it into two pages. So what you’re looking for might be on the second one.

      3. Maurice

        I have a new riddle who is here not on your dashboard right side to 34 next to reload and I have on no website see this riddle

    1. Taylor

      How do you do the clock 1. I have gone through all the times but whenever I get to twelve, it inverts. How do I complete it ???

      1. Bayar

        AM PM

      2. Haley_1987

        Yeah, me too…. I thought was am pm, but whenever the clock reaches 12am or 12 pm, it will invert

      3. Haley_1987

        I’ve just pass that one, just change your clock setting to 24 hours, should work by then.

      4. skye

        you have to do pm and am E.G. 1pm and 1am

      5. Kylie

        It inverts from A.M to P.M.

      6. Brianna Barket

        you have to do am and pm!

      7. Luwuke

        Try setting the time as 11 instead of 12.

      8. jo

        check it once every hour for every 24 thats in a day- light side is the morning and dark side would be afternoon!!

    2. Blah blah

      The 3 vertical blue squares you have to blow into the mic not make noise. They’re bubbles…blowing bubbles

      1. Ty

        How do you do the bottom one because I keep blowing into it and it just does the middle one

        1. Van

          i put on my headphones and put the mic in my mouth and went woooo while breathing heavily and that worked haha. you basically have to make the whole screen blue

          1. MB

            The first one clicks when screen has no bubble so like suuuuper quiet, the middle one is medium sound and last one is yeah make a LOT of noise/bubbles

    3. Eletroe

      Whenever I type blackbox://? and go back to black box it doesn’t work???

      1. TheJodake

        ItΓÇÖs not actually a question mark. Apparently, the site just wonΓÇÖt render the Emoji. You need the key Emoji and the lightbulb Emoji, in that order.
        This may be a couple of years too late. Anyways, I hope that this helps someone!

        1. Allie


    4. T0fu

      My phone is iphone 7

      1. haizel

        it doesnt matter mine’s a 6s plus and its perfectly fine

    5. Begone_d3mon

      What about the top right orange square?? Is it do not disturb as that isnΓÇÖt working for me ?

  2. Eshtebala

    Whats the answer to the three blue lights arranged vertically? I see in the background circles that look like rain droplets that increase with sound, I was able to switch on two of them but the last one on the top doesn’t want to turn on. thanks

    1. john

      yeh same with me

      1. Swede

        You get the last one by being completely silent! That worked for me!

    2. Mark Reilly

      I screamed right into the mic and I got one

    3. Dani

      you have to be extremely quit so there are no sound bubbles to turn on the top one.

      1. Vivian

        how about the bottom one though?

        1. haizel

          blow into the microphone rlly loudly

          1. Ty ladd

            That just does the middle one for me (so does making really loud noises)

      2. Reem

        Put it in a jar and leave it for few sec.

    4. Jas

      Does anyone know how to get the third blue box in the one that responds to your mic. I know you have to be loud and then silent for the first two but what about the third one?

      1. Chloe

        “A jet taking off, a concert, or a jackhammer would definitely do” this is the clue

      2. JShu

        just say bla blu bllaaa and make a weird voice… thats what I did…

      3. Kyle

        You have to continuously be loud or talk directly into the mic

      4. Beth

        I blew into my mic and it worked !! Do it for a few seconds tho

      5. Helena

        Blow into the mic

    5. Akshay Chavan

      For the third (bottom most) blue color-
      Turn the phone to silent mode (pushing the button on the left side of your device)
      And scream out loud in the mic (near the speaker at the bottom)
      Your Welcome.

    6. Connor

      One of them turns on by making a lot of noise, one turns on by shaking the device violently, and the last turns on by being completly silent.

        1. Benjgbro

          Try clapping

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Lol what do you mean?

            (This is a great game to get people doing silly things in public.)

            1. Bcool

              Like holding your phone to a light on the city bus trying to solve a puzzle thinking it needs light to enter the camera. 🙂 personal story here.

        2. Reem

          Rubbing the mic quickly

    7. UchihaSK

      Make a big noise or just blow into the mic, it’ll lit up one. Then accelerate the phone, hold the phone and spin around a bit it’ll litght up another one. Then keep the phone in complete silence to get the last light.

      1. Clive

        I got one by clapping, one by silent and one by blowing in the mic

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I managed to get the middle and bottom by making noises, but can’t repeat it with accuracy. So not sure exactly what the game wants for those.

    8. Fazia

      One is silence, the other is noise enough to fill the screen and the last is an explosion or an extremely loud something.

    9. Laurenne

      Put your phone next to speaker and play music

    10. Kim

      that one you have to make sure no blue dots appear. has to be very quiet!

      1. kuroshiryu

        all i did was use my beats (bluetooth) and it worked perfectly fine

    11. Gert

      Silence does

    12. James Bond

      The clue is “if youre happy and you know it…” so you have to clap twice and it works. worked for me

      1. T0fu

        meme review

    13. Anonymous

      One of them you have to be really quiet , the middle you have to be not to quiet but not to loud , and the last one just make a lot of noise .

    14. Tatem

      You have to be completely silent with that one

    15. payton fetner

      you have to be very quiet

    16. Icarus

      I just sang over the rainbow and got two of them

  3. john

    that reddish orange box you talked about, how did you unlock it?? I tapped the screen and the message popped up about smudging but the level never opened for me.

    also to solve the bottom green one you have to get your power really low (had mine at 10%)

    if you play the game for 5 days straight it unlocks a dark red level, which you can complete by turning off your device and re-entering the app (you can time cheat and it will stilll unlock)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a very light orange one that pops up above the 6 red ones.

      1. john

        isnt that the one where you move the a on your home-screen? I’m talking about the one you mentioned to the left of the yellows, where you covered the camera or something

  4. Hassan

    For the two green ones about hours passing just go into the settings nd change time nd go back to the game , though u should do the time of am nd pm

  5. Swede

    If someone needs a little help here are some more answers.
    1. In the dark purple one you have to say “Blackbox”, not “black”.
    2. In the mexican pink one (it on the lower part), you have to put the wrong touch ID finger 3 times.
    3. In the puzzles that you have to buy, you get the 2 green ones by getting someone to call you, answering once and hanging up to get the other one.
    4. The six purple ones you get by getting the right note with your voice and holding it long enough.
    Hope someone finds this useful

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I thought it was “Blackbox” at first, but just “black” seemed to work also. I’ll test some more. 🙂

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I had “Blackbox” there but then I thought just “black” worked. I tested again and it doesn’t, so will switch it back. 🙂

      1. Swede

        I also forgot to mention! The 4 blue ones may be activated by walking a certain distance I believe, still haven’t tested it out but the hints hinted towards it.
        Oh, and the two pinks may have something to do with the moon cycle, I don’t know if its full moon or new moon, or maybe both.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I tried keeping the four blue ones open while walking, but didn’t get anything to light up.

          And I thought that might have to do with the moon cycle, but does that mean checking in every day for a month??

          1. Swede

            The 4 blue boxes are location related, I took the bus home and had it on, the first one lit up after about 1.5 km or almost 1 mile, and I know the 3rd one will light up after 100 km or a little above 60 miles… So it’s going to take a while to complete that one.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I just took a short walk and got the first to light up, but the circle shrunk on my way back. So it’s based on an actual distance. You can’t go back and forth to get it.

              1. Kylie

                I live close to Houston and I drove to almost the border of Louisiana and I still haven’t finished the last blue one.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I live in NYC and don’t own a car, so I don’t expect to complete those anytime soon. 😛

                  1. Emily

                    I got the last blue box after flying from Brisbane to Melbourne, so all I can say for certain is it’s some distance less than 1300km “as the crow flies”

                    I also got the highest altitude one as we came in for landing, when we were at about the same height as some of the highest buildings.

            2. Matthew lunsford

              For the third light you have to travel 64 miles and the fourth one is 680 miles approximately

          2. Beccles

            For the light pink (I think) moon ones, Use the dates 8th February 2016 and 22nd February 2016, does the job.

          1. Snailmail

            It’s the lunar cycle. Full moon and new moon. You can change the date in your settings if you don’t want to wait.

          2. Dev

            Wats the to pink box?

          3. dgafqueen13

            What do I do if that pink comment box isn’t showing up? I have completed almost all the levels even the moon one and it isn’t showing up.

        2. Me


        3. Uli

          No31 … its all about distance. If you want to walk – fine. But you’ll have to wait until you’re ready fot the Appalachian trail. I just drove close to 100km and did just NOT get the third box.
          First is about 1km, second around 10km. Guess I have to wait for the fourth when I next visit a friend overseas … 🙂

      2. Josh

        I can’t seam to get the sun rise sun set one, I’ve tried doing it properly, but can’t, what time zone are you in? When you did it? Cause it’s 10:45 in AEDT and it’s close to the sunset side but can’t get it

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I googled the sunrise and sunset and then set my iPhone to those times. Google automatically gave me the right time for my area.

      3. G

        How do you unlock the little pink box? The one for the 3 times wrong ID?

    3. ShayshayL

      For some reason i cant do the fingerprint one.
      Does it need to b very quick b4 the print disappears off the screen?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        That’s a really tricky one. Think about what might make Touch ID difficult for you. (Trying not to give you the answer straight out, but let me know if you want it.)

        1. Biggs

          I can’t get this challenge to appear for me! It’s the only one i am missing apart from the distance and the elevation ones… It’s the single pink box at the right of the game center icon. How did you guys get this one?

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Do you have Touch ID on your phone? It’s possible that was disabled on phones without it.

            1. Biggs

              Yes i have it but it’s bot activated. Do i need to?

              1. AppUnwrapper

                That level’s not available on devices without Touch ID, so it’s probably disabled if Touch ID is disabled.

              2. Biggs

                Just activated touch id and it still doesn’t show…

                  1. Biggs

                    All of them except for the distance one (one light activated) and the altitude one (no lights so far)…

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Hmm that’s weird. I don’t remember doing anything special to get that. I think it unlocked early on along with the blue location-based ones and the sunrise/sunset ones. You killed the app and reopened it after enabling Touch ID?

                    2. Biggs

                      It’s there this morning! Complete non-sense! Thanks for your help!

  6. J

    For the light orange one (clipboard) you have to copy the word “blackbox”

    1. Dante

      just type it in thats all

  7. Jay

    The 2 purple ones with cream circle is in line with the lunar calendar. If you set it to a day with a “new moon” the 1st box completed and the 2nd completes when you set it to “full moon” i looked up the lunar calendar online.

  8. Chickenbreast

    The 4 dark blue bots “vertical” .. Its for distance .. Distance is long tho .. The rather you are the more dots you get .. I went to the gym today which is 10 mins away .. Got the first one ..

    And the 3 vertical light blue dots .. I think it has to do with altitude.. Didnt test it tho but it looks like mountains and sky .. 🙂

  9. MartyMcSkywalker

    If you go to Settings, Blackbox, and turn on the bottom option (it’s a black box emoji), you’ll get another meta challenge!

    1. Swede

      For that one all you have to do is turn off the button again and you will get a new challenge!

  10. Michelle d

    What about the upper pink one that has 2 boxes, they look like they are in some type of moon?

    1. Michelle d

      Nevermind!!! I see you all answered my question already!

  11. Hassan

    For the 3 pink ones of the moon , change the time manually from settings too nd u wanna put the moon on the line for each light nd one on the peak for the 3rd one ??

    1. MartyMcSkywalker

      Yeah I just did that one by accident. Since its sunset where I live right now, it was on the line, and the box on the bottom right just lit up!

  12. Mekhi

    Additional tip: go to your settings, scroll down to black box and look at the options for the app. There’s a pretty interesting setting that’s a little unique…

    1. Mekhi

      Whoops. I see someone has already mentioned that one. Does anyone have any solution for the greenish light that’s two lights to the left of the Game Center one?

      1. MartyMcSkywalker

        Exactly! I need help with that one too! I thought it wanted me to lock my phone, but that didn’t work…

      2. Betaboy

        I haven’t played in such a long time cause I was a beta tester, but I believe the one 2 to the left of the Game Center icon is unlocked by setting the time to earlier.

      3. Kay

        For that one you just need to reset your time setting backwards. I just set it back by two minutes and that worked.

  13. MartyMcSkywalker

    Also, for the one that looks like a moon with two pink lights in it, just change the date to March 9th for the new moon, and March 23rd for the full moon. You’ll turn both lights on!

    1. MartyMcSkywalker

      Nvm if you live in Eastern North America then that’ll work… SORRY!

