Lara Croft GO: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Lara Croft GO
By: Square Enix Montreal


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game Lara Croft GO by Square Enix. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. You can see the outfits at the bottom. I will try to add relic locations if possible.

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See my walkthrough for the expansion the Mirror of Spirits.

Starting Guide/Tips:

Node: A node is what one space, step or move is called in this game.

Vases: Tap these with your finger whenever you see them. Lara’s location doesn’t matter for these — she doesn’t need to be near them. They hold relic pieces and gems. Each section of the game has a certain number. If you find them all, you unlock new outfits for Lara. If possible, I will try to show the locations for all of them.

Cracks: If you step on a crack, it will weaken the spot/node. If you (or an enemy) goes over the crack again, it will cave in. If the hole is horizontal, Lara or the enemy will fall through. If it’s vertical, it will cause Lara or the enemy to slide off it to the platform below (or die if there’s nothing below it).

Circular Saws: These move one node/spot at a time through a set path. You need to pay attention to the direction they’re moving to avoid them. They can also be used to kill enemies.

Snakes: These don’t move, but they attack if Lara faces them from one node/spot away. You need to walk up to them from either behind or the side. Lara will shoot the snake, then take its place. If you then land facing a snake, it will kill you. So avoid facing them. You can also use a spear to kill them from two nodes away.

Lizards: These start moving once Lara comes within two nodes/spots of their line of sight. Then then move one space at a time, following Lara’s path until you kill them or stun them. Like the snake, you need to shoot them from behind or the side. But usually a trap works better for these guys. Spears also work. In later levels, they’re often used to activate switches and traps.

Spiders: These guys move in a pre-determined pattern. If you learn their pattern, you can avoid them completely. Sometimes, they’re also needed alive to step on buttons to move platforms.

Pillars/Columns: These can be pushed by tapping the arrows that appear. Lara can hop from one to the other and even stack them on top of each other to reach new heights. They can also be used to crush enemies!

Boulders: These roll one spot at a time and crush anything that gets in their way. If something blocks a boulder, it will stop moving, even after the obstruction is moved. In that case, you would need to get it moving again by pushing it with a switch.

Torches: Walk up to a fire pit to light a torch. This is used to scare beasts. If you go in front of them with the torch, they won’t attack you, and if there’s room behind them, they’ll move back. You will often need to use this strategy to get them to move to buttons for you.

Arrows: These traps shoot arrows at anything in their way. They are usually activated by buttons or levers. You can hide behind a column or enemy to avoid getting hit by the arrows. They can also be used to kill off enemies.

Giant Snake (The Queen of Venom): She lands on the orange lines and squashes anything in her way, including Lara. If the snake is upright, ready to strike, you need to move once into her path and then right out of it so as not to get squashed. You usually have to use traps to hurt her.

Timed Levers: These are only seen near the end of the game. You pull the handle, something is activated, and then you usually have six moves to do what needs to be done before it’s deactivated.

Video Walkthroughs:

The Entrance + The Maze of Snakes:

The following video takes you through levels
1-1 A Forgotten Path, 1-2 A Sleepy Cave, 1-3 A Ruined Route, 1-4 A Clever Climb, 1-5 A Key to an Unknown Gate,
2-1 A Swamp of Fangs, 2-2 Snake Pit, 2-3 A Bridge of Many Sides, 2-4 The Tower of Blades, 2-5 Scaling By Danger, 2-6 The Canyon of a Thousand Snakes, 2-7 Dodging a Fang, 2-8 One Deadly Step, 2-9 Cold-blooded Cliff, 2-10 The Key of Stones, 2-11 Return to the Gate.

The Maze of Stones:

The following video takes you through levels
3-1 Through the Web, 3-2 Down a Spider’s Leg, 3-3 The Terrace of Forked Tongues, 3-4 Blades of Prey, 3-5 Pushing Right Back, 3-6 The Dam’s Edge, 3-7 The Temple of the Wise, 3-8 The Balcony of Stone, 3-9 The Chamber of Balance, 3-10 A Narrow Escape, 3-11 Rolling On, 3-12 The Key of Spirits, 3-13 Through the Gate.

