Blackbox: Walkthrough Guide With All Puzzle Solutions

Blackbox (brain puzzles / :: infamous puzzles / think outside the box)
By: Ryan McLeod / Grow Pixel


Ryan McLeod’s Blackbox is an iPhone puzzler that has you turning on the lights of little colored boxes by doing a number of different things with your phone that don’t include touching the game screen itself. This is a complete walkthrough guide for those looking for hints, tips, tricks and answers. Beware spoilers! Feel free to ask for hint in the comments section if you don’t want the answers.

Use the map below to find the level you’re looking for.

Note: Some time-related levels can be cheated by changing the time/date on your iPhone. So if you see a solution below that wants you to check the level at a certain time or date, it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for that time or change it on your phone.


Levels 1 – 26 | Levels 27 – 51 | Levels 52 – 79

First six red lights/boxes:
1 – 4: Rotate your iPhone several times to light up each of the four boxes at the edges. You need to line up the red liquid with the lines that appear.
5 – 6: The two in the middle require placing your phone flat on its back so the two circles line up with each other and then turning your phone face down for the other.


Two yellow boxes (sun):
7 – 8: Turn the brightness on your screen all the way down for one, then all the way up for the other.


Four orange boxes:
9: Mute your phone for the left one. (Try the sleep button if you have a newer phone.)
10: Turn your volume all the way up.
11: Turn your volume all the way down.
12: Plug headphones into the headphone jack for the forth one. If you have a newer phone with no headphone jack, you can use the lightning adapter or wireless headphones!

Reddish orange box to the left of the yellow ones:
13: Put your hand over your phone’s camera so the screen turns off for a good 10-20 seconds, then move your hand so the screen goes back on. The color should have filled the screen.

Turquoise one above the last one:
14: Put your phone in Airplane mode and shut Wifi.


Light purple one:
15: Take a screenshot

Two green boxes:
16 – 17: This has to do with time. Open it up at least once every hour of the day. Each box represents 12 hours. When you open it during a new hour, it will fill in another piece of the clock. Fill a clock for each light. (Note: You might just need to have the game open for those hours for this to work. It might not be necessary to open that particular level. One of mine lit up on the level select screen, without me opening the level first.)



Three green boxes:
The balls represent your battery level.
18: The top box will light up when your battery is at 100%.
19: To light the middle one, plug your phone in after the balls already start filling up the screen.
20: Let your iPhone battery drain to 10% to get the bottom one.


Mic levels:

Three light blue ones:
21: Try to be super quiet and keep any noise from getting into the mic for the top one (this one was hard for me to get).
22 – 23: I got both the middle and bottom by making a lot of noise into the mic, but I can’t seem to repeat the results with accuracy. So I’m not sure exactly what each of them wants from you.


Purple box to the right:
24: Say “Blackbox” into your phone’s mic. (You can also try “Hey, Blackbox.”) If it’s not working for you, try minimizing the game for a second and coming back to it.


Two pink boxes:
25 – 26: These are based on the moon phases. You can either wait for a new moon and a full moon or change the date on your phone to a day with each. I chose February 8, 2016 and February 22, 2016.


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The fourth orange square you need to plug in headphones.


How do you do the clock 1. I have gone through all the times but whenever I get to twelve, it inverts. How do I complete it ???




Yeah, me too…. I thought was am pm, but whenever the clock reaches 12am or 12 pm, it will invert


I’ve just pass that one, just change your clock setting to 24 hours, should work by then.


you have to do pm and am E.G. 1pm and 1am


It inverts from A.M to P.M.

Brianna Barket

you have to do am and pm!

Blah blah

The 3 vertical blue squares you have to blow into the mic not make noise. They’re bubbles…blowing bubbles


How do you do the bottom one because I keep blowing into it and it just does the middle one


Whenever I type blackbox://? and go back to black box it doesn’t work???


It’s not actually a question mark. Apparently, the site just won’t render the Emoji. You need the key Emoji and the lightbulb Emoji, in that order.
This may be a couple of years too late. Anyways, I hope that this helps someone!


My phone is iphone 7


it doesnt matter mine’s a 6s plus and its perfectly fine


What about the top right orange square?? Is it do not disturb as that isn’t working for me ?


Whats the answer to the three blue lights arranged vertically? I see in the background circles that look like rain droplets that increase with sound, I was able to switch on two of them but the last one on the top doesn’t want to turn on. thanks


yeh same with me


You get the last one by being completely silent! That worked for me!

Mark Reilly

I screamed right into the mic and I got one


you have to be extremely quit so there are no sound bubbles to turn on the top one.


how about the bottom one though?


blow into the microphone rlly loudly

Ty ladd

That just does the middle one for me (so does making really loud noises)


Put it in a jar and leave it for few sec.


Does anyone know how to get the third blue box in the one that responds to your mic. I know you have to be loud and then silent for the first two but what about the third one?


“A jet taking off, a concert, or a jackhammer would definitely do” this is the clue


just say bla blu bllaaa and make a weird voice… thats what I did…


You have to continuously be loud or talk directly into the mic


I blew into my mic and it worked !! Do it for a few seconds tho


Blow into the mic

Akshay Chavan

For the third (bottom most) blue color-
Turn the phone to silent mode (pushing the button on the left side of your device)
And scream out loud in the mic (near the speaker at the bottom)
Your Welcome.


One of them turns on by making a lot of noise, one turns on by shaking the device violently, and the last turns on by being completly silent.


Make a big noise or just blow into the mic, it’ll lit up one. Then accelerate the phone, hold the phone and spin around a bit it’ll litght up another one. Then keep the phone in complete silence to get the last light.


I got one by clapping, one by silent and one by blowing in the mic


One is silence, the other is noise enough to fill the screen and the last is an explosion or an extremely loud something.