  14. Hello,itsme

    The light pink ones with the black background are moon related. I just change my time. (Date)
    Hope this helps

  15. Liz

    after solving meta setting challenge, another block unlocked , it’s greenish and blue and I didn’t how to solve.. I unlocked the hint it says “the moment has passed on” .. I didn’t get it.. The block should be close to Game Center symbol by left side.. Sorry if you didn’t understand I’m not english

    1. john

      I unlocked the hint and understood it, basically open the thing, wait for the box to turn off, go into settings, change the time back 1 minute and re-enter the BlackBox app. (basically you’re returning to the moment where the box had filled up, this the hint)

  16. john

    the red time-based one is to do with sunset / sunrise, I googled ‘sunset’ and set the time to the Google result and unlocked the left one, middle I think is midnight, the aim is to make the light hit the box, so try and move the time around if midnight doesn’t work

  17. Lizz


    I solved the greenish or bluish light ( two lights to the left of the Game Center one) by changing or activating 24 hour time option in setting .. Hope that helps

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wait, you just toggled on the 24 hour setting? You didn’t need to change the time to a minute earlier?

  18. Cosmic

    For the one 2 to the left of the Game Center icon, go back in time in settings (the hint was: the moment has past)

  19. Lizz

    Or maybe changing time! That works too.. Sorry for confusion Q_Q

  20. Zero Sense

    For the Green-Blue after completing the green from the meta settings unlock – next to game centre (mine not showing game centre atm) but you can unlock it by going back in time one minute – hint is: the moment has passed.

  21. Johnny

    I’ve got all of them but the 2 pink ones in the yellow circle thing – how do I complete these

    1. Sarah

      It’s a lunar phase. Change the date of your phone to a date of a new moon, this will light up one. Then change the date to a date of a full moon and this will light up the other. You can just google “when is the next full moon” and it will give you the dates.

      1. Deniablesumo

        DoesnΓÇÖt work anymore, now you actually have to wait or it give you the pop up ΓÇ£patience is a virtueΓÇ¥ and doesnΓÇÖt complete.

  22. Sarah

    The pitch related one with 6 lines is very easy to do if you have a guitar. Strum each string individually – each string lights up a box.

  23. Sarah

    The three blue boxes with the orange triangle background are to do with altitude. I went to my parents’ house (they live on a hill) and that made the lowest one light up for me. Not sure how high I’ll have to climb to get the other two though.

  24. Dougal

    For the three blue boxes with orange triangles the hints talk about height so I’m assuming it’s how high up you are above sea level (or your original starting point )

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah I thought that might be it. But my starting point is on the fourth floor of my building, so I couldn’t really test it. I’ll see if resetting my location at ground level will help.

    2. Fumoffu

      I should be able to test the location-based columns of 3 & 4 lights in a couple of days. I’m travelling 200 miles plus on Wednesday night, and when I get to my destination there’s a multi-storey carpark nearby.

  25. MartyMcSkywalker

    For the purple one above the three green ones (that have to do with battery level) saying “blackbox” or “black” or “box” lights up the line so it turns purple, but it doesn’t light up the actual light. Help?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      “Blackbox” should work. I noticed when I said just “black” or “box” or things that sound like “black,” or “box,” the line turned purple but didn’t light it up.

  26. Charan reddy

    The three red boxes in which the white dot repsent the solve that you may try setting your time to 12noon and the middle box activates and for the 1&3 boxes go to your weather app in the bottom you can find your sunrise and sunset time set the clock accordingly.

  27. Sanju

    Need help with unlocking the puzzle. two pinks , its like a face with 2 eyes

  28. Gerard

    The one with a glowing circle with two pink boxes has to do with the moon phases. Change your date and time to days that have a new and full moon

    1. Sanju


  29. Laurenne

    What about the two light pink boxes?

  30. Narendra Modi

    hey guys! guess what.. if you put your phone in water,it takes you to an altogether next level !! try it!!!

    1. Franz

      I tried this, but now my phone wont turn back on.. Is this still some part of the puzzle

    2. Bcool

      But how can I put my phone in water without damaging it?

    3. Charlie

      iPhone 7 and it unlocked it so helpful thanks

  31. Lad1234

    How do u solve the red one three to the right of the Game Center one?? It looks a bit like a radar or something.

  32. Lad1234

    Ahh thank you, how far do u have to go for the last blue one??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure yet. I plan to walk today since it’s gorgeous out. Will see how many I can light up!

      1. James Bond

        haha good luck. the clue is you can travel this far in 1.34 milliseconds if you were light which by calculations is 1020km

  33. Arjan

    I am also having difficulty with the purple one that should light up when you say ‘blackbox’.. I am not a native English speaker, but I am used to using the English language. Is there something else to this, or is it an accent issue?

    Any tips?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Sarah

      I had the same issue. Trying saying “Hey, Blackbox”. That’s what worked for me. (Since saying “Hey, Siri” activates her, I assume it’s modelled after that.)

      1. Arjan

        That did the trick! Thanks!

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, I asked the developer and he said it’s a known issue that he’s fixed for an update. But till then:

      “After opening the speech one you need to pull open/close CC/NC, activate Siri, or hit the home button and come back (basically anything to background the app).”

      1. Dils

        How to unlock erudite pack?? Again nd again its been asking for 13 new lights +1hint , dobi need to buy it??? Plsssss help!!!

  34. Zolk

    I filled the clock once but I don’t see the other light how am I supposed to know when I progress? How do you get the second green light to turn on?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Each one is 12 hours. So you can only see each one for half the day. You can also change your clock on your iPhone to cheat it.

  35. Xxxablol

    How do you complete the 2 darkish green ones which are to the right of the 6reds????

      1. Albin

        How do i solve the two green boxes that have to do with the clock. I already lighted up one but the other one won’t turn on plzz tell me how to do it

  36. john

    I’ve done everything except the two Location ones and the speaking “black box” one. im yet to try “hey black box”, will try it out later.. How do I get the location ones to work?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still working on one, because I think it’s related to altitude. The other just requires you to cover a certain distance.

      1. john

        I think it’s having trouble finding my location, for the 4 blue dots it always flashes blue slowly and then goes red

        1. john

          also I tried “hey black box” and it worked first time, I reckon that’s the proper way to do it

      2. Joost

        I went to the highest hill near me ( a 40 minute drive) and that made the lowest box light up. The hill is about 150 meters above sea level.

    2. Albin

      You should say “blackbox” to the mic not to the microphone

  37. CrescentD

    I still can’t figure out how to unlock the bottom of the three vertical boxes (with the blue raindrops appearing in the background from noise). Also, I unlocked a meta challenge that I’ve got no clue how to solve. It is a teal box that is filled at first then seems to shut off like an old tv. If anyone knows these, please help out. Thanks a bunch for this guide!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ve gotten mixed results with the blue boxes. The second and third both turned on for me different times by making loud noises. But I can’t reproduce it reliably. So I’m not sure exactly what each of those two wants.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      And the teal box is super tricky — I wouldn’t have gotten it if people didn’t give the answer. Maybe this hint will help: notice it’s going in reverse.

      1. Michael

        I need this one too…. I don’t understand your hint either?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ok how about this hint:

          One of Cher’s most popular songs, written by Diane Warren.

          1. Michael

            ah thank you! very clever.

  38. Matt

    How do you unlock the magenta box next to the Game Center icon?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you want a hint, the “difficult” part is important. What would make Touch ID difficult?

  39. Shannon

    I really can’t seem to do the finger print one and I’m so confused! Does my phone have to be locked or do I do it on the app?!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That is a really tricky one. It is done within the app.

    2. MartyMcSkywalker

      Use three fingers that are incorrect and aren’t signed up with your Touch ID

  40. Omar

    Actually I solved the purple box by saying “Hey Blackbox” into the mic. It won’t work if you only say “Blackbox”. The game recognizes that you say “Blackbox” and the bottom Siri line turns purple but the box won’t light up unless you say “Hey Blackbox”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Both work for me, but I do have to leave the game for a second before either will.

  41. Laurenne

    The game hasn’t given me anymore levels, is there something I need to do?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      How many have you done? The Erudite pack needs to be bought for $0.99.

      1. Laurenne

        I bought that one, but now there’s nothing more to do.. Confused but there’s boxes missing

    2. Bcool

      Did you finish all 53? You might have too do thet first. Some people on Game Center have 55 challenges somehow. I have know idea how to get those extra two, except for possibly finishing the 53.

      1. BatteryImploder

        They are called Meta challenges. You can unlock one in the Blackbox settings, it has a pretty unique feature. The other is unlocked by tapping the screen in repetitive motions near the bottom of the boxes to reveal it.

  42. SuxToBe

    Well guys I drove 55 miles and only lit up two boxes…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s not good. I don’t have a car and I’ve no plans to travel anytime soon. Guess I won’t be completing those levels without hacking the game somehow.

  43. Bub

    One one where you say “Blackbox” you have to be silent before and after, so the sound wave doesn’t move. A second or 2 of silence after you say “Blackbox” or “hey Blackbox” it should show as complete

  44. Q

    52 and 53: get someone to call you (a friend listed in your phonebook) first time decline (52) and second time accept (53)
    Pink speechbox, press and keep pressed for a few seconds: developer menu, nothing to add, but all progress to loose 🙂

  45. Fumoffu

    For the six purple lights, if you have another iDevice and GarageBand, open up a guitar and noodle for a bit.

    For the red and green circles, call your phone from a different number. Decline the call for 52, accept it for 53.

    And for crying out loud…
    WhatEVER you do…

  46. Bonnie

    With the 4 orange ones I’ve got three how do I get the last one ! ?? ( on the bottom right corner )? Please help !!

    1. Franz

      Plug in headset 😉

    2. Fumoffu

      Plug in your headphones.

    3. No0ne

      Plug your earphones into the phone? (or pull them out)

  47. Amea

    The altitude one is ridiculous! “You’re gonna need a mountain”..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I mean I live in NYC, but haven’t decided which skyscraper I’m gonna go up for it. 😛

      1. Amea

        Haha cool. I’m gonna have to catch a plane 🙂

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The distance one will be much harder for me — I don’t drive and am not planning any trips in the near future.

    2. BatteryImploder

      I downloaded this app for a road trip to the mountains, lucky me.

  48. Julie

    can someone tell me how to unlock levels 27-35 please

  49. Emrys

    The 6 purple once you need to buy are easy to do when you have a guitar!

    The four blue once with the location pin are 1km, 10km, 100km and 1000km I’ve tested this out only didn’t have the 1000km one but the rest is confirmed I’ve calculated the 4th one with the given hint

    1. Michelle

      I’ve noticed with my drive to and from work, the white line moves forward,… Then on my way back it moves backwards ?

    2. Fumoffu



      I’m in the UK and don’t have a passport.

  50. Dominic Chan

    How to solve the very first puzzle??!

    1. Trey B.

      You seriously don’t know how to solve the very first puzzle?!?
      Fine, just tilt your device and it should light up.

  51. Dils

    Pls can anyone tell how to unlock erudite pack??? Its been asking fir 13new lights +1hint, i hv earned but still asking. Do i hv to buy it?? Plsss help!!!

  52. Nae

    How do u get the first green one with the clock thing

  53. BlackBox

    I travelled my normal journey to school (13 miles) and first two lights lit up…. Not sure I’m gonna complete that one…. And not a chance for the altitude one

    1. Victoria

      I went 75 miles and I still need the highest one !

  54. LazySlagger

    31-34 Bruh! u need 2 travel 1020km for the last one(34). Prepare 2 go 1/4 around the globe. RIP my legs.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Lol. I haven’t been on a proper vacation in yeaaaars. So maybe I’m due for a trip to Australia. 😛

    2. 420 shrek

      Huuuuhh??? Dude 1020km isn’t 1/4 of Da globe! Its more like 1/40?

  55. SuxToBe

    Any further info on the altitude one? I went up 8 floors but the marker didn’t even slightly move :/

    1. Fumoffu

      Tim Peake is on the ISS and he STILL hasn’t got the third Altitude light.

      The location-based levels need a bit of a rejig, methinks, based on the country of the player. Dutch players won’t have a hope in hell of making the altitude one. Here in London, I’m currently 80 miles (~129km) into a 414-mile (666km!) trip – I’m STILL not going to get the fourth blue light! And as for altitude, I don’t exactly get the chance to climb Ben Nevis every day…

  56. BlackBox

    Lol looks like it’s not happening….. Even if you do go Australia ain’t a chance blackbox is gonna be on lol

  57. Rub

    Guys I reset the location now I can’t remember how I got the blue pin on the blue boxes level (31-34). I have to of them lighten up… but no blue pin on bottom and when I open the level, it gets red… What should I do!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That one, try traveling about a mile. Not sure about the red pin, though. Make sure location services are connected.

