Mr Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon – Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Mr Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon
By: Lilith Games / COTTONGAME

COTTONGAME and Lilith Games are back with another point-and-click adventure. Mr. Pumpkin returns in Walls of Kowloon and there’s lots of puzzles to solve and achievements to find. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck in Chapter 2. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, East Side:

1. Enter the slaughterhouse. Pick up the staircase step. Use it to fix the ladder, but don’t go up yet.

2. Head up the stairs and grab the paintbrush.

3. Enter the slaughter room. There’s a puzzle here we can’t solve yet. Continue right and touch the small piece of hanging meat to see the flies briefly fly off.

(Achievement Alert: Touch the hanging meat 20 times to get the Carnivore Diet achievement.)

4. Leave the room and go back downstairs and then up the ladder to exit the building.

5. Head down the stairs and grab the fire tongs. Also, grab the iron wire from the sign on the fence. There’s a circuit box here and some bottles. Ignore both for now.

(Achievement Alert: Chase the chicks away 100 times to get the Disturbing the Peace achievement.)

6. Enter the building and take the rope. There’s a guy playing video games but he ignores you, so leave.

7. Head through the right door. Examine the suitcase on the ground. Complete the photograph puzzle and then take the postcard. Also, notice the clue on the bottom and take a screenshot of it or copy it down.

8. Talk to both the guy and the girl to learn that the girl isn’t happy with her birthday present and wants to see a play. Then continue up the stairs.

9. Grab the hair from the sack and then enter the barber shop.

10. Read the note about the armonicas and notice the box. We’ll come back to that. Talk to the barber and then give him the postcard. He’ll give you scissors as a reward.

11. Grab the lighter from the seat and then leave.

12. Go back down to the chicks. Head inside the building again and open the furnace door. Use the lighter to light the logs inside the furnace. Then use the fire tongs to get the water key.

13. Leave and head down the stairs. Talk to the painter and then give him the paintbrush.

14. Talk to the painter again. He says he’s colorblind and needs you to help him choose the paint colors for the palette. So examine the paints.

15. Here’s how to mix the colors he needs:

Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + White = Light Yellow
Red + White = Pink
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + White = Light Blue
Red + Blue = Purple

16. He moves out of the way. Head through the door to the theater and talk to the actor. He says he lost his fake beard and needs a new one.

17. To open the door here, look at the clue on the right. It tells you to add 1 + 1 to make 2. So combine different numbers on one side and the total will pop up on the other side. I’ll explain it better in my video. Then enter the workshop.

18. Solve the puzzle on the briefcase by turning the dials so they create the pattern on it. Then take the lever/crank.

19. Talk to Pipsqueak and he’ll tell you what he needs for the beard — wire, thread and hair. Give him the rope and hair and the iron wire. He’ll make the beard prop and give it to you.

20. Go back to the actor and give him the beard. He gives you two theater tickets as thanks.

21. Go back to the bickering couple and give the guy the theater tickets. He gives you a key in return.

(Achievement Alert: After you help the quarreling couple make up, you get the Couple Counselor achievement.)

22. Go back upstairs to the barber shop and use the crank/lever with the music box. Turn it to print a music sheet. Either take a screenshot of it or copy it down by hand.

23. Go back to the slaughterhouse and use the scissors to cut down the fly-covered meat. Then pick it up and talk to the butcher.

24. Leave the room and put the pork in the dog’s bowl. Then take the mallet.

25. Go back to the courtyard with the chicks and examine the glass bottles. Use the mallet with them and then play the music you printed it out. Hit the bottles in this order, starting from the bottom of the music sheet:


(Achievement Alert: You get the Glass Performer achievement for playing the melody on the glass beakers.)

26. A bird lands near the bottles. Chase it off and it will move to the awning, where it knocks down a bus ticket. Pick up the ticket.


More coming soon!

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