Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the fourth Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Pick up the spoon and tape.


2. Turn right. Pick up the tape from the dominoes. Solve the dominoes puzzles and then take the piece of paper to get a clue.




3. Turn right. Open the two matchboxes to get a match and another piece of tape. Strike the match against the closed matchbox to light it.



4. Look behind the fruit for another piece of tape.


5. Turn right (or just go back from the fruit) and take the safety pin. Then add all the pieces of tape to the ones on the wall. You now have a complete music sheet.



6. Looks like we now have to use the music sheet to figure out how to play music on the comb. The way I did it was I first played every note once to see what it looked like. Then I took a screenshot of that. I then compared that to the song sheet and matched them up to get BBDDBB#GABDBA#GA. Press the comb in that order to get a silver key.


7. Use the silver key to unlock the locked box. Take the knife, cigar and paper with a clue on it.



8. Go back to the jar of fireflies and use the knife to open the jar. Tap on the jar again and they’ll fly out onto the wall. You now have to use the clue to solve the puzzle. It says:

Every row and column must have three flies and three larvae. You can never have three of the same in a row. So it should look like the photo below. Then take the three fireflies that light up.


9. Go back to the fruit. Tap the holes so the thorns sticking out of it match the drawing on the pieces of tape. Then use the knife to cut it open. Look inside and keep tapping until you find a box. Open the box and you’ll find yourself back in the same box as before. But some things have changed.




10. Something is tearing a hole in the box. Help it out by using the knife on that spot. A pigeon will poke its head through! Tapping it makes musical notes come from its mouth. Tap it five times and pay attention to the five different notes that it sings.


11. Turn back to the wine glass and fish. There’s now a crow, too. Match the crow and fish to the drawing you found and put the cigar in the fish’s mouth. If you haven’t lit the match yet, strike it against the matchboxes. Then use it to light the cigar.

12. Now, you need to mimic the notes the pigeon sang. Tap lower on the wine glass to fill it or empty it a bit. Each level of wine will make a different sound when you click the top of the glass with the spoon. Do it in the order shown below and everything will vibrate.






13. Turn and find a rope hanging from the top, with the pigeon staring at you nearby. Place the safety pin in the two holes in the wall, then pull the rope down to the safety pin to tie it to it.


14. Look up at the top of the box. A dark figure will appear. To complete the game, you need to quickly use all three fireflies on him. Then tap the black cube!



Congratulations! You escaped Harvey’s Box! Try the next game in the series, Cube Escape: Case 23.

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4 years ago

How to put wine in glass??

Reply to  Sheila
4 years ago

Hi. I’m interested too because tapping on the wine glass doesn’t fill it.

Reply to  Mariusz
4 years ago

Ok, got it. First you need to put crow and fish (together with lighting up the cigar) in their positions.

Reply to  Sheila
4 years ago

Make sure the fish and the crow are in position, (with cigar lit) then a sound will be heard (so you know you did it correctly) if you touch the stem of the glass it should fill you keep clicking it to make the wine go up (there is no way to go back down until you keep clicking up) then use the spoon above the top line to make the sound.

Reply to  Sheila
2 years ago

Make sure crow’s head is in the right position.

4 years ago

For some reason, no matter what device I play this game on, the string will not come down. Anyone else have this issue? Won’t work on Android or desktop.

Reply to  Molly
2 years ago

Drag it

Reply to  Molly
1 month ago

First you want to pin the safety pin on the box, then drag the rope down an it’ll tie itself to the pin.

3 years ago

how do you light the cigar? help plz

Reply to  kayla
2 years ago

Stick it on the fish first

Reply to  chris
1 year ago

I can’t stick it on the fish , help

Reply to  Romy
7 months ago

to light the match, you have to “hold” it and then tap the match box it was found in

3 years ago

I am missing a donimo!! HELP!

Reply to  Lynn
2 years ago

Me too. The 6 and 1

Reply to  Lynn
2 years ago

Cracked it. It was off screen behind the border.

2 years ago

When I try to tap the thorns on the fruit it says it’s locked. Help?

Reply to  Gracie
2 years ago

Means you dont need it anymore

10 months ago

using th spoon on t hat glass bruh they only got one symbol

8 months ago

Thanks for your help, really useful. The ending of the game gave me a heart attack though! So scary!

7 months ago

What piece of tape do you use to help you cut the fruit?? I can’t figure it out

harvey weinstein
Reply to  Lia
7 months ago

fish and chip and nobbin in the rain

Camille Riz
6 months ago

Bonjour, je n’ai pas le poison dans le verre mais j’ai fait le reste, comment faire?

Stacy M
Reply to  Camille Riz
4 months ago

Tapotez simplement sur le corps du verre et assurez-vous que la cuillère n’est pas sélectionnée. Aussi désolé si cela n’a pas de sens, j’utilise un traducteur.

Andy Gordon
Reply to  Stacy M
3 months ago

Nothing happens when I tap the glass, has anyone had this problem and fixed it?

7 hours ago

So I already went in the fruit until I found this and I need to get back in there but it keeps saying it locked and I don’t want to restart it