      1. Rub

        thanks for the the quick reply.

        The screens gets itself red for a second when the waves are approaching the bottom… and the pins does not drop. I don’t remember what I did on the beginning… Is it necessary to be in a certain position? or maybe to incline it when the waves are moving? Why on earth did I reset the location :p
        they are connected btw…

        Thanks again

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I don’t think I’ve ever seen the pin get red on there. So I’m not really sure. Maybe try walking a few blocks and see what happens?

          1. Michelle

            The pin doesn’t move, there’s a white arched line that moves as you travel

          2. Rub

            no, not the pin, it’s the screen itself
            here’s a screenshot of it
            (don’t know if the codes work so heres the url bellow:



            1. AppUnwrapper

              Whoa. That’s weird. My guess would be that it’s having trouble locating you?

              1. j

                i’m having the same red lack of pin problem

  58. Katerina Jurasova

    Can somebody tell me how to do the purple one with fingerprints? I am trying to put another finger to scan it as “TOUCHID” but it doesn’t work..How I should do it?

    1. Fnaf5467

      Use the finger that is not registered on your touch ID

  59. Emily

    Erudite pack need to be purchased. May I know if this is the only one to be purchased (then I don’t mind) or there are other subsequent packs that all need to be purchased separately? Then how much will it be in total?

  60. Richard

    I just travelled 400 miles and lit the third blue distance box. The fladhing white line looked over half way between the third and fourth box – so 1000km /600m seems about right for the fourth blue box.

  61. ALEC

    hi I downloaded several altitude apps, and i found that almost all of them are not accurate. Like i live in 49th floor and there is no other buildings in front of me, the altitude shows right now it’s 19 feet tall.
    Also in Manhattan, it’s always below 40 feet.
    But for no reason I passed 49 last night the moment i open it
    Basically soeaking, the iphone altitude doesnt work well. it’s based on the GPS, but for some reason the GPS failed to work.

  62. T

    Anyone know how to get touch id level (no.35) it not appear in my phone ? * im using i6s*

  63. Chaddles

    I can’t get a pin either, it keeps going red and I don’t know how to change it. Please help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have location enabled in the game’s settings?

    2. AshDen

      I dont have a pin before too. then I tried to open Apple Maps and stand in a location with better network. it works now

  64. Peter

    Went on a short road trip yesterday. Travelled over 80km and only managed to light 2 of the distance boxes. Luckily we went over a mountain road at an elevation of 940m (3,080ft) was soooooo close on the way over yet didn’t make the last height light but on the way back held my phone out the window up high and made it!

  65. Peter

    Also wondering if there’s any secret to the pink speech bubble (even though it says there isn’t)?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haha you think it’s lying to us? Could be, but I don’t want to wipe my progress to find out. 😉

      1. Anonymus

        It dosent, it gives you a new level

  66. Plutodead

    With regard to the blue location puzzle, I have the bottom two and the last one (top up) lighted up already. But the third one (second from the top) isn’t lighting up. Ideas if it could be a bug? Or perhaps cause I got the fourth one by taking a long distance flight from the time I had the second one lighted up? Lol.

  67. Haley_1987


    I could not get the 12 hour thing to work.
    I have actually change the time to every hour, but seems like I couldn’t get the 12 am / 12 pm one to light up.

  68. Matt

    The app said, on the location boxes that you could redrop the pin. I don’t remember what it said though. Could you help?

    1. Phillip

      Go to your apple map and drop a current location marker and then go back into blackbox and it should redrop the pin for your location

  69. Tash

    For the distance one, I traveled for 3 and a half hours by train and only got to the third ring

    1. Jon

      I had to travel from the UK to Austria to get the full distance one…

  70. Matt Waldner

    There are a handful of people in game center that have completed 55 challenges, so what are the last two that I can’t see?

    1. Bcool

      I have same question. Maybe you have to finish the rest to get the 2 more?

    2. Q

      Those are metachallenges. You need to search and find them 🙂

      1. Bcool

        Can you give us hints on how to find both? If you know? Do we have to finish the first 53 to find them?

        1. Q

          I have not finished the height and the distance challenges and was able to open them up, so i guess not. Hints… those are provided when installing the test version of the app. Probably will be provide when Ryan releases the official update?

          1. Bcool

            Well what did you do to access them? Not solve them. I don’t have any idea how to get them if we don’t need to solve the 53 first.

  71. Dabman21

    Could anybody tell me how to get the bottom blue one, where there is 3 blue ones and it looks like raindrops, i know you have to be loud its says in the hint but shouting loud just isn’t enough to get it. I’d appreciate the help 🙂

  72. elvi

    can you guys help me? how to unlock the secret one? I already touch all my screen. But still no responds. thnkyou!

    1. Bcool

      What do you mean? What secret one? Can you be more specific.

  73. Amber

    How do I get the developer menu? The only ones that I haven’t unlocked are the top two distance lights and the paid pack.

  74. Matt

    I’ve wondered what triggered it so i started a new game and played until it was unlocked. I believe it unlocks when you complete 40 or 41 challenges. Another note, i checked all the choices in the developed menu to see if they were lying about there not being a challenge, and i didnt find any. It really does just mess up your game.

  75. Tini

    After I have all the lights turned on, how do I unlock the ones that are supposed to be purchased? Help 🙁

  76. Bcool

    I finished the elevation puzzle with one or two more lights left. After I finished the elevation puzzle it said I had a new feature added to my board, but I can’t see anything new. Can someone please help? What is as pose to show up. I have 52/53 puzzles completed. I have the heart, star, share, Game Center, and developer menu icon. All showed up earlier. What was it talking about?

    Also does anyone know how some people have 55 puzzles and how to get them? Not their solutions though. 🙂

  77. Matt

    Levels 54 and 55 were just released. I’ve only got one of them so far. Type in blackbox://meta in safari’s address bar then tap the go button and open it in blackbox to reveal it. Then type in blackbox://? and open it to unlock it, then blackbox://? to solve it.

    1. Dirk

      For the other One you have to scroll Outside the Grid

    2. Tesa

      The second one (54 or 55): Try to scroll out of the Grid several times, each time it shows a message to stop, but scroll out again. I have the puzzle not solves yet…

    3. Krystal

      You can also solve the safari one by typing “blackbox://blackbox” using text after it’s unlocked. I couldn’t get it to unlock using “blackbox://unlock” or “blackbox://key”, I had to use the emoji. Trying ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ gave you flavour text though

      With the other one, you drag outside of the grid 3 or 4 times to unlock it, then solve it by taking a screenshot of the main grid (not the puzzle light).

      1. Katelin

        I solved 54 by taking a screen shot of the grid screen, if that makes any sense.

    4. Lou

      How do you know this?!

      1. Bcool

        I’m wondering the same thing? I see no way how anybody with no solutions given and without good hints can solve these.

        1. Matt

          The game told me to check out their website, so I went there and when you go it’s half red and half black and moves very much like the first level of the game so I spun it all around but it told me to lock my screen orientation so I did and then spun it around again and it revealed the secret message “blackbox://meta” so I typed it in and that revealed the level but it was locked. When you try unlocking it it just comes up saying (blackbox emoji)://(locked emoji) so I used a key to unlock it by typing in blackbox://(key emoji) and that unlocked it. Because there was nothing but the unlit light on the screen I tried lighting it up with a lightbulb by typing blackbox://(lightbulb emoji) and that solved it.

          1. Spencer

            Im having problem to solve this 55, mine is just a pink screen, all around. Nothing grey or black, i tried turning around like the first puzzle but NOTHING happens, it doesnt even move, can someone help me please????

  78. Samu

    For 54 I’m pulling and pulling but never get any message telling me to stop..
    Also, for 55, I’m getting the question to open the url in the app, but no box appears.. What am I doing wrong?

  79. Bayar

    What is that pink message box at the right side?

      1. Bayar

        I dont get it -.-

  80. Bcool

    Where does the message show up on the site after locking orientation? All I saw come up was a way to open the app from the site.

    1. Austin

      When it prompts you to open the app, open it. It’ll lead you to some cool shit

  81. Ashley

    For people having trouble with location try shaking your phone on them challenges, it resets the pin

  82. Jckdk

    How do you get the little comment icon in the top right corner

  83. Kcal kander

    How do you get the comment icon in the top right corner

  84. Mark Reilly

    You may have already solved it but 52 and 53 is to get someone to call you then press the red button to decline the call which will get you one of the lights and the is to actually answer the phone call. How did you get the pink comment thing I still haven’t got it ??

  85. Austin

    The six purple boxes in the paid pack are the pitches of guitar strings! From left to right, the pitches are E A D G B E. The developer was a musician, woo!!!

  86. Michael Schultz Tang

    There are one more box, you have to keep scrolling to the top in home screen. Although it warns you not to do it, keep on doing it. It will gift you a box under the box 39

  87. Laura Poblete

    I’ve by mistake selected to reset the location, but I haven’t found a way to actually set the location. I’ve tried all sorts of things like resetting it again, or turning off the location for blackbox or going into airplane mode and back out, but none of that worked… Has anyone else had this issue?

    1. Sancia

      Yes it has annoyed me A LOT lately

  88. Laura Poblete

    On challenge 13 (Reddish orange box to the left of the yellow ones) it was said to Put your hand over your phoneΓÇÖs camera so the screen turns off for a good 10-20 seconds, then move your hand so the screen goes back on. How do you get your phone to turn back on just by waving? Is there a setting I need to enable first?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not aware of any special settings. You might not need a full 10 seconds, though. I just tried it and it filled up pretty quickly. And my screen went back on when I moved my hand away.

  89. Lolomutante

    Somebody have passed levels 33 and 34?? How the hell did it?

    1. Lily Jennifer Christensen

      Keep driving

  90. Rocco

    How do I unlock level 13 I have been trying for ages

    1. Sancia

      Hold your finger over The camera hole for a while then take it off ? Hope it helps

      1. Mark Reilly

        Does anyone else know the other two levels I’m really stuck

  91. Sancia


  92. Mark Reilly

    There is now an update with 3 new challenges

  93. Squircle

    I’m 70% sure the new two-light level involves assistive touch. The white/gray box on the level follows the same color scheme as the assistive touch, and the left light’s hint is “Touch not me, touch not me, touch not me.” The right light I’m guessing is the inverse. I haven’t revealed the hint to that one yet but im guessing it’s the same as the left one without the word not. Still working on solving it, I’ll post here again if I solve it or make any breakthroughs.

    1. Mark Reilly

      Thanks very much ?

  94. s960194d

    I just solved the right one. All you have to do is to tap on any hint (not reveal) three times and that will light on the right one. (I accidentally revealed the hint of this one, which says “Touch me, touch me, touch me.”)

  95. s960194d

    Find it! The left one is similar to the right one, you tap on three different hints.

    1. Kim

      I still don’t get it. How do you do this one?

    2. Soh

      It didn’t light with me

  96. Squircle

    Nice work finding those! For the new single light level, the only thing I got is the light itself is the same color and same shape (double lined box) as the app’s homescreen logo.

  97. Martin

    For the new single meta challenge, press and hold anywhere on the screen (as if to go back to the main screen with all the coloured squares)… A pinkish glow will grow steadily – keep holding your finger down to allow the glow to take up the whole screen, and voila!

  98. Datonedude

    On the right one, if you tap on different boxes’ hints, the square turns a different color. Not sure if this would help.

  99. Datonedude

    Figured it out! Tap 3 different colored hints once and then come back and you get it.

  100. Kim

    I don’t know how to do 56. Someone help me out?

    1. Atru515

      I figured out 56-57

      The right one- tap the hint box 3 times
      Left- tap me, don’t tap me, tap another me
      Tap left hint, exit level and chose another level, tap that hint, exit that level, choose another BLUE level, but not level 56,57- tap that hint once, then go back to level 56-57 and the left one is cleared

  101. Su-Ann

    for the new meta challenge, you have to tap anywhere on the screen, leave it there til the whole screen goes pink then tap anywhere else to unlock it

    1. Anonymous

      I found two hidden challenges.The first one I have no idea how I got it but the second keep on trying to go off the grid

  102. Slimelink

    How do I unlock level 13 i can’t get it

  103. Slimelink

    How do I unlock level 13 i can’t get it I have been trying forever!!!!

    1. cmusee

      You have to cover your phone’s front camera for a certain amount of seconds. 10 seconds worked for me 🙂

    2. cece

      cover the front camera for a solid minute than uncover it and wait

  104. madcat

    For the new levels, the purple one two left and then one below the game center icon.

    hint: you need to make a picture

    hint 2: it’s deeper then the solution

    make a picture of the board where the unsolved icon is

    1. Mark Reilly

      Sorry but can you explain what to do for the purple one in more detail if that’s ok?