The Maze of Spirits:

The following video takes you through levels
4-1 The Lowest Point, 4-2 The Doorstep of Spirits, 4-3 The Cliffs of Fire, 4-4 A Well-Placed Arrow, 4-5 Using the Trap, 4-6 The Wall of Blades, 4-7 The Throne of the Ancients, 4-8 The Queen of Venom, 4-9 The Atlas of Beyond.

The Escape:

The following video takes you through levels
5-1 A Closing Door, 5-2 One Last Challenge, 5-3 A Bridge to Daylight.


Master Builder, Stack three pillars: Maze of Spirits, Doorstep of the Spirits:

Put This Apple On Your Head, Throw a spear six nodes or farther: Maze of Stones, The Terrace of Forked Tongues:


You earn new outfits for Lara by collecting relics. To change outfits, go to the watch icon and swipe to see the different outfits you have available. Then tap the one you want to equip. Keep in mind, some are only attainable by buying them with in-app purchases (IAP).

Bomber Jacket: Collect all the Gilded Skull fragments to get the Bomber Jacket:



Area 51: Collect all the Twin Snakes fragments to get this outfit:



Antarctica: Collect all the Frozen Spider fragments to get this outfit:



Wetsuit: Collect all the Blood Salamander fragments.



Catsuit: Collect all the Necklace fragments.



Midas Lara: Collect all the gems throughout the game.


See my walkthrough for the new expansion, The Shard of Life.

See my walkthrough for the expansion the Mirror of Spirits.

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  1. Bill

    There are a couple of achievements that I cannot find. Where can I stack three columns and where can I throw a spear more than five spaces.?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Let me see if I can figure that out. The column one needs to have a crack in the floor and a way to push one off a cliff.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I think Maze of Stones, The Balcony of Stone (3-8) might work for the 3 pillars. Will try it and confirm.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I just posted a video for the spear achievement.

  2. Bill

    Yes, I found the spear achievement. It is that darn 3 columns that is driving me nuts.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Me too. I played the whole game over to make better videos and I didn’t notice any level where it appeared like it could work.

      1. Bill

        I see the only areas that stand a chance of stacking three columns. But, I have played them over and over again and cannot see a way to do it………………….yet

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Which ones have you been trying? Let me take a look.

          1. Bill

            I am not sure of the exact title, but one is where you bring up one column on the elevator and use the other column that is present. You then push both of them off the cliff to get to the lever. However, the previous level only has two columns and you need to use one to drop on the snake in order to get the spear to kill the other snake.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              You can pause to see the name of the level. 😉

              1. Bill

                This is the Android version. There is no pause. However all these possibilities are in the Balcony of Stone group.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Hmm there’s no diamond in the lower left hand corner?

                2. AppUnwrapper

                  Yeah I tried that level several times. I don’t think it’s possible there.

                  1. Bill

                    There is the diamond, but the title that shows at the top only says The Maze of Stones, The Balcony group. That is the same title for all those levels.

                    Also, I do not see any other “obvious” level that contains enough columns.

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      This is driving me crazy. 😛

                    2. Bill

                      Ok! I found the correct level. It is the “doorstep of spirits”. You work your way through most of the levels and you will get to one of the last levels that has snakes and three pillars! Kill all the snakes and then go back and work out the movement of the pillars, using the elevator, from time to time. You will find that you can also move back and forth two pillars stacked on top of each other. I will let you do the video. It takes a lot of pushing pillars back and forth, but that is the level to work on. Whew!

                    3. AppUnwrapper

                      Ah, thanks! Will work on the video tonight. 🙂

                    4. AppUnwrapper

                      Thanks for the tip! Just posted the video with golden Lara. 😉

      2. Bill

        I see the only areas that stand a chance of stacking three columns. But, I have played them over and over again and cannot see a way to do it………………….yet.

        I think I also found a bug. I threw the spear at an alligator with only 5 spaces and it counted as the spear achievement. I will take it anyway.

  3. Galliardox

    How to get achievement when you need “slay the same creature 4 times in a row?”

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