Put your phone next to speaker and play music


that one you have to make sure no blue dots appear. has to be very quiet!


all i did was use my beats (bluetooth) and it worked perfectly fine


Silence does

James Bond

The clue is “if youre happy and you know it…” so you have to clap twice and it works. worked for me


meme review


One of them you have to be really quiet , the middle you have to be not to quiet but not to loud , and the last one just make a lot of noise .


You have to be completely silent with that one

payton fetner

you have to be very quiet


that reddish orange box you talked about, how did you unlock it?? I tapped the screen and the message popped up about smudging but the level never opened for me.

also to solve the bottom green one you have to get your power really low (had mine at 10%)

if you play the game for 5 days straight it unlocks a dark red level, which you can complete by turning off your device and re-entering the app (you can time cheat and it will stilll unlock)


For the two green ones about hours passing just go into the settings nd change time nd go back to the game , though u should do the time of am nd pm


If someone needs a little help here are some more answers.
1. In the dark purple one you have to say “Blackbox”, not “black”.
2. In the mexican pink one (it on the lower part), you have to put the wrong touch ID finger 3 times.
3. In the puzzles that you have to buy, you get the 2 green ones by getting someone to call you, answering once and hanging up to get the other one.
4. The six purple ones you get by getting the right note with your voice and holding it long enough.
Hope someone finds this useful


For some reason i cant do the fingerprint one.
Does it need to b very quick b4 the print disappears off the screen?


For the light orange one (clipboard) you have to copy the word “blackbox”


The 2 purple ones with cream circle is in line with the lunar calendar. If you set it to a day with a “new moon” the 1st box completed and the 2nd completes when you set it to “full moon” i looked up the lunar calendar online.


The 4 dark blue bots “vertical” .. Its for distance .. Distance is long tho .. The rather you are the more dots you get .. I went to the gym today which is 10 mins away .. Got the first one ..

And the 3 vertical light blue dots .. I think it has to do with altitude.. Didnt test it tho but it looks like mountains and sky .. 🙂


If you go to Settings, Blackbox, and turn on the bottom option (it’s a black box emoji), you’ll get another meta challenge!


For that one all you have to do is turn off the button again and you will get a new challenge!

Michelle d

What about the upper pink one that has 2 boxes, they look like they are in some type of moon?

Michelle d

Nevermind!!! I see you all answered my question already!


For the 3 pink ones of the moon , change the time manually from settings too nd u wanna put the moon on the line for each light nd one on the peak for the 3rd one ??


Yeah I just did that one by accident. Since its sunset where I live right now, it was on the line, and the box on the bottom right just lit up!


Additional tip: go to your settings, scroll down to black box and look at the options for the app. There’s a pretty interesting setting that’s a little unique…


Whoops. I see someone has already mentioned that one. Does anyone have any solution for the greenish light that’s two lights to the left of the Game Center one?


Exactly! I need help with that one too! I thought it wanted me to lock my phone, but that didn’t work…


I haven’t played in such a long time cause I was a beta tester, but I believe the one 2 to the left of the Game Center icon is unlocked by setting the time to earlier.


For that one you just need to reset your time setting backwards. I just set it back by two minutes and that worked.


Also, for the one that looks like a moon with two pink lights in it, just change the date to March 9th for the new moon, and March 23rd for the full moon. You’ll turn both lights on!


Nvm if you live in Eastern North America then that’ll work… SORRY!


The light pink ones with the black background are moon related. I just change my time. (Date)
Hope this helps


after solving meta setting challenge, another block unlocked , it’s greenish and blue and I didn’t how to solve.. I unlocked the hint it says “the moment has passed on” .. I didn’t get it.. The block should be close to Game Center symbol by left side.. Sorry if you didn’t understand I’m not english


I unlocked the hint and understood it, basically open the thing, wait for the box to turn off, go into settings, change the time back 1 minute and re-enter the BlackBox app. (basically you’re returning to the moment where the box had filled up, this the hint)


the red time-based one is to do with sunset / sunrise, I googled ‘sunset’ and set the time to the Google result and unlocked the left one, middle I think is midnight, the aim is to make the light hit the box, so try and move the time around if midnight doesn’t work



I solved the greenish or bluish light ( two lights to the left of the Game Center one) by changing or activating 24 hour time option in setting .. Hope that helps


For the one 2 to the left of the Game Center icon, go back in time in settings (the hint was: the moment has past)


Or maybe changing time! That works too.. Sorry for confusion Q_Q

Zero Sense

For the Green-Blue after completing the green from the meta settings unlock – next to game centre (mine not showing game centre atm) but you can unlock it by going back in time one minute – hint is: the moment has passed.


I’ve got all of them but the 2 pink ones in the yellow circle thing – how do I complete these


It’s a lunar phase. Change the date of your phone to a date of a new moon, this will light up one. Then change the date to a date of a full moon and this will light up the other. You can just google “when is the next full moon” and it will give you the dates.


The pitch related one with 6 lines is very easy to do if you have a guitar. Strum each string individually – each string lights up a box.


The three blue boxes with the orange triangle background are to do with altitude. I went to my parents’ house (they live on a hill) and that made the lowest one light up for me. Not sure how high I’ll have to climb to get the other two though.


For the three blue boxes with orange triangles the hints talk about height so I’m assuming it’s how high up you are above sea level (or your original starting point )


I should be able to test the location-based columns of 3 & 4 lights in a couple of days. I’m travelling 200 miles plus on Wednesday night, and when I get to my destination there’s a multi-storey carpark nearby.


For the purple one above the three green ones (that have to do with battery level) saying “blackbox” or “black” or “box” lights up the line so it turns purple, but it doesn’t light up the actual light. Help?

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