    2. BlindRock

      How do I get the one below Game Center? Not how do I solve, but how do I get the puzzle so I can solve it?

  105. Diego

    I found that blowing into the mic helps the bottom of the three blue dots. I think it’s having a loud noise for 2-3 seconds. The exact number is 23.

    1. Sandra

      OMG thanks to your answer!!! I was wondering why I’d only got the first and second one but not the last lol

  106. Nazoo

    13 is not appearing in my grid..

    Also is there a way to open the pack?

  107. Ben Fracker

    What about the cyan ones to the right of 24? The hint said:
    Touch not me,
    touch not me,
    touch not me.

    Any Ideas?

  108. Ben Fracker

    What about the cyan ones to the right of 24? The hint said:
    Touch not me,
    touch not me,
    touch not me.
    Any ideas?

    1. Ivan Ramos

      You should touch 2 order color hints and for the last one, touch de hint of this light. You dont need do reveal any hint… just touch them

  109. Sun

    Ok I get that you are supposed to open hint boxes for two of them but I completely forgot how to access hint boxes

    Can someone tell me please

    1. Silky

      You click the box that you want the hint for

  110. Murie

    I found casually by touching the screen of the game a lot of times and they gave me a box upside the 14, and the hint says ‘it helps to have a hole lot of patience.’ what does it mean?

    1. Will z

      You touch the screen so that the hole appears and u don’t touch the screen for a while. The screen will have turned pink and then when u tap somewhere else it will solve it

    2. Vivi

      Tap to go back but only once. Leave the hole there until the box lights up.

  111. paranous

    for 23
    if u turn ur phone face down and make noise it will work for you 🙂

  112. Jen

    for 31 – 34:
    I got the first box after walking a mile from my house, the second after about ten miles, and the third on a road trip, lighting up about 100 miles out, so I’m assuming the fourth is at 1000 miles (which I won’t be getting any year soon)

  113. Emiliya

    Hi, could you guys please help me to unlock level 39? I tried entering in settings then I entered in General–> Date&Time–> then I turned off the “Set automatically” option and after I turned the time to one minute later and returned to the game nothing happens… I will be very thankful if someone can help me through this tricky level 🙂 Thanks

    1. Max

      Hi, for the lvl 39, you need go one minute in the PAST and not future 😉

  114. Emiliya

    for 28-30

    I have already read the above solution about these levels. I googled the correct time for the sun ( when it rise and when it set) then I went to setting and I’ve opened ” Date&Time” and although I calculated the exact hours and changed them nothing happened could you please help me giving some solution or advise 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Joffrey

      Seems the app has been fixed to prevent tempering with date and times

    2. andyboy

      hi! yeah this happened to me too. I still don’t know for sure BUT for the noon box, I stared at the sun going past the time and nothing happened, so I exited the level and reopened it and it worked! So I think you have to open the level AT noon AT dawn and AT dusk. hopefully this helps!

  115. Momster13

    Need help with the purple meta box with the camera. Closest to the heart on the bottom left.

  116. Potfiction

    Any update on new levels?

  117. Soh

    I followed the instructions of the level on the right of 24 and the right one solved but i couldn’t what to do with the left.
    And how to open the erudite pack and the push pack?

  118. Sooh

    I need help with the two levels on the right of 24 i solved the right one but couldn’t for the left one.
    Also i couldn’t open the push pack and erudote pack what should i do??

    Thanx in demand

  119. Sophia

    For 63, after you have done that you need to go to a different app and press the home button twice then get rid of Blackbox. Black Box should be the second one when you press the home button twice. When you get back to the app, it should be solved.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm thought I tried that and didn’t work. Will try again. Thanks!

      1. Sophia

        Glad to help!

  120. Sophia

    For 61, when I shook my phone, (I was on the notification tab) nothing happened. Please help?

  121. gary

    i got the bottom clock done but when i try to open the top one it just opens the bottom again

    1. Muffy

      You can’t purposely open the other time box, one is am and the other pm, so you just have to wait

  122. Sandra

    Can’t wait to see your update on the new levels 😛 I’m stuck there haha

    I’ve cracked 46 of them so far, the ones I don’t have are 49-51 31-34 !! There’s only 6 boxes left in the pack on the right ;P

  123. Sandra

    Is there anyone who found how to unlock 49-51 yet?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They’re altitude-related, but I just haven’t bothered to try to fill them.

  124. Dillon

    On number 61 when I open the notification center and shake it nothing happens. The hint is, “Mind waiting in the notification center?” Not sure what to do.

    1. Sandra

      Same for me…

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m still trying to solve this one. You might need to be on iOS 10 for it to work properly.

        1. David

          This is a bug. The developer is looking at it.

    2. Daniel

      Reinstall the ap. Wasn’t working for me so I deleted it and reinstalled.

  125. cece

    how do you fill the light blue one near the heart that starts on and turns off immediately and the hint says “too late”????

    1. Sandra

      Go to your settings – general – date and time – turn off “set automatically” click on the time and put 1 minute back. Return in the game and it should unlock it when you’ll click on it (;

  126. Jonathan

    65: Swipe up go to the right (music control) and pauze

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah I had Control Center off so I couldn’t do that. Now I fixed it. Thanks!

  127. Anonymous

    For 64 you stop the current music playing through control center.

  128. Josh

    Hint on 50: I hear that the views from the Eiffel Tower are great.

    Can’t seem to figure it out.

    1. Ann

      It wants you to get to a higher altitude

    2. Kyla

      “I think” you Go up an elevator at least 35-40 stories I have not had a chance to try it yet.

  129. andyboy

    I’m having trouble with 60 and 61!!! I don’t have any hints for 60 and I haven’t really spent too much time one it. For 61, I figure it’s obvious it has something to do with the notification center, but I’ve been waiting for like 10 minutes now and nothing has happened?? Yes I am on iOS 10 btw. Thanks for your help in advance!!

    1. Jessica

      Swipe the notification left ? For 61

      1. Becca

        I swiped left for 61 and nothing happened?

      2. Jeffjeff

        For me 61 was to tap on the notification saying not to tap it the you get a blue button to tap

        1. Emily

          don’t tap, hold. Then you’ll see the blue dot. Tap that and you’ll win

  130. Sophua

    For 62 or the blue box above 63, you have to wait until the hand of the clock goes to the red, (keep it open) then you close out of the app and there should be a notification and when you hold down the notification it should have a ?, which u press. (It takes you back to the app and fills the box with red.) Then you have to wait again for the hand to go to blue (keep it open for 30 minutes until it gets there) then you do the same thing with pressing the notification after you exit out of the app.

  131. Sophia

    For 62 or the blue box above 63, you have to wait until the hand of the clock goes to the red, (keep it open) then you close out of the app and there should be a notification and when you hold down the notification it should have a ?, which u press. (It takes you back to the app and fills the box with red.) Then you have to wait again for the hand to go to blue (keep it open for 30 minutes until it gets there) then you do the same thing with pressing the notification after you exit out of the app, it should show a ? this time and u press that. It should take you to the app and the level should be solved.

    1. Sophia

      Sorry I didn’t mean to send it twice, and when I posted the comment, the solution wasn’t up yet.

  132. Sophia

    For 60 you just have to exit out of the app with the level being the last thing on the screen when you do. Then you just wait for an hour and go back to the app and the level should be solved. (don’t restart the app or your phone)

  133. Harriett

    66 – once you get the 1st 2 sets of blue circles, leave the level open, but lock the phone. you’ll get another notification w/ a new sound. the 2nd one is tapping on the box to get the hint, then closing the hint. do that twice. then lock the phone and you’ll get another notif for the first sound again.

      1. Chris

        Hey. Can’t seem to get box 34. Drove about 700 miles without any luck. Please let me know if you have figured it out.

        1. Harriet

          Make sure you drop a pin before you leave (open the app and that puzzle), the go about 1000km – which is the current running theory. (If the theory is wrong and it’s 1000 miles, you were a few hundred miles too short.) I got it to work for 34 (but didn’t get 33) when I flew abt 1000 miles. It picked up GPS locations for the start point and end point, but not box 33, bc GPS doesn’t work in airplane mode.

  134. Mitchell

    How do you do the first box on that one i can get the second one by pressing the hint box three times but i cant get the second one any solutions?

  135. Patchumz

    Depressingly it seems the Notification Center one is broken for some people, not displaying any messages at all.

    Is there any way to cheat the time based ones after the Push pack came out? Seems the game yells at you about patience and being a time traveler now.

    1. Daniel

      I had to delete and reinstall the game again to get notifications again. All purchases came back.

    2. Blackbox64

      For the 2 green ones, instead of opening it every hour, I changed the time manually to each hour several times, 12 am-12pm

  136. Mandi

    Has any of you had any issues with number 29? I have tried for several days and it’s not doing anything. I googled my times and I have 28 (sunrise) and 30( sunset), I just can’t get the middle one. Any tips? I’ve left the app open on my phone and the “sun” just goes right past the light without lighting it.

    1. Kyla

      HIgh noon?

  137. Sebastian

    Ha she Nyone actually completed 31-34?

  138. Dane Halle

    I found the solution for box 64, You need to minimize the app and you get a notification and when you swipe it down you are given two choices, one being a red dot and the other being a blue. If you press one it will take you to the app and get rid of one of the circles and then you do it again to solve it.

    1. Maria

      Yep, you can also do it from the lock screen.

  139. Martin

    For 43-48 it is actually guitar tuner, I did it by finding a guitar string tuner app/site on another phone and putting it next to my phone, keep pressing the same note until the block fills in then move to the next note.

    1. Whirlwound

      If you have GarageBand nearby on another iGadget, the guitar in that’ll work too.

    2. Sandra

      I didn’t thought about doing what you’ve done! I’ve unlocked all of them with my own voice! That was a lil hard tho hahaha xD

  140. SARAH

    Im not sure what I’m doing worn but how do i pass level 56?

  141. Sophia

    For 61 (the notification one) It didn’t work for me, the notifications didn’t pop up, but it just worked and after u get the message that says “the solution.. is not to tap me” u need to press and hold that one and a ?should pop up and u press that.

  142. Kelsey

    I can not get level 56 to save my life!!! HELP.

  143. Charlie

    I did 57 by accident and I can’t figure out how to do 56. Help please??

  144. Chris

    You have to travel like across the freaking country to get the last one on the distance puzzle (light 34). Please someone tell me if I’m doing this wrong. I’ve got all 3 except the last one. Lucky for me I was on a super long road trip and got these. But I’m not driving to Florida just to get this last one. That’s ridiculous.

  145. Anonymous 142814

    I figured out 21!! I was just doing cause I was bored and didn’t know what to do. So what you do is make little to no sound, then it will light up! I can’t believe I figured that out on my own!

  146. Lokuohsiung

    For 61, you need to exit from the app by pressing the home button, then follow the instructions in the notifications (i.e. Shaking your phone when asked). The solution isn’t to tap, but to hold the solution notification until another message comes up, then tap on the blue button that appears.

  147. Lokuohsiung

    For 64, what worked for me was to go to the hint screen, then jump out to the home page and pull down notifications. You’ll get a message about “playing out here”. Tap and hold on the notification until you see another message saying “Morpheus would be proud”, with two buttons to tap (red or blue). You’ll have to do this twice to complete the task.

  148. Jeff

    how do you make box #13 appear. Is it a glitch? I don’t even have it at all it’s just an empty space. I know how to solve it but that doesn’t matter because it’s not even there.

  149. Emily

    64: Open the level then leave the game. You’ll get a notification: “mind if we play out here”? Click and hold the notification and you’ll see two dots: a red one and a blue one. Select one and it takes you back to the level and removes that circle. Repeat and select the other dot and you’ll win the level

  150. Gracie Miller

    I can’t get level #16 or #17 to work. I’ve checked in every hour for a couple days and I can’t get it.

  151. alex Blckbx

    how do i reset the hame (hard reset)

  152. Sandra

    I only have 5 boxes left and i don’t have the box 35 cuz I don’t know how to get it..!! How can I get this box?

    1. Jason Stephenson

      Dont use your scanned finger when the popout comes up. Just scan it wrong three times.

  153. Elia

    Does anyone know how to get box 16. For 17 you open it up every hour, but that doesnt give you 16 and 17.

    1. Joffrey

      Every hour… day and night!

    2. Ivy

      I did it for a week every day and doesn’t worked. Today I realized that I have set my clock in “12 hours clock”. I changed it to “24 hours clock” and started to work. Sorry for my english.

  154. Jeff

    I need help with the android version of this game: it’s completely different 🙁

  155. Mark Reilly

    Has anyone got the Halloween update yet?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just updated the walkthrough with them. But it might take a bit for it to show.

  156. Cody

    For the halloween puzzles, hold each camera up to a bright light–be it a flashlight or your computer screen on full brightness. The left box is the back camera and the right box is the front camera.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh thanks! I wasn’t really sure what I was doing to get him to appear!

  157. Colgy

    Next to #27, there’s a blank space that blinks a silouhette of a chat bubble when you tap any other empty space. I can’t figure out what it does, or if it’s a hidden puzzle yet. Opinions?

    1. Jason

      I just saw it but have no idea?

  158. Thatconfusedchic

    How do you unlock level 13? I know how to solve it but I need the level first lol.

  159. Thom

    The six lines? Yeah, that’s not your voice, that’s standard tuning on a 6-string acoustic guitar. Tuned mine up, and strummed right through it.

  160. Cody

    31-34 requires that you travel ~1,000 miles. I’m not sure exactly how much but that’s a best guess based on my observations.

    I launched a test app on my phone from Xcode and simulated my location to San Francisco, which is ~570 miles away and #33 lit up. Then I tried New York, which is ~3,000 miles away and #34 lit up.

    For SF, the ring emanating from the pin lands at the 8th dotted ring past the 3rd box. For NY, the ring lands at the 4th dotted ring beyond the last box.

    I’ve tried this method with 49-51 but had no luck. I even created a custom GPX file for Mt. Everest (as the hint told me I needed a mountain for #51) and it doesn’t work so I’m guessing these puzzles use the barometer instead of geolocation (which makes sense considering the often-poor cell reception at certain high altitude locations).

    1. Lokuohsiung

      I used the free hints they were giving away on 33, 34 and 50. For 33, it’s 5 mins (300 secs) at the speed of sound, so approx. 100 km. For 34, it said 3.4 milliseconds at the speed of light, which works out to about 1000 km. I haven’t figured out how to fake my location, but where I live, it isn’t possible to travel such distances without crossing the border.

      For 50, it mentioned something about the view from Eiffel Tower (300 m high). I have no idea how to simulate my altitude though, and we probably don’t have any buildings that tall nearby.

      1. Kyla

        For the elevation one, my hint said the length of a football field (100 yards) straight up so, It would seem you need to get in an elevator and go up 35 to 40 stories ish. I have not tried it yet.

        As for the distance traveled, I got the first 3 done last night going from my home and back when I went out. About 50 miles round trip. Just drive around with the app open till it finishes… It saves when you close it so just open it when you are about to start driving.

  161. Robert Correa

    How do I do 16 and 17? I got the first green one to light up, how about the other?

  162. Anon

    I can’t get 56 to light up but I’ve got 57. I don’t understand what they wrote

    1. Evie

      If you haven’t solved it yet, what you need to do is go to any 3 other puzzles (they all have to be different), tap the box and then tap the hint card once. Once you’ve done that, go back to 56 then tap it’s hint puzzle once and it should light up.

  163. Kayleb

    I found this out on my own and the easiest way to do time and date ones is to actually change the time/date in setting.

  164. Kayleb

    The balls on the battery life lights; each represent 1% 100%=100 balls. That is how I figured it out. I got this today and all the free ones are done haha.

  165. Jordan

    Puzzle 61 doesn’t work for me. I follow the instructions and get the notification hint, but when I slide it left, all it does is make the “clear” box longer before snapping. I’m guessing this is either due to a recent iOS change or that I’m using a iPhone 7.

    Anybody else recently get it to work with an iPhone 7? Is there something different I need to do?

    1. Pied Piper

      If you have an Apple device with 3D touch, when the answer comes and tells you to use pressure, you have to press hard on the notification and then a blue button will appear. Make sure that you have the blackbox toggle in the on position in settings (you can search for blackbox there).

  166. Jordan

    I was having trouble with level 61 on an iPhone 7 with the latest update, but I figured out what to do.

    If you double tap the home button, the notifications appear, and you can do what you normally need to do, i.e. shake the phone to get the clue. Then once the final clue is up, if you slide it down, the blue button will appear.

  167. Patrick Milton

    55 is wrong. You had the part about unlocking it correct, but the rest isn’t. You need to activate emojis in keyboards. Then type “blackbox://?” ( at the end of objects. Then to light it you do “blackbox://?” near the beginning of objects.

  168. Sam Jones

    13 will not do it! Can I see a video of someone ding it???? What settings should I have

  169. Kiarash

    I know what does the middle blue light wants from us to whisper something and the bottom ine requires loud noises

  170. Yuuri

    Can’t solve level 61 when I swipe the blue button isn’t there

  171. Zwei Lloyd

    I’ve got trouble with Challenge 63. The blue is easily gone by swiping up but the red can’t. I’ve tried to put Blackbox at the 2nd position and swipe it up, to put it the 1st but swipe the 2nd, to swipe both, and many other ways. Anybody knows why?

    1. Bahram

      Me too. Any advice?

    2. Piper Eden

      You have to open up the level each time after closing the app for each step. Have another app open before doing level 63. So it’s doubletap the home button, close the app, then open it and go back into level 63, doubletap home button, maximize the other app you have opened so that blackbox goes into position 2, doubletap home button then close blackbox from position two without maximizing blackbox app, then open app and go back into level 63 again. If you skip anybof those steps, you might miss it.

  172. Kermit T. Frog

    If anyone is wondering how to figure out the new QR code puzzle, I’ve solved it! Take a screenshot of the QR code, and download a QR scanning app. If you already have one, great. Next, scan the code. That should enable a frontwards facing camera. Next, align the QR code so that it’s surrounded by white. To do that, point the inner-wards facing camera towards a light. Then, send that image to a friend with another phone. Finally, have your friend pull up the picture, and using the now (hopefully) enabled camera, line up your QR code with the QR code on your friend’s phone. It might take a bit because its slightly fidgety, but once they line up, the light should turn on.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There’s a much easier way to do this. It’s at the bottom of the post. 😉

      1. H2

        You can also hold up blackbox to a friend’s blackbox like the phones are taking selfies of each other and it will work. XD

    2. Chang Yang

      Use a mirror 🙂

  173. Kermit

    If anyone is wondering how to figure out the new QR code puzzle, I’ve solved it! Take a screenshot of the QR code, and download a QR scanning app. If you already have one, great. Next, scan the code. That should enable a frontwards facing camera. Next, align the QR code so that it’s surrounded by white. To do that, point the inner-wards facing camera towards a light. Then, send that image to a friend with another phone. Finally, have your friend pull up the picture, and using the now (hopefully) enabled camera, line up your QR code with the QR code on your friend’s phone. It might take a bit because its slightly fidgety, but once they line up, the light should turn on.

  174. Caipifruta de morango

    I have one lvl that isn’t on the list. It’s right beside the share button, on the left. It’s pink-ish orange or something like it. I have no clue about what to do (sorry the grammar mistakes, I’m brazillian)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I know he moved some around in the last update. Are you sure the one you’re talking about isn’t #55?

      1. Caipifruta de abacaxi

        Omg thank youuu I’m so confused because some of the levels aren’t in the right place XD

  175. Jackson

    I can not figur out 67 and 68 ove tried putting a light to the camera, ive tried lying it face down on a table nothi g seems to work. PLS HELP

  176. Jackson

    I can not figure out number 67 and 68, ive tried holding bright lights upto the camera and ive tried lying it face down on a table. PLS HELP

  177. Mitchell

    On the QR code one, you don’t need a QR scanner, you simply need to hold your phone up to a mirror, with the front facing camera facing the mirror!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need it to get the clue that tells you to use a mirror. 😉

      1. Val

        I was able to use the mirror without using a clue

        1. Phebe


    2. Desiree

      All I did was use the the picture from this site of the game and it worked perfect

  178. Sally

    I have the iPhone7 so therefore I don’t have the headphone jack…. how do you get past that level?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I believe the lighting cable or Bluetooth should work.

    2. George

      U can try to use that adapter thing

    3. Name

      You plug in the lightning headphones that came with the phone!

    4. BeENa ReESe

      You can consult Apple and ask them why they forgot the headphone jack on the iPhone7

    5. Ednell

      Use your iPhone 7 headphones

    6. Princess

      You have headphone that’s came with it

    7. Logan

      I used Bluetooth headphones I believe they just want somesort of headphones

    8. Ethan Bradberry

      I have the iPhone seven too, so use the lightning connected headphones to the lightning port. The iPhone should have came with these special headphones, mine did.

    9. Amanda

      Use the headjack converter that came with the phone. Gives you the same result.

  179. MGrey

    I tried covering the front camera for #13 but it doesn’t do anything I tried for two days and nothing it’s continues to just show the light on top like I’m doing nothing and I’m so frustrated

    1. Claire

      It’s actually not the front camera that you have to cover – try covering the black dot above and to the right of the front camera. Right in the middle of the phone at the very top. It’s the proximity sensor.

      1. Sher thomas

        Put the phone to your ear like you are taking a call, you will actually hear a sound like you do with your home phones.

  180. Maddie

    #22 wants you to sing into the mic

    1. Jason

      What about 23

  181. sarahmichelle

    It seems 67 and 68 are different now with like these ray things? Any ideas?

    1. Jason

      Point your front and back cameras at a bright light (i used lightbulb). One camera for one box.

  182. Andy

    Does anyone now how to do level 12

  183. Natalie Mathews

    With the one where you have to slide to unlock your phone, I can’t do that. I don’t have that option on my phone. I have the iPhone 7 so you press the home button to unlock. What do I do?

    1. Stephen Guysick

      no, it’s slide to power down.

  184. Steven

    theres a purple one that you can get by searching as far as you can go in the map but i dont know how to solve it

    1. Ethan Bradberry

      Screenshot your “map” of puzzles. (Main screen)

  185. Anonymous Person

    What’s the empty slot to the right of 27? It sometimes has a faint icon a few seconds after you touch near it, but not on it.

    1. Kyla

      I saw this as well but could not duplicate it… I would also like to know if it was real lol

  186. subarustevens

    for #43-48 the pitches are tuned to the six strings of a guitar (EADGBe)

  187. Mikayla

    Do you have to pay for some of the levels?

  188. Kyla

    I’m on one that is new and from what I can see is not on your list… Although, I could’ve sworn I read something on your list regarding it. If so I can’t find it now.

    As of 3/14/17, Starting from the Game Center icon,
    it is 1 square to the left (light green),
    then 1 square down (light blue)

    This one lights up then fades away, a message appeared saying something about deleting and reinstalling the actual blackbox app. So, my questions before I do this.
    1.) Is that the solution?
    2.) Will that erase all the progress I have made so far in the game?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I believe he just moved a few of them and I need to update my map at the top of the page. But if you find the ones that match the same colors you’re working on, I think they should be the same ones.

      1. Shaq

        Update the map

    2. Ethan Bradberry

      I deleted the game and it didn’t solve it, but it also didn’t delete my progress. (iOS 10.3.2/ iPhone 7) (3/15/17)

    3. OjO

      No. It’s saying that is not the solution. They box appears to be lit but then turns off… almost like if you had more time then it would stay lit…

  189. SugarSpice&EverythingLife

    For 22 & 23 I think they want you to make noise into both mics. There’s like a mic by your front camera, you can blow or tap around there. And then blow or tap at the mic by your headphone jack.

    I THINK. That’s what worked for me.

  190. Kaylee

    I can’t get #37 to appear?? pls advise

  191. Morris

    Is there a way to restart the game to let a friend play it on your device?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There used to be but I think it might have been removed? You can shut off iCloud saves for it in your device’s settings and then delete/reinstall.

  192. Chanelle McGee

    I tried to change my date and time for the moon level , hourly levels and the sunrise, noon and evening levels but I keep getting a message that says: “Patience is a virtue”, “greetings time-traveler” or “good things come to those who wait”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      He may have changed it since so that you can’t cheat the time.

    2. Alex Johnson

      Turn on airplane mode and do it

  193. j

    Any ideas on 54? the purple “double” boxed waaaaay below game center?

    1. Addrock

      Screenshot the home screen as shown in the level

  194. Sarah

    Can anyone tell me how to do number 58?

  195. OjO

    The three green boxes do not have to do with sound. If you pay attention, it will become clear why, at different points in the day, the amount of balls are different. More balls in the morning, or first part of the day and less in the evening…

    1. Oliver

      ^^ The three boxes with the balls refer to battery amount.

  196. Will

    Hi, I needed this guide, I am grateful you made it, I would love a reelaboration on levels 62, 49, 50, and 51, also, it doesn’t seem to work when I try to turn back or forward time for the applicable levels… maybe blackbox is being updated…? But long story short I set multiple alarms to wake me up in the middle of the night to complete levels 16 and 17, I will sleep tonight!

  197. gamexsolver

    hint for 23 says: “a jet taking off, a concert or jackhammer would definitely do.”

    1. sel

      i played v loud one direction music if that helps at all

  198. Alex Poxtan

    For #55 after I put in Blackbox://? Into safari it takes me to the app but nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong?

  199. Richard Yeow

    I cleared them all by myself.. and stuck on 21, 33 and 34..
    ITS CRAZY! I’m travelling to somewhere about 100km away from my location and I BARELY reach 33!!

    I think there’s some other trick need to do on the phone instead of just walking so far..

  200. Matt

    I need help on level 23, can’t beat that level

    1. OjO

      Plug in headphones I believe

  201. PizaSchitt

    Okay so I’m not sure if it just me, but, next to #27 (under 68) if you press & hold anywhere on the screen & let go (to make the levels do a slight wave), a faint chat box appears but then almost immediately fades away.

    There’s a blank space next to 27 so it leads me to believe its a secret level, but I’m not sure how to activate it. I tried the “Extra” tip for a secret level (tapping all over the map) but that doesn’t do anything.

    Anyone else see what I’m talking about or know?

    1. Maggie

      I’ve seen it too but don’t know how to get it either

  202. burt maclin

    hey guys i can’t find levels 37 or 55. how to unlock them/ make them appear? thanx in advance

    1. OjO

      Those are “metta” or harder hidden challenges. I believe those two in particular appear after completing earlier levels but I can’t remember exactly. I know this isn’t very helpful but just work on the other levels if not completed already. If they are, then I’m not any help at all…

  203. Mike

    I have no idea how to unlock the push or erutrudite packs pleAse help

    1. OjO

      Those are paid add ons

    2. Matt Perry

      You need to buy them

  204. Selena M. Imgarten

    For some reason on level 55 my key is not a skeleton key and so it won’t unlock for me. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong? I have an Iphone 6S plus and everything is updated. I’ve read and reread your walkthrough, however Safari is not letting me have the skeleton key and in my emojis is just a gold regular key. HELP Please
    Thanks selena

    1. Uni

      Having problems with that level Too. Can’t figure out how to open the find function

  205. Matt

    Can someone help me with level 17 on blackbox think outside the box? The clue says ante meridian.

    1. OjO

      It’s a clock. You need to open that challenge on every AM hour (ante meridian) and PM hour…

      1. Matt

        Ok, the PM one is finished. I sleep past 1,2,3,4,5,6 am, i wake up at 7am, but can’t get the ones before 7am

        1. OjO

          If you wanted to cheat you could turn on airplane mode and then change the time of your phone in settings to the hours you need… but cheating kinda takes the fun and challenge out of it…

          1. Matt

            How about the last altitude level? Can i cheat on that?

            1. OjO

              Is that the four vertical blues?

              1. Matt


                1. OjO

                  That’s the challenge I have not completed. It seems the first three are distance related. I do not travel much so I have the last two remaining. Sorry.

                  1. Matt

                    It’s level 51

                    1. OjO

                      Sorry I have not opened those.

              2. Matt

                It’s a part of erudite levels

                1. Matt

                  Do you know where to find the little pink speech bubble? I completed the sunrise/sunset levels

                  1. Ange

                    Same question here!

      2. Matt

        I can’t get the am hours before 7am because i sleep past those

  206. Matt

    Ojo, i need help on where to find the little pink speech bubble on blackbox think outside the box

    1. OjO

      Is that the one that barely appears in the empty slot?

      1. Matt

        I think so, where is the empty slot?

        1. Matt

          Ojo, where is the empty slot on the grid?

          1. OjO

            If you are looking at the grid map provided on the walk through, what I am referring to is to the right of 27 and below 68. It’s the only slot without a ‘dot’ and “empty”. When you tap on the screen a pink/red text cloud/speech bubble appears and then disappears. Is that to what you are referring?

            1. Matt

              Yes, that’s what i mean

              1. OjO

                I have not figured it out either. Only thing I have tried is commenting on the app in the App Store. Might be a setting trick too like turning off texting or something… not sure, sorry. Maybe we can put our heads together…

  207. Matt

    Still working on the speech bubble that barely appears, have you figured that out yet?

    1. OjO

      We were just talking about that… we need to put our heads together. Maybe it has something to do with a setting? Can you turn text off on the phone?

      1. Matt

        I just disabled cellular data, didn’t do anything

      2. Matt

        There has a be a way to do that, can’t figure it out

      3. Matt

        Ojo, I can’t figure it out

      4. Matt

        Ojo, have you figured the speech bubble on blackbox yet? I can’t figure that out

        1. OkO

          No sorry I have not. Still trying.

          1. Matt

            What else have you tried?

  208. Matt

    Anyone know what the speech bubble does next to level 27? Anyone know how to get to it?

  209. Matt

    Ojo, I can’t figure out how to get the developer menu to appear

  210. Matt

    Ojo, that speech bubble is only for the developer to test things on the game, we can’t click it

    1. OjO

      How did you find that out?

      1. Matt

        I asked Ryan Mcleod (the developer) and he told me

        1. Matt

          Does anybody know how to solve that new blackbox level with the new qr code?

          1. Mark

            I’m not sure how to solve the new one what did yours say my barcode said ?Γò¼├┤Γö¼├║Γö¼ΓöÉec1cc

            1. Matt

              Mine said the same thing

              1. Matt

                It’s still from last year, i checked the site

            2. Fynn

              Mine said this

            3. Rd69

              When doing the qr code face it towards a mirror

  211. Q

    I’m stuck on level 56, and the new level just posted with the URL code. If anyone ncan figure these out, please help me, it’s driving me crazy!!!!

    1. Matt

      On level 56, click the hint box 1 time and another’s hint box 3 times. That should solve the level

      1. Q

        I tried that, but it’s still not working. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

    2. C

      Hit the hint box of 56 once, then hit 3 DIFFERENT HINT BLOCKS (In other levels) ONCE then go back in. The boxes in 56-57 should be different colours. Then it’ll light up

  212. Matt

    Does anyone how to solve the new qr code level?

  213. Matt

    Did anyone solve the new qr level on blackbox yet? I’m stuck on that one

      1. Matt

        I tried scanning it with the scanner in the walkthrough, but it can’t find the code

        1. Matt

          Any ideas?

  214. Matt

    I need like local friends play

  215. Matt

    Does anyone know how to solve that new qr level? I’m stuck

    1. Juan

      You need to scan a red, blue, and green code. Each person gets randomly assigned a color. Also, the code expire after a while, and you will know it has when the app says that the code is old. If the app doesn’t scan the code, keep moving your phone (I don’t know it that has anything to do with the puzzle, but it helped my phone scan it). There are people who will post the code online, but remember that it will expire soon. Don’t bother with codes more than a day old. Good luck!

      1. Q

        Still confused on what to do after you have the three codes, can somebody help?

  216. Q

    On level 40, I can’t solve it, because I have an iPhone, and it’s updated enough that it doesn’t have the slide to open. Is there any other way to light it up?

  217. SH3RIFFO

    For the latest level 71, each color (pink/green/blue) provide a different QR CODE with a different message each.

    Pink for example is ?✨3cd44, and blue I believe is ?✨ec1cc. Both of them also have 2 different emojis at the beginning.

    Perhaps if we know the Green’s code, we can figure something out?

    Also, the picture is outdated. You should include level 71.

    1. SH3RIFFO

      Never mind, Ryan McLeod (developer) confirmed that, “Those end codes change each day.”

      1. OjO

        Sorry for not responding.

        I had some progress today… I noticed with this new QR challenge that the screen was using the rear facing camera (unlike the first QR challenge using the front camera). If you remember, that challenge was completed by facing the camera in front of a mirror so that it essentially scanned itself. So I thought it was interesting that it was using the different camera for the background…
        Long story short, I used my wife’s phone to download game (used link in FB share post for hint bonus lol) and completed first few challenges to get to the new QR challenge. Using my phone with new challenge open I scanned her screen and something happened! The screen sort-of pixelated and it seems to have changed the blue square to round… I’m thinking if I do this two more times with friends phones it will do the same thing but with the other squares!

        Hope this helps…

        1. OjO

          My apologies, it was the green square that changed with the first thing I did (scanning QR code on a different phone) and with scanning a picture of my own QR code it changed the blue square to a circle.

  218. OjO

    I also just used my Wife’s phone to take a picture of my QR code… Then, I used my phone with the QR challenge opened and scanned the pic I just took – essentially scanning my own code – and now the blue square is circle… now I just need the pink/red one…

    1. Mayt

      Erika, I can’t scan your code

      1. Paul

        You need to scan your own colour first, then someone else’s. If your challenge starts green, you need to scan your own green code by sending it to another screen and scanning it.

        After you’ve done that, you can scan other people’s. That’s what I figured out. I have green and blue and need red.

        1. OjO

          I don’t think there is any particular order. I was able to scan my wife’s QR code first before my own without issue. I think it’s simply that Green is your own, Blue is someone else… Not sure about Red… I’m hoping it’s a third persons but I don’t know…

  219. Jaco Rossouw

    For those who dont have friends playing this game, like me.
    Here is greens current code: ✴️✨67efc

  220. Matt

    Erika, send me your qr code link please

  221. Paul

    You need to scan your own colour first, then the other colours. If your challenge starts green, you need to scan a green code (not sure if it has to be your own code or anyone’s with the same colour).

    I have green and blue and need only red.

    1. Ruben Dias

      I’m in the same boat. Someone with red qr code?
      thanks guys

      1. Q

        I got a red one, tell me if you need it. Can someone send me the blue and green please?

  222. Maggie

    I need blue and green anyone help?

  223. Tristan Rolland

    I got a red qr code guve your email i will send it to you no joke

    1. Maggie

      I got red need blue and green

      1. Tristan rolland

        I just need the green one

  224. Zoë

    I need the Green code, someone please post a new screenshot of the green code so i can scan it

    1. Q

      What do you do after you have the codes?

  225. Galgen

    I have a green I’ll trade for a red or blue

    1. Q

      What do you do after you have all the codes?

  226. Schmutz

    Ok, I scanned blue today and it came up with this:


    That’s not very much like the other codes you guys got, I’m confused.

    1. Galg

      You need a qr reader with emoji support.

  227. Marcus

    For the four blue boxes, I think each box doubles in how far you have to go to get them. I live near Milwaukee, WI, and when I travelled to Chicago,it only went past the second blue box. In order for me to get the final blue box, I travelled all the way to Georgia, so walking to get all of the boxes isn’t the most logical thing to do

  228. Phillip Winn

    67 and 68: hold your rear and then front cameras up to a bright light, like a light bulb.

  229. Lina

    When I go on the next page of this website it takes me to a site saying “you are the lucky Facebook visitor!”. I tried it a bunch of times but it did the same and I can’t get the answer to a bunch of levels like 69

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I’m sorry about that. I’m having some issue with redirects that I’m trying to track down.
      If you have Chrome installed, try using that instead of Safari. I’ve been having better luck on there.

  230. Zach Westbrook

    add more levels!!!

      1. bob

        hello! there’s a level underneath level 55 for me :/

        1. eliese

          ^^ there are levels underneath 54 and 55 for me

      2. Grace

        Do you have to pay the $1.99 to unlock the rest of the levels?

  231. DBrown

    I might be a dumb ass but how do I get the black boxes that cover the letters on the puzzles to move I keep swiping them and they don’t go anywhere

    1. Julia

      You have to use a hint credit. Once you use it then you’ll be able to move the black boxes covering the words.

  232. Chase

    I need help on the 3 different colored qr code one I think It changed cause it is not working for me.

  233. madi

    for the orange boxes in step 12 (four orange boxes) what if you don’t have a headphone jack

    1. Erick

      ???? IPhone 7 problems

    2. Julian

      I used the lightning-aux cord adapter that came with my iPhone. If you lost that thing, then R.I.P.
      Maybe try connecting Bluetooth headphones if you have a pair?

    3. Sophie

      Mine still worked and I have a 7

    4. Kendal Jonas

      U can use the headphones that apple gave u when u got the phone

    5. ACRAZYR

      Use the lightning adapter or the lightning headphones.

    6. Milli

      Your screwed you need one or use your charger it woks also

  234. Stella

    I scanned the qr thing but what do I do with the code?

  235. Jesse

    I accidentally hit buy hint on 55-57 and now I don’t know how to complete it it gave me the right box but I can’t get the left one. I need some help!!!

    1. LeAnn

      go to different levels and open their hint boxes and tap them to get 3 different colors. You don’t need to buy the hints on the other pages, just tap on the hint box.

  236. Rida

    im really confused about level 36 i have no idea what to do. ive moved the app down to the lower left corner in the grey bar thing at the bottom of iphones but nothing is happing???! please someone help

    1. Shelby Gold

      Open up the app that’s already in the lower left corner. Then close it and go back onto blackbox; it’ll light up.

      1. Rida

        OMG thank you so much IT WORKED!!!

    2. Matt

      Just click on the app in lower left hand side of your phone, than go back to the level and it should light up

  237. Rida

    im really confused on question 36. Ive tried to move the app to the lower left corner to the bottom of the screen where there is the grey bar on any iphone but its just not working PLEASE HELP ME??????

    1. Maggie

      Don’t put the app there put a different app there and open it then go back into blackbox it should work

      1. Rida

        I tried that, it didnt work?

  238. Gráce

    Omg how do I do 56 and 57 HOW I just don’t get it!!

    1. May

      For 57, click on the cube and then don’t ask for a hint, just cancel it. Mine was completed. Still working on 56

      1. Hope

        you go on other levels and click on there hint boxes. DO NOT buy the hints, you don’t need to.

  239. Pedram

    Has anyone solved 55?? The hint for it says “oh so meta”

  240. Louise

    Am I the only one who seems a bit weary that the app manages to know when a phonecall has been declined/accepted or that it can tell your brightness is all the way up or down or that it’s been turned off?

    1. Paul


      That’s how most of these puzzles work. It accesses your iPhones internal data.

  241. Hope Lafrance

    if anyone has green or pink for level 71, can you please send them to me at [email protected]? i have the blue one and everyone i know who got the app also got blue. the ones on here are old.

  242. Ryann

    Okay… So I be been trying for an hour and a half to solve the qr thing. I have the blue one and all it does is scatter. i’ve tried the qr reader and i get the other code. The one that starts with an f. I don’t know why but it won’t solve for me

  243. ed

    I have todays green QR code if someone can help me with the pink one!!!

  244. Rida

    if anyone has a pink qr code for 71 please could they email it to [email protected]
    thanks xx

    1. Cryssy

      For #71, I have the blue qr and everyone I know who plays has the blue qr too. Anyone have recent screen shots of the pink and green that they can share with me? I’ll send you blue qr. My email is: [email protected]
      Thanks in advance!

  245. hope

    for 31-34, the first one you have to travel 0.63 miles, the second 6.3 miles, the third 63 miles, and the fourth 630 miles. the last one is the only one i haven’t got because you have to travel somewhere pretty far to get it.

  246. Sean

    24 April QR codes please.
    Any one?

  247. Sean

    24 April QR codes please.
    Any one?

  248. Cryssy

    Hey all! I still need the green qr. I can send you the pink and/or blue one.
    [email protected]

  249. Jamie

    Post your qr codes to twitter! #blackboxqr Then everyone can make the most of the codes instead of emailing them to one person.

  250. Adam

    Anyone know where I’m going wrong with the 4 blue squares where you have to travel?
    When I click on it, it works it way down each box and then after the bottom box ring appears the whole screen flashes red and doesn’t have a pin for where I am??

    Dunno what to do, all my location services and stuff is on

    1. DanialNasiri

      You have to turn on your location then go to that challenge then,you have too walk a long way too compelet all 4

    2. Felipe The BLACKBOX Enthusiast

      I literally just wrote my guide on this, but I guess I can repeat myself breafly, I am about to complete the last one after 1500k traveling by bus but if you want the linear distance, it is around 800 kilometers for the last one ;-; I have traveled from Sweden to Poland to get this shit xD and for an Europe tour but that’s another story

  251. Seth

    Does someone no how to do 56 please help

    1. Jacob

      Go to 3 different puzzles, they have to be different colors too, go to the hints for each of the 3 and tap the thing it’s on to make it shake

  252. zach

    whenever i try to open up puzzle 66 my app crashes. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled but it didnt fix it. please help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you on iOS 8? Ryan said there’s a bug with that right now.

  253. Julia

    How do you do the one underneath 55 that isn’t up there? It’s dark pinkish and has a border around it. The hint sagas you need a friend that plays and I have tried scanning other people’s app but nothing has worked.

    1. Haylie


    2. Anonymous puzzle player

      Having the same issue as Julia

    3. Anonymouspuzzleplayer

      Having the same issue as Julia. ? Need some help. ?

    4. MAX

      You need to scan phones of others who play the app, the 3 boxes of different colors on yours will be unlocked by people whose respective screens are shaded each of those colors

  254. Louis

    How do you poke the app I dont understand

  255. Damon

    For 25/26 and 16/17, you say you can change the date and time on your phone in the settings. I tried that and the app knew what was up. Said “be patient” and then said “welcome time traveller” and gave me some quote. Just a heads up for anyone who tries… You’re going to have to wait it out

    1. OjO

      Airplane mode and then change date

    2. Taesha

      Changing the time to a different country works!

    3. Misterious Genius

      Depending on the box changing time zones works

    4. Henry

      Turn off wi-fi
      Then the Get won’t say that

    5. TH

      As OjO said the best way is to turn on aeroplane mode, then go to settings and change the date/time for many of the puzzles. For the QR colours go find tweets of the different ones on a second screen, change your date (with aero on) to the day the picture was posted and do it that way. Just did it with tweets over a month old.

  256. ValentinA

    Does someone now how to do 58?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s all there. It’s just split up into two pages.

  257. Nez

    How do you get the secret pink hidden message looking challanges bottom right?

    1. OjO

      It’s not a secret challenge. It’s for the developer only.

  258. Kendall

    What’s the share feature I’m lost ??

  259. Sssstephanman44

    Funny, when you try to change the time for the moon level or the sun level, it will say, “Patience is a virtue.” ???

  260. Catgirl97

    Little blue on next to 48? Help 🙁

  261. Henry

    How do 77 with scan qr code in this site
    Turn off wifi
    Go to chenge the time to 1 april
    Then scan the the qr code

    1. Ann


  262. Pilar

    i dont know how to unlock some of the games. Like the 59 to 66. It isnt that i cant solve it, they’re lock, i cant even open them. Pls help
    Ps: i know my english is not perfect, sorry?

    1. Matt

      You have to click the gray on the levels abd they will unlock

  263. Leo Caseiro

    The 49 ΓÇô 51 is a guitar tuner. You have to take a guitar and play the NOTE:
    E A D G B A e

    You can also sing or use a tuner to play for you.

    1. LΓö£ΓöÉo

      No dude that’s 43Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ48. 49Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ51 has something to do with altitude.

  264. A

    below puzzle 68 there’s a black box in the grid. if you tap near it a word bubble blinks (you may have to turn your brightness up all the way). has anyone figured that out yet?

    1. Matt

      That is only for devolpers

  265. Felipe The Blackbox Enthusiast

    I have roughly calculated the box 31-34, 31 is easy, 1-2k should do it. I forgot you’re looking to complete it, I am on the literal brink of the 34 and I have traveled almost 1500 kilometers by bus from Sweden to Poland, but the distance is only 800 kilometers. So if you can be bothered to do it, you will have to get 800k+ from your marked location… sorry for anyone who was hoping it was as easy as the site says. If you can vote up on this site, pls do so, so that others can do it to

  266. A man in a blackbox

    A little while ago, Ryan released a new meta challenge which has a magnifying glass icon in the middle. This one was easy, all you have to do is to go to spotlight and search for “blackbox”.
    “Looking for something?”

    1. Lulu

      I tried it an it didn’t work. Do you just search blackbox in spotlight?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I added the new level at the bottom of the walkthrough with screenshots that should help.

  267. Matt

    Does anyone know how to get that new blackbox level solved? It looks likes it’s locked. When I click on it, a fun fact appears

    1. Ashley

      I need help unlocking this one too. I just get the fun fact and that’s it.

  268. Maggie

    Hey I know this was weeks ago but does anyone have a green and blue thing for the qr code one

    1. Ashley

      I have the green one. I need the pink and blue.

      1. Maggie

        I have pink

        1. Ashley

          How do I send you a screenshot of the green one?

          1. Maggie

            If you have twitter dm me @maggiecate

    2. Sky

      I do I need pink and blue I have green

  269. Maggie

    Hey does any one have a blue and green we code

    1. Sky

      I have it

  270. Nell

    There’s been an update and new levels.

  271. Matt

    I still need help on that locked level on blackbox, I can’t unlock it

  272. Aidan Micho

    I found a new blue meta just above level 69 that changes the icon of the app to the level.

  273. Ashley

    Matt did you find out how to unlock the new level and get past the ‘fun fact’ box? I still haven’t figured it out and nobody seems to know what I am talking about.

  274. Chris

    Your missing something one

  275. Anonymous

    There’s a new meta puzzle that just recently popped up. It looks like a search icon, but idk. Has anyone solved it yet?

    1. tiago

      pull the search from the top of the screen on iphone and type blackbox, it will appear the question “what are you searching for?”
      just click it! 😉

    2. Nope

      Swipe from the top of the screen then type ‘blackbox’ into the search bar and press search. The second result should be one from the app that says ‘looking for something?’ Tap on that and the box should light up

      1. Bitchdick

        Thank you. I have been looking for this one for ages.

    3. R

      Type blackbox in search on ur phone

  276. Jesica

    On level 31-35 I traveled all the way to Florida and I STILL can’t get the last box! It was a 13 hour drive and I still can’t get it!

    1. Matilda

      you know what, I travel to another city and then completed the last box. And now only left the 34 one, I cannot get that far in my city I guess.

      1. JP Church

        The last box is altitude you need to get to a high height

    2. Poo

      You need to go in a plane itΓÇÖs by altitude for the last one

  277. Kenzie

    For 49 and 50: guve a hard shake (only one) from the bottom towards the top of your phone like you are trying to throw it and it will pop up with reset location pin click reset screen flashes do the shake again before screen goes back and you get 49 do it again but twice on the flash screen and you get 50 still working on 51 but the hunt for that one is: a football field straight up ought to do

    1. Kenzie

      Update: doing that same thing but three times fast works for 51 as well

  278. amiriamitchell

    For levels 49 50 and 51. I don’t know how to do it but if you shake your phone it will say something about reseting a location. hope it helps

  279. Nyantales

    *Spoiler Alert*

    I can confirm 31-34 require travelling 1, 10, 100, and 1,000 miles each.

  280. All work No play

    Has anyone figured out the one that looks like a comment bubble thatΓÇÖs blacked out next to 27?

    1. Kyla Johnson

      Nope I wish I could find something on it but still havenΓÇÖt found anything

  281. John

    There is a new meta challenge if you pull the grid down four or five times and you get another challenge it looks like the screen shot challenge but itΓÇÖs more complicated

    1. Billy

      Tap out of the box and then take a screenshot

  282. Brayden Rogers

    There is a new one that is locked. It says IΓÇÖve been on Blackbox for22 mins. Can someone help?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Where is it? I donΓÇÖt see any new ones.

  283. Random person

    New one just came up, looks like the thing that tests your eyesight

    1. JazzyCat

      Change the size of your text in your phone’s settings.

  284. Stevie

    Anyone figure out the black and white boxes that change colors when you move your phone

    1. Matt Perry

      For that one, you have to find a black box and try to frame it in that square

  285. Jack

    There is this new level beneath 7 and I donΓÇÖt know how to solve it plz help me

  286. Loz

    How do I unlock the snow level? IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve got snow falling but no level 🙁

  287. John Wentworth-Stanley

    I have got a. New light green level under level seven how do I light the box????

  288. Matt

    I need local friends that are playing the 2nd qr code level. I need your codes please

  289. Matt

    I need local friends playing the 2nd qr code level, I need your qr codes please

    1. Hazza

      Just google black box we code generator on another device

  290. Blah

    Are you going to do an Android walkthrough?

  291. Kyla Johnson

    I have had snow falling on my screen for awhile now… is this a new puzzle or just an effect?

  292. thetarn

    A tip for #21. Plug your earphones with mic in. Then smother the mic with two pillows. It’s far less sensitive than the iPhone mic.

    1. Pinko

      Thx for that it helped a lot

  293. J

    There’s a level to the right of #27 and under #68. Does anyone know how to unlock it?

    1. Sarvesh C K

      How did you unlock it tho? :O

  294. Arif

    Can anybody provide info about 8 icons? in which levels should they be unlocked? i have passed all 75 levels, and icon for 73 and 74 were unlocked for me. But after last update (added level 75) with new change icon button only 3 of 8 are unlocked. How can i unlock other? in which levels?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure because I also had unlocked other ones previously and it now says I only have 1 unlocked. 🙁

      1. RoninNozlo

        Upon completing the Blackbox camera drawing thing (canΓÇÖt remember number) I did not get a new icon for the app.

  295. Salva

    Is anybody stuck with level 63? I have tried the solution but it seems not working. Firstly I swipe up Blackbox when it is the first app, then the color in this level remains only red. Then I change Blackbox in the second position, and swipe Blackbox up again, it didn’t happen anything. The red page still remains. Can someone help me out on this? Thank you.

  296. MJ

    There is a chat-like icon between puzzle 27 and 68 only appears when touch the white dots!
    What is that?

  297. Iris

    IΓÇÖm confused on 56 &57 someone please help

    1. Arctic_Fur

      I want to

    2. Zakikun

      It needs to tap three different puzzle’s hint boxes each once.

  298. Diego

    Hello. Just to confirm, 49, 50 and 51 are altitude-related, you DO have to go up to higher to complete this challenge.

  299. Gary

    To solve 77, stop the recording just as the last section turns red

  300. salomé

    For level 77 you actually got it wrong. The screen recording needs to start while the control panel is still there. ThatΓÇÖs for the top one

  301. Malarkey

    HAs anyone else noticed that when you tap the grid off of an objective, about 2 seconds after, in the corner between 27 and 68, a little red speech bubble looking thing appears very briefly. You need to look in the space and tap on one of the little dots of the grid and you will see it

  302. Asset

    Level 77: You have to start recording in another app and then finish it with the appearing of this level to light up the upper square.

  303. Adam

    How do I solve 56? I got the right-hand light, but IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m not understanding the instructions here OR the in-game hints for that one…

    1. Adam

      Oh, so you gotta tap the hint box on three different puzzles!
      Any three should be fine, but you gotta tap the far-left hint-box for the first one, the second hint-box on the next puzzle, and the third hint-box on another puzzle. THEN go to Puzzle 56 and it should solve.

      (Thx to Zakikun for their answer on someone elseΓÇÖs comment. That put me on the right track.)

  304. Lilkid

    How do i unlock the push pack? I have iphone x and i cant find a ? Or ?? Please help me

  305. T0fu

    Bottom one: MEME REVIEW, *CLAP CLAP*
    Middle:put it down a table
    Top: Flex tape your microphone

  306. Log

    For puzzle 77, the solution no longer works. Here are the three hints given: Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Lights… camera… action…Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve always wanted to be a live streamer.Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Now broadcasting live and worldwide.Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

  307. Anonymous

    I got #22-23 by doing this:
    For #22 you have to make a loud pulsing noise.
    For #23 you have to make a constant loud noise.
    i.e. Laaaaaaaaa vs. Lalalalala

    1. Anonymous

      Correction: #22 requires a pulsing noise; #23 requires a constant noise.

  308. Jacob Murphy

    Is there a meta challenge I have to do in order to unlock puzzle #72?

  309. Jacob Murphy

    Is there a meta challenge I need to do to unlock puzzle #72?

  310. Colin Smart

    Level 25 -26: Very important! Airplane mode is on, Wifi is off, Signal (Network) is off and worked!! cnage date: 8 Feb 2016 or 22 Feb 2016

  311. Colin Smart

    level 76: How works it?
    uPhone 6S, press screen recording is record, until red all completed then one red square but not working (no red bar for recording on Blackbox), outiside blackbox, tap record then tap stop, but not working. second red sqaure, Will watch on space. Coming soon!

  312. Meeeeee

    Level 71: does anyine know how it works??

  313. Katya

    My box 56 wonΓÇÖt light up. IΓÇÖve tried everything. I dad what the told me to do for 56 and then I also tried 57. 57 lit up by touching three different hints, but 56 wonΓÇÖt like up even when I tap the same hint three times! Help please!

  314. Luke

    77 does not work for stopping the recording right when the circle is done, i think they changed the challenge?

    1. lΓÇÿeau

      Could be.. canΓÇÿt get it either..

  315. Joshua Kennedy

    Please delete this comment. Sorry, I made a mistake.

  316. TheJodake

    After testing, I have determined that the proper notes for numbers 43 – 48 are E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, and E4 in that order. Hope this helps!

  317. Lucas

    So I am stuck on 66. Ever since the software update that effects your notifications tab configuration happened they changed the challenge so now the way it says here doesnΓÇÖt work. HELP!!

  318. Diana

    For some reason I’m stuck in the intro, I tried moving my phone around but nothing works. I can’t even get to the actual game, and it seems like I’m the only one with this problem.
    Might it be just my phone? Which is the iPhone 5?

  319. Dania makki

    Can someone help me with 71 pink box

    1. lΓÇÿeau

      Need help as well..

  320. Ty ladd

    Is there a way to unlock all the levels without paying

  321. Edmund Ooi Huat Lye

    How do I do level 77?!?!?

  322. clairol

    I can’t get level 56. I don’t understand the instructions in any of the walkthroughs I have read.. it’s the one where you have to tap the hint boxes and I have the one on the right lit up but the one on the left refuses 🙁

  323. Lucas

    Level 77: Press and hold the record and you’ll scroll to see where the recorded data goes to (like camera roll or messenger). Select “Blackbox” then start recording.

  324. Liv

    For some reason I didn’t get any of the icons she did. Does anyone know why?

  325. Liv

    For some reason I didn’t get any of the icons she got. Does anyone know why?

  326. jenni

    iΓÇÖm really confused about level 56

  327. jenni

    iΓÇÖm confused about level 56

  328. Ccxhxh

    They updated the moon one so you canΓÇÖt change your calendar if you do it says hello time traveler or good thing come to those that wait

  329. TheJodake

    For the QR Codes, there’s a Discord for the game. For 77, now you have to screen record just the app, which you can get to by long-pressing on the screen-record button.

  330. psodo

    I need help on the 3 vertical blue squares.
    I canΓÇÖt get the bottom one

  331. Gianna

    43-48 are the pitches of guitar strings. My voice couldnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t sing low enough so you may need to find an instrument to help 🙂

  332. Rabab Roshdy

    The last box for dark mode is not available for older phones That do not have dark mode option 😔 I have it on my iPad only

    1. Cpt Obvious

      You don’t have to use dark mode. The invert colors option in Accessibility also works. That’s how I did it.

  333. Rabab Roshdy

    The four blue boxes that require traveling you need to have the app open to light them … I have only the first and second and forth ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├╗Γö£┬¼ the third is still off because my phone and iPad were switched off while I was on the plane ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓûÆΓö¼┬¼╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├á╬ô├▓├╣Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£┬╝Γò¼├┤Γö£├╗Γö£├º╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├▓Γö£├á

  334. Mia

    ThereΓÇÖs a new box! Plz number it and put it on here!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I havenΓÇÖt updated the map in a while, but I believe the guide is otherwise up to date. I donΓÇÖt see any new levels.

  335. Lee

    This game is giving me a real hard time even when I know what to do to solve challenges. Box 9 doesn’t work at all for me. I supposedly need to hit the mute switch but this doesn’t get me the last orange box. Same goes for Box 23, where you’re supposed to be really loud. I’ve tried yelling into the mic, blowing into the mic, tapping the bottom of the phone, rubbing the mic and nothing seems to be loud enough. Loads of bubbles do pop up but disappear whilst I’m still shouting or blowing or whatever. I’ve even tried playing continuous frequencies loudly on my speakers and this doesn’t for me either. This game is frustrating enough.. at least let me get the boxes when I’m doing the right thing!!

  336. lllll

    anyone got fresh codes for 71? my blue is 💠✨7fd54

  337. Reese

    How do you do the blue one under the green one next to the Game Center icon

  338. Alex

    Stage 23 passed playing ΓÇ£alpha waveΓÇ¥ (search in youtube)

  339. Beowulf

    I tried. Everything on 61, nothing works. Pls help

  340. 7oT

    NO.77 I swear I stopped recording the sec the red circle is completed,it didn’t work man.I finished NO.76 though.Please help ToT.

    1. not.cynical

      you gotta click and hold on the screen recorder button, and click the blackbox logo

  341. feoq

    How does Mission 13 open? I don’t have it in my blackbox.

  342. Greenbry

    61 wonΓÇÖt work for me help

    1. Lotte

      I got the message: what is the magic word.. I answered blackbox. Than I got a text, I opened it and there was a bleu dot to tap on…

  343. Soha

    It would be nice if u could update the pink and green QR code. or if anyone is willing to share…

  344. Zachary Yoder

    I think there is a Blackbox level that has something to do with Apple Music can someone please tell me what it is

  345. Why

    How do you do the one orange square with QR code

  346. DaniJMMT1

    For No. 56 IΓÇÖm having trouble. I tap the three ads and it just goes to No. 57 :/

  347. DaniJMMT1

    ThereΓÇÖs a lavender square to the left of No. 41 that IΓÇÖd like a tutorial for- it just has multiple words in various languages come and go and IΓÇÖm very confused

  348. Aimee

    i canΓÇÖt figure out 56

  349. sam

    i might be retarded but when the walkthru said i need to search up “blackbox” in my notifications, i dont actually have a search bar. I have an XR if that means anything

    1. Kristen

      If I remember past IOS correctly, the search was part of the notifications and now we have to open notifications and then scroll down again to bring up the search bar. It hasn’t solved the puzzle for me though, I think the extra step messes it up, but I don’t know. I’ve tried every other search bar I can think of and haven’t been able to get it to work.

    2. Kristen

      Ah I got it! scroll down into notifications, scroll down again to bring up the search, scroll through and click “show more results”

  350. Matt

    I canΓÇÖt beat level 77, I need help

  351. Avidspider

    Level 77 Second Screen record challenge. On iPhone 12, pull down control Center from top right corner. Long Press Screen Control button. When prompted, turn on microphone, then press start. Close out of Control Center, going back to BB, and when stop recording exactly when recording animation completes by tapping the red status button in the upper left- hand corner. Now the second red box will light up.

  352. Zach

    Got a message after completing the final level (79) saying that your home screen has a new feature available. Anyone know what this is?

  353. Harriett

    for 80 – you have to make sure you don’t restart your phone during those 2 weeks or it will reset and you have to start over.

  354. Erin

    Under number 64 i have a red box that kicks me of the app when i try to click on it. Does anyone know about this?

    1. Cookiemonster

      IΓÇÖd appreciate it if you tell me if you found out please

  355. Peerawat Karncharanwong

    Level 13 is not a meta puzzle but I still havenΓÇÖt unlocked it. So I wonder that itΓÇÖs a bug or not, if not then how do I unlock it.

  356. Peerawat Karncharanwong

    Level 13 and 35 are not meta puzzles or the DLC one but I still havenΓÇÖt unlocked them yet. So I wonder that is it a bug or if not, how can I unlock them.

  357. Nate

    for 77, make sure microphone is on when recording
    I can’t find challenge 80 on the map. Who can tell me how to unlock it?

  358. Stefffff

    56?! I can get 57 but not 56 😣 halp

  359. NoName

    #21 dead silence
    #22 talking sound level humming
    #23 yelling sound level humming

  360. StuckByBB

    In latest vrrdion, There’s a new yellow box above the share button. How to solve it?

    1. OjO

      In true Blackbox form: Check out the new features of your iPhone specifically the iMessage updates…

  361. Your mom

    But where is the blue one thatΓÇÖs next to the yellow box on the upper left on the screen, with all of those foreign languages saying ΓÇ£hello?ΓÇ¥ I canΓÇÖt understand that.

  362. Joey

    I think thereΓÇÖs a new puzzle. On my game thereΓÇÖs a puzzle between 71 and 73 on your numbered ΓÇ£puzzle map.ΓÇ¥ Good luck though, itΓÇÖs had me stuck for weeks.

  363. AppUnwrapper

    Has anyone figured out what the Morse code level is secretly hiding?
    Hint:it’s supposed to be a message

    1. Ashley

      The Norse code translated says Blackbox

  364. Miles Demolar

    Is there a way to solve level 39 if you have screen time restrictions and can’t turn off set automatically?

  365. El

    What about 73?

  366. chillup

    61: i tried shaking it but its not working (ios 17.2.1 iphone 12 in case software matters)
    77: i timed it as closely as possible but it didnt work

  367. Trejkaz

    You’re gonna have to be clearer with what you mean by “It also works with FaceID”.

    Putting fingers on the screen does not work.

    Showing it the wrong face does not work.

    What does work?

    1. chillup

      Cover your face or the camera, let the face id fail twice then click the black box, it should work

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